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Iron Clad Dreadnought
Chapter Leadership

1st Company 


Mechanicus Auxila
Chapter Banner

Dedicated Transports ready to roll.

Cymric Sub-Sector Battle Fleet 4th Naval Infantry Regiment
Fleet organization:

Battlegroup Vaeltin
Vice Admiral Piotr Vaeltin
11th Battleline Squadron
Commodore Craig Douglas
    Sturmswalbe Retribution-class Battleship
    Albatross Avenger-class Grand Cruiser
    Kirov Avenger-class Grand Cruiser
    Warrior Code Avenger-class Grand Cruiser
    Bellepheron Avenger-class Grand Cruiser
12th Battleline Squadron
Commodore Albrecht Densch
    Queen's Gambit Retribution-class Battleship
    Stormfront Avenger-class Grand Cruiser
    Borealis Avenger-class Grand Cruiser
    Defense of Minos Avenger-class Grand Cruiser
    Trebuchet Avenger-class Grand Cruiser
43rd Battlecruiser Squadron
Commodore Julius Kieraly
    Pan's Labyrinth Mars-class Battlecruiser
    Obsidian Desire  Overlord-class Battlecruiser
    Essex Overlord-class Battlecruiser
201st Cruiser Squadron
Commodore Walter Iverson
    Ivanhoe Lunar-class Cruiser
    Kingfisher Lunar-class Cruiser
    Royal Oak Dominator-class Cruiser
    Royal Crown Gothic-class Cruiser
202nd Cruiser Squadron
Commodore Victor Wieslaw
    Black Prince Lunar-class Cruiser
    Hellbarde Dominator-class Cruiser
    Odin's Oracle Dominator-class Cruiser
    Artemis Dominator-class Cruiser
203rd Cruiser Squadron
Commodore Cole Niesse
    Pride of Orthavan Lunar-class Cruiser
    Might of Vigilance Lunar-class Cruiser
    Duke of York Gothic-class Cruiser
    Furious Tyrant-class Cruiser
56th Escort Squadron
Commodore Gregori Preussner
    Flintlock Endeavour-class Light Cruiser
    Hauberk Endeavour-class Light Cruiser
    Greyhound Endeavour-class Light Cruiser
    Mablehead Endeavour-class Light Cruiser
    Constellation Endurance-class Light Cruiser
    Dryad Endurance-class Light Cruiser
    403rd Destroyer Group
57th Escort Squadron
Commodore Desmond Belliard
    Vincennes Endeavour-class Light Cruiser
    Broadsword Endeavour-class Light Cruiser
    Tower of Iron Endeavour-class Light Cruiser
    Jaguar Endeavour-class Light Cruiser
    Galahad Endurance-class Light Cruiser
    Semper Fidelis Endurance-class Light Cruiser
58th Escort Squadron
Commodore Charles Bertaud
    Penitent's Hope Endeavour-class Light Cruiser
    Borneo Endeavour-class Light Cruiser
    Paladin's Shield Endurance-class Light Cruiser
34th Support Squadron
Commodore Pavel Kushkovo
    2 Tarask-class Merchantmen
    2 Galaxy-class Armed Freighters
    1 Mendencant-class Fuel Transport

I'm going with a 4 Battalion formation with this regiment.  1st Battalion and 2nd Battalion will be Infantry Battalions.  3rd Battalion will be an Armored Battalion.  4th Battalion will be Artillery and other support units.

1st Battalion
2nd Battalion
3rd Battalion
4th Battalion

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