Chapter Relics

Ok, this post is going to be on the different and varied Chapter Relics that I've contrived and borrowed inspiration for.  This is the part of the fluff where it really doesn't relate to the table top but that I feel one can have a lot of fun creating depth, history, and character for a Chapter.

Brawdwr Llys
    This is a ancient ebon power blade with silver gilded hilt that is used for the execution of high ranking or honorable prisoners condemned.  The Captains and other leaders of the Chapter must unanimously agree that the doomed soul is deserving of meeting his or her fate from this fabled blade of judgement.  It is believed that if the dying has truely repented and been forgiven by the Emperor, that the death is quick and painless while the forever forsaken suffers a painful lingering death to remind them of their loss of the Emperor's light.

Honor of Victory
    This tome was written by Chapter Master Hemry Coatesworth, first Chapter Master of the Lions of Harlech.  It lays down his tactical and strategic ideas and foundations as well as his belief in the need for honor and devotion to be shown in word and deed by his warriors.  The tome espouses his belief that means of combat should be every bit as honorable as the goals of the combat.

Armor of the Harbringer
    This is an ancient suit of artificer armor gilt and decorated in silver and gold, supposedly crafted by order of the Primarch Dorn for one of his origional captains.  This suit was recovered from a space hulk during the chapter's crusade along the galactic edge and now is carefully maintained in stasis within the chapter's reclusium.

Gauntlet of Dorn
    A mastercrafted power fist exquisitely engraved and covered with a silver and gold imperial eagle that is carefully maintained and preserved.  This is an ancient weapon of lost origin and is unable to be reproduced.  It is believed to be once used by the Primarch Dorn himself during the Great Crusade.

The Imperious Profile
    This is an ancient marble bust of the Primarch Rogal Dorn that was created during the Great Crusade.  The piece of art was done by the Remembrancer Aleksei Moirin just prior to Dorn's return to Terra with his legion to defend the Imperial Palace.  This bust was found and recovered from the lost shrine world of Gelter IV.  Determined to not let such a work of art be lost or forgotten, the Lions took the bust into their safekeeping.

    An ancient Welsh tune from Terra itself that was taken as the Chapter's anthem by Owain Talbot, the third Master of the Chapter.  It is a somber, deep ballad about birth, renewal, and a reinvention of one's self.  It is said that when he heard it, Owain was visible moved and fought with an inspired vigor with the tune fresh upon his mind.

Tome of Phaedre's Tears
    A book of prophecies and predictions written by a seer on the Shrine World of Glaistig.  Phaedre saw many dire portents and calamities for the Imperium in her visions.  She recorded these down, staining the pages with her tears for mankind's fate as she wrote.  This tome came into the chapter's possession when Glaistig was invaded by a force of Thousand Son's chaos marines.  This book and several other relics were removed from the world for safe keeping.

Oracle of the Seelie Court
    An ancient artifact of unknown origion, the Oracle was found in the Sidhe System.  The Oracle is a truth shower, a displayer of events that might have been or are yet to be.  But too much knowledge of the truth can be a dangerous thing and thus the Oracle is securely locked away in a stasis vault.

Shroud of Velnius
    A tapestry from the shrine world of Velnius that was used as a banner by the local defense force as they held against an major orc incursion.  This improvised banner imbued all those around it with implacable faith while causing the attacking orcs to waiver.  When the siege was broken by the Lions of Harlech, the banner was passed to them by the greatful defenders as a holy relic.

Banner of Draegen's Ridge
    This banner was created in remembrance of two squads from the Third Company who died to a man defending a ridgeline overlooking the hive city of Draegen on the world Cottbus.  These two squads repelled numerous assaults by chaos cultists lead by members of the Death Guard.  They managed to hold for nearly five full days while reinforcements were gathered and organized into a counterattack.  On the fifth day, just as the last of the defenders fell, the forces of choas finally topped the ridge only to be hurled back for good by the advancing forces coming up the reverse side of the ridge.

The Herotius Papers
    These are the collected works of the Scribe Herotius.  He chronicled the exploits of the chapter from the time they began to crusade in 401.M34 until his death in 579.M35.  These records are held by the Chapter as a sign of their purity of purpose as well as remembrance of their past.

So, that's all the major relics and feel free to give some feedback if you think there is a twist or an idea for a relic that I've overlooked or missed.  I'm always looking for a good idea to expand this type of fluff for my Chapter.


  1. Thanks, this is one of the parts of writing fluff that I think is the most fun.

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