The Doom of Neverness.

Our friend Da Masta Cheef recently painted a Leviathan Dreadnought for Kushial's Lions of Harlech army. It has been nick-named the "Doom of Neverness" by Cheef over the course of comments and blog posts as it is most likely going to be kicking the ass of one of my armies at some future point.

Recently I stopped in at our local game night where Cheef offically handed this model over to Kushial.

This is how it was given to him.
And since Cheef has already showcased this on his blog I will let these pics I snapped do the rest of the talking:

Front (AKA kill position)

The scary side.

The soft crunchy side.

The riddle-you-with-this side.
It's a beaut huh? Well done Cheef! Below is a pic showing it next to the model that Kushial provided to Cheef for him to use as a visual guide. They look awesome together, and the Leviathan just towers over the other dread. I am sure not looking forward to the pain this thing will bring...but at least I can laugh at the color of it's underware. 😁

Who is your daddy?

That's it for me. Kushial should be back at some point whenever he overcomes the technical issues he has been having. And when the old Lion returns, I have no doubt he will have a proper name and back story for this thing.

Catch you later!



Villains and a Couple Allies

Well, due to unforeseen difficulties, Cheef and I didn't get to play this past Saturday night, but we're working on a reschedule.  Still excited about the game and we'll see how it goes.  However, the night free did give me a chance to work on a some more Bolt Action super powers.
First up my allies finally got a Bucky to partner up with Captain America.  Most of the ones I had seen I didn't care for, but finally stumbled across one that I liked and he's now part of the crew.  He was a simple rebase and that's it.

And even though I only have a British Bolt Action army, I wanted to do some Axis Supers/Enhanced as well just because it's been fun and not expensive at all to do these.  Just a small collection of villains to start with, but there are more planned.

Baron Blood (John Falsworth)
    Union Jack's younger brother who was disappointed by his lack of recognition like
    his older brother, John sought out Dracula as a source of power.  Enslaved by the
    evil monster, he became Baron Blood and was used to assist the Axis cause.
Yes, this isn't the Baron Blood model, but I can't stand the look of him even though he makes a great model as a counterpoint to Union Jack and Spitfire.  So Dark Hawk gets vilified with a rebasing to fill in instead.
Iron Cross (Helmut Gruler)
    A German champion with an armored suit that gave him enhanced abilities, he was
    a reluctant combatant for the Nazi regime who felt it nessecary to fight for his country
A foe of Ironman getting re-purposed here with a rebasing and a slight dry brush to bring out the detail on the solid green armor.
U-Man (Merrano)
    An Atlantean who challenged Namor for the throne, he was banished and turned to
    German scientist to enhance his abilities and help him claim the throne of Atlantis.
Another foe of the Invaders that I wanted to use that didn't have a model, but Black Manta makes a perfect substitute.  He was rebased and given a light dry brush to accent the black armor/suit.  I don't like the swords he has and they'll be replaced once I find something I like.
Batroc (Georges Batroc)
    French collaborator trained in various martial arts and close combat tactics as well as
    various means of infiltration and sabotage
Not a WW2 villain but the character makes sense, is a cool villain, and helps pull in the occupied French territory.  A quick rebase and he joined the vault of villains.
Feuerkopf (Hans Wilhelm)
    German scientist who found a way to safely channel fire by means of a special fuel
    and protective suit.
I've always liked the character Pyro as a villain, so he was a quick re-purposing as a villain of my creation in the vein of pulp type characters.  Quick easy rebase and the foes of liberty continue to grow.

So that's where we're at for now.  I still want to do a Baron Zemo, Red Skull, Crossbones, and Chameleon  for sure.  Perhaps a few more as I get an idea.  Being the holidays, it's been a bit busy at work for me so not a ton of free hobby time lately which makes these easy conversion so much fun.  That's all for now this go around.  Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you next time!


