Finally Some Hobby Progress

So today I finally got a chance to get some hobby time in.  18 Battlemechs destined for my 21st Striker Regiment of the Eridani Light Horse got their basecoat green today.  These included the six Robotech minis I have assembled so far, a pair each of Cicadas, Assassins, Commandos, and Panthers, and then a Dervish, a Javelin, an Urbanmech, and lastly an unseen Locust.

Also over the past week, a quartet of aerospace fighters arrived to also help move the regiment towards completion.  These included a Lucifer, a Stuka, a Cheetah, and a Seydlitz.
I also got assembled but not pictured a pair of Awesomes, a Dragon, a Thorn, and a Flashman.  These five plus the six Robotech minis I need to get assembled still get me within visible distance of completing the 21st Striker Regiment.  I still need 3 more battlemechs and 6 aerospace fighters.  There is still a lot of painting and basing to do though.  To finish off the mech portion, I want to track down another unseen Griffin and then a pair of unseen Wasps or Stingers.  As to the aerospace fighters, I'm just looking for good deals and haven't been too picky on the types.

So there is where things stand at the moment.  I've been lucky to get some good trades off a Battletech Facebook group as well as some good deals on eBay throughout the holidays.  I'm hoping to have all the models to complete the regiment by the end of January and am going to try and have everything painted and based by no later than sometime in March.  We'll see how things go on that front.  Also I used some Christmas money to order my Bolt Action rule books this weekend.  Come March I'll get some extra income and I'll be making the plunge into the British Airborne Regiment.

That's all for now and thanks for reading.


Still Here

So yes, I'm still here.  Since I'm in retail management, this is always a tough month for me.  While I've only managed a single game this month, I have managed a few acquisitions for use after the holidays.  I started the month off with my 40th birthday, so I treated myself to a copy of the original Battletech mercenary handbook.  Murl had made some printouts of the Eridani Light Horse pages from it some time back, but it's nice to finally have a full hard copy of the book.
I also finally got my Robotech pre-order right at the end of November and have managed to get half of the mechs put together but have yet to get paint on any of them yet.  I've got 2 Warhammers, 2 Riflemen, and 2 Bowmen assembled with 2 more each of Warhammers and Riflemen to put together and a pair of Archers.
I've also got about another dozen battlemechs and half a dozen aerospace fighters in trades and purchases through a CBT Facebook group.  Once I get them all painted, it will put me about 8 battlemechs and 6 aerospace fighters shy of completing the entire 21st Striker Regiment of the Eridani Light Horse.  This has been a fun project this year and it looks like somewhere around the end of January or maybe into February I should have it completed.  That's what I'm aiming for anyway.

The last of what I've got this month is that my last X-Wing order arrived with a second Rebel Aces set and a YT-2400.  That'll probably be it for me and X-Wing purchases until scum and villainy release, though I'm still needing to flesh out my Empire forces a fair amount.

So that's where I stand for now and once I get past Christmas and onto a more normal work schedule, I'll try and get back onto a more regular posting on the blog once more.  Thanks for reading and I'll see you all later.