The Doom of Neverness.

Our friend Da Masta Cheef recently painted a Leviathan Dreadnought for Kushial's Lions of Harlech army. It has been nick-named the "Doom of Neverness" by Cheef over the course of comments and blog posts as it is most likely going to be kicking the ass of one of my armies at some future point.

Recently I stopped in at our local game night where Cheef offically handed this model over to Kushial.

This is how it was given to him.
And since Cheef has already showcased this on his blog I will let these pics I snapped do the rest of the talking:

Front (AKA kill position)

The scary side.

The soft crunchy side.

The riddle-you-with-this side.
It's a beaut huh? Well done Cheef! Below is a pic showing it next to the model that Kushial provided to Cheef for him to use as a visual guide. They look awesome together, and the Leviathan just towers over the other dread. I am sure not looking forward to the pain this thing will bring...but at least I can laugh at the color of it's underware. 😁

Who is your daddy?

That's it for me. Kushial should be back at some point whenever he overcomes the technical issues he has been having. And when the old Lion returns, I have no doubt he will have a proper name and back story for this thing.

Catch you later!



  1. Wow... I'm honestly impressed!

  2. Why is the doom of neverness not a proper name?

    1. He tends to like more regal names instead of the names that sound like they fell out of the 7th ed Space Wolf name generator...but I could be assuming? 😎

  3. Replies
    1. It is a good question, but he in fact is still with us, if by "with us" you mean alive. Since ascending to the station of management his spare time has become a fleeting luxury and he hasn't had much time for gaming or hobbies. Once in awhile he might get together with Da Masta Cheef for a Battletech game. Once this pandemic fades away I will attempt to arrange a game with him...

    2. Thanks for the reply! It’s good to know he’s just busy, as happens to us all. I very much enjoyed reading his thoughts and updates and look forward to a future game report.