Gearing Up To Go Again

Leftenant Franklin Smythe, newly graduated from Kilbourne Academy, was sorely disappointed when he was assigned command of an armored lance in a militia command no less.  But then Caselton was visited by a raiding lance of Marik Militia and he saw his chance for glory.  Using his personality to overwhelm his rather meek commanding officer, he was now on the way to lead a reprisal raid against the same militia unit that attacked Caselton.  He and his two platoons of armor will return to glory, promotions, and recognition.  He'd show them all he should be in charge of a line unit of mechs or die trying.
So the all UrbanMech battle was a lot of fun and we decided to follow it up with an all armor battle that will take place tomorrow evening.  It's set for 8,000 Battle Value per side which should shake out to right at 8 or so vehicles.  Well for me it was 8 anyway, a nice round 2 platoons.  We'll see how this round of battle comes out with the first round being a draw.  Considering the size of my BattleTech collection, it feels good to get some fo them on the table.
I also got a few more models for my Bolt Action heroes.  First up is a Dr. Mid-Nite.  A great classic JLA-er, he was one I definitely wanted to work into the collection.  He got a quick rebasing and into the group he went.  He had a great pose and detailing, so I'm happy I found this version of him.
I couldn't tell you who this model was orginally but he'll be acting as a Green Hornet in my force.  A nice pulp fiction favorite that has too much personality to not be included.  He's not quite the original but he's close enough that it'll work for me.
I also did a couple noncombatants up to represent scientists to be used as high value targets for Bolt Action games.  They're nice models and after a rebasing didn't need any touch ups and are good to go.

So that's all for now and I'm glad you all stopped by.  I should have the BattleTech BatRep up sometime early next week unless the weather causes some issues with playing the game.  That's all for now and I'll see you next time!


Frontline BattleTech Units In Action

So this past Saturday I got to celebrate part of my birthday with a game of BattleTech against Cheef.  To make it even more unique and memorable, we went with identical forces so no need to point up lists.  So we broke out the cutting edge of technology and pitted a lance of UrbanMechs from my Davion's Caselton Militia against his lance of UrbanMechs from the Marik Militia.  Once the terrain was set up, we would be having as Cheef put it "Urban Warfare in the Woods".
This was also a chance to get not only my larger BattleTech terrain that I've been working on onto the table but also all my finished scatter terrain as well.  We set up on a 4x4 table with plenty of room for our very slow mechs to maneuver.  I set up my terrain as the defender with HPG Station, mobile satellite launch platform, a new power station I've been working on (more on it in a post later this week), the storage tanks, and then the small terrain such as a couple bunkers, defensive towers, and sensor stations.  My small factory piece is on the hill and just off to the right bottom edge of the picture.
So here we see our antagonists for a pre-fight picture.  It was nice to have an all painted battle as the next table over featured a second BattleTech game that was silver on silver.  Whaaaaaat two BattleTech games being played at the same time?  I know, crazy right?  While we had the nice clean high tech looking lanced of painted and based UrbanMechs, they had a fugly Blitzkreig and some other stuff.  So winner our game for the cool factor.
Here we are all deployed in the picture above.  Marik has three mechs coming through the woods and the fourth up on a hill for support fire.  My Davions are looking to repel the invaders and hopefully gain enough scrap and parts to keep their own mechs in top fighting shape.  I mean it's always good when the replacements come to you right?
Early on we saw some ranged shots from all the AC/10s but few hits.  All of our pilots seemed quite rusty but since the mechs are lightly armored, even a single hit from an AC/10 does serious damage.
As we got closer to each other, the hits started to add up.  I was definitely more lucky than Cheef when it came to achieving critical hits but he was getting more hits overall.  We both had 3 mechs in the woods battling while my fourth had a long range duel with his fourth on the hill where they both battered each other senseless.
The first "kill" of the game was one of mine who lost a leg and was rendered combat ineffective.  I ended up finally taking out one of his as well by getting down to being able to pretty much hit it anywhere for it to die.  So about this point I managed to get a head shot with two criticals that take out the pilot with extreme efficiency.  So after having my 3 facing his 4, it's now in my advantage with 3 on 2.
Several mechs are getting to the point of barely functional at this point in the game.  I ended up with one mech that had lost both weapons, had no where left to absorb a hit left, and is too slow to retreat, so what to do .....
That's right, it still has jump jets so who WOULDN'T do a death from above attack?  It doesn't matter that he took a shot on the way in and denied the actual attack, the sight of an UrbanMech trying to Death From Above another UrbanMech is cool as all get out!

