The System of Cymru

Alright, thought I'd handle the next bit of the Fluff and give Neverness a slight break.  This post will be on the system that the Lions of Harlech have as their Home World.  The chapter has evolved a very Welsh feel to it, and a large part of that was due to one of my favorite Sci-Fi novels which is "Falcon" by Emma Bull.  The Cymru System is in the Cymric Sector of the Ultima Segmentum.  This Sector is in the extreme upper right portion of Segmentum bordering the Fringe Space.

Cymric Sector
Cymru System
    Chapter Master Annwn Piet Moriarty, the Lord Harlech
Bardiche System
    Governor Fiona Waulthers
Coldewe System
    Governor Konrad von Koenigston
Esdraelon System
    Governor Lucias Muslar
Glaistig System
    Governor Avery Sinclair
Goedrean System
    Magos Vaelis Raethe
Hebrides System
    Governor Sven Thessen
Malheon System
    Governor Andre Verne
Muire System
    Governor Malthius Talbot
Phoeliss System
    Governor Jacob Neufsteiler
Steyntag System
    Fabricator General Oliver Welton
Vaehglis System
    Governor Eloise Lissett

Cymru System
    This system has an F-III type star and five planetary bodies.  It also consists
    of a dense asteroid belt between the orbits of Cymru-IV and Cymru-V.

Cymru-I (locally known as Noimal)
    small glacier covered ice world used for mining and smelting.
Cymru-II (locally known as Tyr)
    gas giant with several inhabited ice moons that support a small shipyard as well
    as many gas mining platforms.
Cymru-III (locally known as Seonaidh)
    a world of ice caves and deep ice chasms filled with hives, power plants, and
    manufactories churning out all that the system needs to survive.
Cymru-IV (locally known as Eirlys)
    another arctic glacier world with underground hives and artificial farms
Cymru-V (locally known as Niopes)
    small desolate rock used as a dumping ground both for prisoners to die as well
    as waste from the manufactories in the system.

Llew Gyr
    This is the fortress monastery of the Lions of Harlech constructed in the Cymru System on the ice moon Braelich orbiting the gas giant Cymru-II at the top of the Lyr Glacier.  It serves as the main training and staging point for the chapter as well as the linchpin for the system's defense.  The fortress is carved down into a mountainside with numerous defense batteries of lascannons, autocannons, and heavy bolters, as well as a single planetary defense laser, guarding the approaches.  Connected by deep armored tunnels are also several remote missile launch silos to engage any threat that reaches orbit.
    Deep under the rock and ice, numerous vaults and repositories hold the wealth of the chapter as well as the geneseed of it's future.  A multitude of small machine shops and manufactories are also located within to handle basic replacement and supply for the chapter.  An Imperial Navy supply depot and repair docks have been constructed above the gas giant and supplement the fortress' defenses.
    The reclusium of the fortress monastery, called the Llew Aelwyd (Lion's Den), is deep within the fortress.  It is a dark and somber area of granite, marble, and onyx lit with flickering torches and hidden with long, deep shadows.  Partially lit ancient banners and chapter relics are found throughout the chambers as members of the chapter silently come and go in reverence.

Planetary Defense Forces
Lord Marshal Nathaniel Maerwin
    PDF Commander
General Jason Cardonnes
    PDF Operations Officer
General Kevain Lannister
    PDF Intelligence Officer
Colonel Bertaum Hallowell
    PDF Procurement Officer

1st Cymric Highlanders Regiment (Infantry)
    General Stanislaus Thessen
2nd Cymric Highlanders Regiment (Infantry)
    General Oliver Holmes
3rd Cymric Highlanders Regiment (Infantry)
    General Douglas Rhodes
4th Cyrmic Highlanders Regiment (Infantry)
    General Ian Magnusson
5th Cymric Highlanders Regiment (Infantry)
    General Reginald Howe
6th Cymric Highlanders Regiment (Infantry)
    General Richard Wolfe
1st Black Watch Dragoons Regiment (Mechanized Infantry)
    General Marcus Forsythe
1st Coldstream Guards Regiment (Armor)
    General Edward Lannister
2nd Coldstream Guards Regiment (Armor)
    General Sebastion Trevayne
1st Cymric Heavy Guards Regiment (Superheavy Armor)
    General Albrecht Rabenstein


  1. Very cool. Do you have any Imperial Guard to use as PDF? Might make for a few interesting ally lists.

  2. Other than some super heavy tanks, no I don't. It's one of those future down the road projects though.

  3. LOL, I know right? Something has to protect those 10 Land Raiders! :)

  4. I have you know that I only have two baneblades ...... and a shadowsword ..... and a stormlord.

  5. LOL. (Note to self, don't suggest to Kushial to play an Apocalypse game, keep it at the Escalation level!)