So These Haven't Been Touched In A While

So way back here, I had started on working with some Primaris Marines. I wasn't going to put them in the actual Lions of Harlech chapter but rather have them go into a spin off successor chapter that is called the Void Lions. The Void Lions are a crusader chapter that are currently returning occasionally to the Cymric Sector to recruit from systems near Cymru.
So the weapons got painted black and then brushed over with Oily Steel. Trim was done with Old Gold while the shoulder pauldrons are in Gunmetal Blue. A Woodgrain Brown for the pouches and purity seal ribbons while Flat Red for the Seals of the Purity Seals and a couple other trim pieces and the power sword. Then a bit of basing and that was it. After sitting in progress for just over 5 years, it's nice to get these off the table and done. I'm trying to make a big push to get my backlog cleared out so I can start pulling things out to deal with like the other Dreads still needing paint and various other Lions of Harlech.
So that's it for now though there should be a Lions of Harlech versus Black Legion versus Tau that was a fun time. Second time playing with Joel this edition and first time with Cheef since early 8th Edition so I enjoyed it quite a bit. I'll see you all next time!


Dreadtober Part 3

Well, I got a bit off track for the middle of the month there and didn't get quite as much done as I had hoped to for Dreadtober. I had hoped to get seven total Dreadnoughts painted but didn't make it to that end goal. I did finish the three Contemptor Dreadnoughts to go with the two Autocannon Dreadnoughts for a total of five finished for the month. The Ironclad will have to roll over for another project and the other basic Dread will need more work before he can get painted as he keeps snapping off his base at the ankles for some reason.
So that's what we got done this Dreadtober and after missing participating for several years, it was nice to use it as motivation to get some more of my Dread collection painted. See you all next time!


Dreadtober Part 2

So this past weekend there was an attempt at getting a second game of 40K in to continue learning the current edition. The Lions of Harlech were going to be facing off against Neverness' Black Legion contingent. Between the realization that I could actually do it as well as an ode to the Dreadtober theme, I was going to be running a full Dreadnought list. A Chaplain Dreadnought leading a pair each of Contemptors and Ironclads with a Leviathan along as well. The planned game was derailed by the inclusion of a 3rd Party who both made the game more complicated than it needed to be, but also through his gaming style and way of doing things just totally took all the fun out of the experience. Neverness and I are going to see about a second attempt at that game using the same lists at some point in the future which I'm looking forward to. I think he was genuinely surprised when he saw my list and we did get one cool interaction with the two Ironclads charging a Hellbrute for a short and brutal combat.
Now onto the hobby portion of the Dreadtober experience. First up we have the pair of regular Dreadnoughts with paired arms of Autocannons. These Dreadnoughts have been built like this since around 6th Edition and to be honest, I'm not even sure if it is a weapon option any more, but they look too cool to be changing so this is how they'll be staying.
And the last part of the update is that I've made progress painting on the three Contemptors. I'm hoping to have these three completed by the end of this coming weekend for the next update. That will leave me an Ironclad and the other regular Dreadnought to get painted. Progress feels like it is going well and I think I'll be able to finish the plan by the end of the month. So that is where things stand as of now and I'll see you all next week for the next post.


Dreadtober Is Upon Us

So it's been a few years since I've done anything really with 40K especially on the model side of things other than trimming down the collection to something more resembling reasonable. I'm no longer a few squads away from having an entire chapter's worth of infantry and the vehicles have been trimmed down as well. I've kept all the painted models as well as a small selection of unpainted that I didn't want to part with. A fair hunk were sold off and another contingent was sprung on Corey which since he only does a couple squads in a chapter, was enough for him to do 7 or 8 different forces.
So I've got all the Lions of Harlech better organized now for showing them off and while I have a nice contingent of Dreadnaughts (all 28 of them), too large a percent of them are unpainted (11 of them). So with the start of Dreadtober, which I haven't praticipated in quite a while, I'm going to go aggressive and aim to get 7 total Dreadnaughts painted. I'll be looking to finish 3 Contemptors, 1 Ironclad, and 3 regular Dreadnaughts. If I finish this challenge, that will leave me 1 Contemptor (which needs a left arm) and 3 Leviathans that need painting.
I'll be actually making it back up to gaming in Johnson City this coming weekend and I think I'll be getting a rematch game against Joel. I greatly was misguessing on how close combat would work so I hopefully I'll be able to work that and other lessons into the next game. I still need to pick up a current marine codex which will help greatly but it hasn't fit into the budget yet. I also need to finish going through my paints and see what is still viable to use. Almost all my Vallejo and Model Color bottles are good with thier twist tops, though a few of them have seperated to the point that I can't get them to remix. All the GW washes seem to be in good shape but the few foundation paints and some of the regular GW paints have harded badly with those flip top lids that don't seem to seal really well. I also have some Tamiya Color paints that have held up well as well, though these are almost all for use on my Battletech miniatures. So that is the current state of things on the Lions of Harlech front. I'll be aiming to do another post in a week to show where I'm at with the Dreadnaughts for Dreadtober. So that is where things stand for the moment and we'll see how it all goes!