But as he DID get finished off ont he way in, this puts us both at two mechs upright, enough armor between them to have one intact UrbanMech, and 3 small lasers as their combined armament because we're all out of AC/10 ammo at this point.  I have one mech that is barely intact and the other while in much better shape, doesn't have a small laser.  Cheef has one mech that has taken both engine and heat sink crits to the point that shooting the small laser or even walking will overheat it and then a mech that was tottering with little left like mine was.  So at this point we called it a draw and the remnants of both sides withdrew before some squirrels or a possom came down out of one of the trees to finish them all off.
Cause yeah, UrbanMechs are THAT cool!
All in all it was a very fun game with some memorable moments.  I'm definitely looking forward to doing something similar again sometime.  So that's all we have for now and thanks for stopping by!  See you all next time!


Bolt Action Super Heroes

So being in retail management, this has been a busy couple weeks for me but I did manage to scrape together a bit of hobby time.  So as it turns out HeroClix is really cheap to expand into for Bolt Action conversion when buying off eBay if you get a few at a time to qualify for free shipping.  I spent less than $20 and ended up with around a dozen new characters which after normal war gaming prices was a nice change of pace.  This is going to be a long one so strap in, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the ride.

First up, I've finally ended up with a name for the group.  I based them in England, though they go where needed to do their assignments, and folded it into the British way of naming things for the war effort.  Thus we have the OSS(E) or rather the Office of Special Services (Enhanced).  The Office of Special Service (Empowered) was formed shortly after the regular Office of Special Service.  Pulling in operatives from multiple allied nations, mainly the British Empire and the United States, this organization operates under the mandate to support allied campaigns, counter Axis empowered operatives, and deal with various empowered and occult investigations.  They also assist with protecting high ranking Allied politicians and officers from nontraditional threats.
The overall head of the force is John Constantine with Captain America and Union Jack acting as his field commanders when operatives are acting in a group.  This is a mix of Marvel, DC, 40s Pulp, and other sources for form my group and it's been a bit of fun doing the research into some of them.  There is also one so far that is a creation of mine based on multiple other characters and ideas.
John Constantine
    A working class occult detective and con man in London, he often consults and assists
    with some of the more bizarre investigations that occur in England.  He was tapped to
    lead this new organization.  This model was originally a Roy Raymond Jr. Clix.
    Other than a rebasing, I think he stands in well for Constantine.
Captain America (Steve Rodgers)
    Volunteer who with the use of a secret serum became a United States super soldier
    who can be used as officer in normal Bolt Action Games  This model was the WW2
    Clix version of Captain America.  He got a wash layer, a Bolt Action Tommy Gun, and
    some Bolt Action ammo pouches.
Union Jack (Brian Falsworth)
    British commando from a moderately influential family who can be used as squad
    leader in normal Bolt Action Games.  This is the Union Jack Clix with a Bolt Action
    Tommy Gun, pouches, and a backpack to give him a more commando look.
Black Knight (Edward Garrett)
    Part of a line of British descendants of Sir Percy of Scandia destined to be the wielder
    of enchanted medieval sword.  I really liked the look of this Clix when it arrived and I
    only did a rebasing.
Pendragon (Edward Cawdor)
    Current chosen champion of the Lady of the Lake and imbued with the enhanced
    abilities from the Spirit of Britain itself.  This is the one I created using Captain
