6th Reserve Tactical Company

I'm going a bit old school on this one as a tip of the hat to Neverness who in addition to being nice enough to get me going on this blog, also has a collection of old school GW items that he's yet to even open that would make some museums envious.  So, this blog post is on my 6th Company, one of the Tactical Reserve Companies.
That's right, an entire company of the original 3 part plastic marines

6th Company, Reserve Tactical Company "Wardens of Honor"
Captain Eamonn Sidhe
    Company Champion Dafydd Gwilyn
    Company Standard Bearer Padraig Haig
    10 Tactical Squads
    3 Dreadnoughts
    9 Rhinos
    4 Razorbacks

For those of you keeping count, with the 7 pictured in the 2nd Company photos, this makes a total of 15 Rhinos and there are still 4 that haven't made a picture yet.  (I know, I have a problem, but that problem is not running out of Rhino's so far.)
To the left ....
And to the right ....

This company is, except for the command squad, made up of the original plastic 3 part marines.  I finally got to go to a Games Day this past year and at a local game store picked up a huge bag of close to 200 of these guys for roughly $100 (sgts, missile launchers, and meltagunners included) and yes, that means almost an entire other company is made of these guys as well.
We're the semi-modern throwbacks

The command squad is made up of the Captain and some 3 part marines from the Assault on Black Reach set just to keep the theme going for the Company.  It just seemed like an appropriate way to round out the force.

So that's 4 Companies down and still 4 more to share with you with 2 more to build sometime in the future.


  1. Impressive collection! When you posted "old school" I started looking for some old RTB01 marines or original Rhinos lurking in these pics...;)

  2. No, these are the oldest produced models I own. Nothing before these guys.