The Lions Of Harlech vs. Deathwatch

 "Inquisitor, the Xenos archeotech have been located in the Askaye System. However there is a problem,"

The ancient Inquisitor looked up from the viewer of his cogitator, annoyed to have his entertainment interrupted.

"What problem?" He murmured sharply.

The adept responded fearfully, "Adeptus Astartes. A group from the Lions Of Harlech chapter have already reached the planet and are attempting to retrieve the items."

"What? They were rumored to be lost in the Imperium Nihilus. Well, this can not come to pass, they know not what they are meddling with! Dispatch the Deathwatch, have them bring back the xenos archeotech!"

"It shall be done my lord!" The adept hastily left the chamber while the Inquisitor return to his entertainment. 


Kushail returns to Johnson City with a thousand points of Lions of Harlech in tow. This is his first game of 40k since the early days of 8th edition. So we spent a good amount of time reviewing the rules and catching each other up (I'm not rusty but I'm not a sharp tack either). We decided for fluff reasons that our forces, being both from the Imperium, would be at odds with each other due to the importance of whatever the objectives really are.  The Open War mission Stand Off worked good for this, and we thought it would make for a good "get back into the groove" mission for Kushail. The Deployment and Twist cards were randomly chosen. Although I think we ended up ignoring that Twist card ultimately. 

The game to be played. 

And here are the armies, both at 1000pts each. The Deathwatch featured some models in their battlefield debut. The Chaplain (the army Warlord), Landraider, Venerable Dreadnought, are fighting for the first time along with Killteam Neverness, Killteam Chroneth and a Squad of Deathwatch Terminators. Chroneth and the Terminators are still WIP units in regards to their painting, but battle-ready enough. 

Deathwatch Force, 1K. 

I should have asked for Kushail's list. Oops. Well, I will do what I can to recall what he had in this list. I know the Captain had an awesome relic blade. The Leviathan Dreadnought is the much hyped Doom Of Neverness. The Contemptor Dreadnought, two squads of Tactical Marines with  a Plasma Gun in each one and a Devastator Squad with Heavy Bolters. 

1k of Lions of Harlech. 

And here is our table layout. The three Killteam objectives are already placed. 

The field is set. 

Here is the Lions Of Harlech deployment:

Lions of Harlech deploy. 

And the here is the Deathwatch Deployment. I had a Ruse card that allowed me to deploy three units outside of my DZ, so the Landraider, Squad Neverness and the Chaplain took advantage of this. The squad and Chaplain were embarked inside the Landraider. 

Deathwatch deployment. 

The Lions won the roll off to go first and  the shooting took a few wounds from the Landraider, the maneuver of the turn was the Contemptor Dreads successful charge into the Landraider! Thankfully the Landraider didn't take too much damage, but it's now on the edge of dropping down a stat step. In return, the Landraider hits back well, it just couldn't get past the Dreadnought's armor.

Contemptor charges the Landraider. 

The Lions first turn was spent wisely moving up their units to get within reach of the center Objective while holding onto the one in their DZ.

The Lions advance. 

Deathwatch Turn One. Believe it or not, this is my first game of 9th using a vehicle that was engaged in this manner (usually their just landed like a boil on turn one). Reading the rules it seemed I could get the embarked troops out of the vehicle so long as they didn't end up within Engagement range. Out the side hatch they all went. I had them fire at the Leviathan (I don't think they even scratched it) then charge the Contemptor. They put a few wounds on it but the ability to reduce incoming Wounds by one point made this thing very tough! The Chaplain took some wounds but made the saves needed to stay alive. Honorable mention must go to the Heavy Bolter guy who scored a wound on the Contemptor with just his fist

My other units, Squad Chroneth and the Venerable Dreadnought targeted the distant Devastator Squad. I used Special Issue ammo, the Kraken Bolts, which extended their range by 6" and added +1 to their save modifier. It was enough to put a hurt on them from afar, with the Venerable Dreadnought contributing to the kill count.

Disembark and charge!