    Britain as a rough guide as well as other WW2 era characters such as Spirit of
    America and Uncle Sam
    Atlantean Prince temporarily assisting the Allied cause.  Other than a light wash to show
    detail on the Clix, all that he needed was a rebasing.
Human Torch (Android)
    Android created by US Scientist capable of turning into flame and flight.  As an android,
    he's a pretty interesting backstory and just had to be part of the group.  This model had a
    really nice look to it and just got rebased.
Spitfire (Jacqueline Falsworth)
    Daughter of a minor British noble who was a WW1 superhero, she gained super
    speed due to a combination of being bitten by a vampire and a resulting blood
    transfusion from the android Human Torch.  This member of the Marvel
    Invaders just got a rebase and is set to be the team's speedster.
The Rocketeer (Cliff Secord)
    A stunt pilot, found an experimental jet pack and put it to use assisting the US war
    effort.  This model definitely was the one that had the most done to it.  It started
    out as an Aztec Hero Clix.  The Jacket and gloves were repainted from black to brown
    leather, a slight wash over the white pants for a more of a khaki colored look, the
    helmet repainted from copper to brass, a converted 40K Imperial Guard flamethrower
    pack converted to his rocket pack, and then lastly a rebasing.  I've always like the concept
    of the Rocketeer for his 40s Pulp style and I'm pretty happy with how he came out.
Lady Blackhawk (Linda Blake)
    Member of the multinational Blackhawk Squadron and can be used as a forward air
    observer in a regular Bolt Action game.  This team wouldn't have been complete
    without a representative of the elite group of international pilots, the Blackhawks.
    Lady Blackhawk was the only one of the two options in Clix that I liked the look of,
    so she got to join the team.
Sandman (Wesley Dodds)
    US scientist with a gas gun used to sedate his enemies.  Another iconic member of the
    Justice Society who I just had to include.  This Clix had the iconic look down well, so
    I just rebased this model.
Liberty Bell (Libby Lawrence)
    Imbued with enhanced speed, strength, and stamina by a mystical connection
    through the Liberty Bell to the Spirit of America.  This character has a very
    convoluted and complex backstory that I'll admit to greatly trimming down to
    use here.  As far as working with the model, the pants received a good wash to
    get closer to a khaki color as the shade of yellow that they were painted was
    waaaay to close to flesh color and at a glance, she looked to be naked from the
    waist down.  After that, she just received the standard rebasing.
Phantom Lady (Sandra Knight)
    Daughter of a US Senator, who uses a "Black Light Projector" to blind her enemies
    and turn herself invisible  I liked how they pulled off the change from visible to
    invisible on this Clix, so all I did was the rebasing.
the Atom (Al Pratt)
    US Army tank driver who gained super strength during a battle against a German
    super soldier by accidentally absorbing some of his powers.  Another fairly iconic
    member of the DC Justice Society, the Atom seemed like a good fit for the team.
    All the Clix needed was a rebase.
The Invisible Man (Jack Griffin)
    British scientist who uses his research into optics and light refraction to turn himself
    invisible.  He agreed to help the British war effort in exchange for pardons for
    crimes he committed.  I liked the role he played in the League of Extraordinary
    Gentlemen and wanted to include him.  The Clix was one called Invisible Kid and
    just got a rebase to fit in with the rest.

I have a couple models that I got because I like the look of them.  One I think is going to end up as the Green Hornet and the other is going to end up as the western themed JLA character Vigilante.  I also am trying to find a Thor Clix I like to represent Norway and Denmark.  The other possible members I'm keeping a look out for options to use include Phantom (the Ghost Who Walks), a Dr Fate, Hawkman, and perhaps a JSA Green Lantern.

Anyway, that's all for now and thanks for visiting.  Don't forget to stop over at Da Long Wayz Dezert Groop to follow Cheef's work on one of my Leviathan Dreadnoughts.  He's just really getting started with it and it should be a lot of fun seeing what all he does.


BattleTech, BattleTech, and Then Some Bolt Action

So with a major retail holiday upon us, I've not really had any free hobby time.  Between family things and work, it's just been a hectic couple weeks for me.  However I did manage to get a few things done and this will be as much a progress report as anything else.

So first I got another shelf unit and finished getting my BattleTech forces organized.  Leading off is my beloved Eridani Light Horse, 21st Striker Regiment.  The first picture is the Command Company, the 3rd Striker Battalion, and the 5th Striker Battalion.  The second picture is the 7th Striker Battalion and the 1st Armored Infantry Battalion.  The only thing not complete about this regiment is that one day I need to talk someone into assisting me get the 3 pages of Fighting Piranha Graphics decals added to them all and then one day I need to find some bases that I like for the aerospace fighters.  Other than that, this is a 100% complete force.  This is an entirely pre-3025 force but could be played later in the timeline with newer variants of the models.

Next up is my 8th Donegal Guards Regiment.  This first picture is the 1st and 2nd Battalions and the 3rd Battalion is in the second picture.  This force is complete as far as painting and basing and it makes a nice pre-3025 force and of course could be used later in the timeline with more modern variants.
Then we have the Davion's Caselton Militia.  On the left is the 38th Defense Battalion and on the right is the 43rd Reconnaissance Battalion.  Definitely a defense style force with just a company of light mechs and then heavy tanks and artillery and then a company of hover tanks with 2 companies of recon vehicles and mechanized infantry.  This unit is 10% painted and based and I've no plans to expand it any further.
Then we come to my only Clan force, the Ghost.  We have from left to right, the Alpha Galaxy's 1st Bear Guards Cluster's 312th Assault Trinary and 23rd Elemental Support Binary.  The last unit on the far right is the 44th PGC's 144th Provisional Garrison Trinary.  This is another completed force and I've no plans to expand either unless I just stumble onto a really great deal on some Clan Mechs.

And then finally we've got a bit of Bolt Action.  I've finally based my Captain America, have rebased the Black Knight and Torch (of the Invaders not the Fantastic Four), and then after a light wash to give a bit of detail, have rebased the Namor as well.  So my version of the super humans to assist the Allies have finally made some progress.  Since this force will end up a mix of DC and Marvel characters, I'm still playing around with a name for the group with Justice Defenders being the current top choice.  Opinions and suggestions on this are as always welcome.

So that's all for now and going from how the rest of my week looks, I'll likely not be back for a new post until next weekend at the absolute earliest.  So I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and see you all next time.


Another Army Completed!

So I've continued to get more BattleTech completed this week.  Over the last couple days I've finished up my 8th Donegal Guard regiment.  I had two of the battalions completed previously and then the 3rd Battalion was just partially painted.  So without further ado, on to the models.
So first up is the Battalion Command Lance.  A nice sturdy force ready to stiffen a line or help assault an enemy strong point.
Next up is G Company of the Regiment.  This is the hard hitters of the battalion with plenty of fire support from the Catapults and Trebuchets and the Longbow of course.
H Company is still plenty of fire support but with a scout lance included as well.  Some maneuver there but it's a fairly brawler over all.
And for the last company, we have a couple of my favorite lances.  One is a Hussar leading a trio of Mercurys and then the other is a quartet of Phoenix Hawk LAMs.  Being RoboTech game models, they're a bit too large to be Stingers or Wasps, so Phoenix Hawks works well.

And with that, all 3 Battalions are done.  It's nice to start getting some armies done.  Next up is I want to get some more Primaris Marines painted now that I've got a color scheme locked in.  So pretty excited over all on how the hobby side of things has been going and hopefully it continues to go this smoothly.

So that's all for now and I'll see you all next time.