Turn Two, and the Lions in the center of the field advance on and claim the objective. And the Leviathan Dreadnought wanted in on the action and charged into the melee. 

Quagmire on the left flank. 

Unlike the previous game I chronicled on here, my ability to make my saves was uncanny. Although the Landraider was taking some damage and the Chaplain was a punch away from death, they held on!

At the start of the Deathwatch turn 2, I spent the points on a Stratagem that allowed me to shift my Combat Doctrine back to Devastator. I had the Landraider fallback as it was essentially useless in combat and I needed it's firepower elsewhere. I brought the Terminators in who blasted away some of the Tactical squad on the middle objective, and that Devastator Doctrine really helped with that. The heavy bolters of Kill Team Chroneth also benefited from this and I kept their Special Ammo load out the same as last time to get that extra 6" advantage. The Lion Devastator Squad was really starting to feel the pain now and they lost a few more models in the Morale Phase. 

The Chaplain lives, thanks to a Command Point Re-Roll!

The Chaplain and Killteam Neverness focused their fury on the Contemptor and they took out. Much to Kushail's disappointment the Contemptor failed to explode. 

The Contemptor falls. 

The Terminators made their charge  and was locked in combat with the Tactical Squad in the middle of the table, fighting over that 2 point objective. On Turn 3, the Lions Of Harlech Captain (surely this guy has name?) Charged into the fray and sliced down a Terminator with his relic blade. 

The Terminators crash into one of the Lions Tactial squads. 

Back on turn 2 the Deathwatch Venerable Dreadnought had charged into the other Tactical Squad and that fight continued on into the turn 3. 

The battle is in full swing. 

Having the Contemptor gone the Chaplain and the members of Killteam Neverness continued their focus on the Leviathan. They whittled a few wounds off of it while surviving the hits thrown at them. The guy with the powersword was wounded and yet he was the one who was performing the best. Seems to be luck. Maybe I should've keep these guys with their standard loadout? 

Tarpit tussle!

Turn 3 and the tussle continued. No units were killed in this round, but the Deathwatch whittled down more of their opponents than the Lions did. 

Venerable Dread vs. Lions Tacticals. 

The Terminators were unable to wipe out the Tactical Squad but they did outnumber them which earned them the tie-breaker for Objective Secure. 

The Captain vs the Terminators. 

We decided to end the game at the end of the third turn. It was clear that our units were grid-locked in such a way that the Deathwatch would continue to reap an advantage on objective points. Even if the the Lions had scored some wins with some of the units they were engaged with (I believe they could have), they wouldn't have a way to catch up on points.

And it was getting late and we were tired. So we agreed to call it. Here is how the point broke down: 

This is the end of things.  

Now, this was a 'get back into the groove' kind of battle to get Kushial acquainted with the 9th edition rules. It was a good exercise I think and it gave us a measure of what some of these things could do. Looking back on it, Kushial would rather have held back the Leviathan to capitalize on it's shooting capabilities. I felt the same in regard to the Landraider. It was all fun in the end, and it was nice to push little figures around with Kushial again. Hopefully we'll see him and Lions get some more games in. 

In other news, I think we got the whole account issue sorted out and hopefully we'll see some posts from Kushial again soon. 

Until next time, 



The Lions Return

 Mark this day, and remember;  For the Lions have returned to the field of battle! 

A report on this game is coming soon! 

Also I think I make have Kushail back on here again soon assuming the tech issue has been solved. Fingers crossed! 


The Doom of Neverness.

Our friend Da Masta Cheef recently painted a Leviathan Dreadnought for Kushial's Lions of Harlech army. It has been nick-named the "Doom of Neverness" by Cheef over the course of comments and blog posts as it is most likely going to be kicking the ass of one of my armies at some future point.

Recently I stopped in at our local game night where Cheef offically handed this model over to Kushial.

This is how it was given to him.
And since Cheef has already showcased this on his blog I will let these pics I snapped do the rest of the talking:

Front (AKA kill position)

The scary side.

The soft crunchy side.

The riddle-you-with-this side.
It's a beaut huh? Well done Cheef! Below is a pic showing it next to the model that Kushial provided to Cheef for him to use as a visual guide. They look awesome together, and the Leviathan just towers over the other dread. I am sure not looking forward to the pain this thing will bring...but at least I can laugh at the color of it's underware. 😁

Who is your daddy?

That's it for me. Kushial should be back at some point whenever he overcomes the technical issues he has been having. And when the old Lion returns, I have no doubt he will have a proper name and back story for this thing.

Catch you later!