The 1st Company of the Lions of Harlech

The 1st company defending the Tech Shrine of QWERTY. 
1st Company, Veteran Company "Icons of Honor"
Captain Pedr Dyfedd, Regent of Cymru
Company Champion Damion Osfryd
Company Standard Bearer Staevron Maege
87 Space Marine Veterans
5 Ironclad Dreadnoughts
8 Dreadnoughts
7 Rhinos

6 Razorbacks

-Taken from "The Fluff" by Kushial.

 The terminators in the top pic have been modeled on very stylized bases. Then I asked Kushial about them this was his response: "Did a couple squads on that style bases to look like they're teleporting in." 

This is the terminator collection of Kushial's Lions of Harlech. He pretty much has the whole Chapter, and has more functionally complete Space Marines than I, or most casual 40K players! And a lot of them are fully painted and totally ready to conquer all who oppose the Emperor's will. I'm not exaggerating. If we understated the size of Krushial's army in the first few posts, perhaps this next pic of just his 1st company might shed some light on it...

78 Terminators. All of whom chant the litany of 'Please Holy Emperor, NO MISHAPS'
Now I have about 20-30 total Wolfguard terminators for my Space Wolves, with maybe 2 models completely painted! So you can imagine my envy and joy when I see these unpacked on game night! I hope to get more pics to share in the future. 

I am curious, and perhaps Kushial can answer this in the comments, but unless I miscounted, according to The Fluff, there are 8 veterans missing. Are these power armored individuals assigned to lead other squads? Or are they sometimes assigned to form Vanguard/Sternguard units along with some these guys taking the lighter suits?

Til next time, -Neverness.


  1. Heh, well, to tell the truth .... there will be about 24 more terminators here in a month or so when I get some models in from a Kickstarter project. ( http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/defiancegames/28mm-power-armor-hardsuits-defiance-games this one to be specific ) I'll be doing them up as older variants of terminator armor rather than getting some of the Forge World ones. That'll bring the inventory up to a full company plus a couple characters. The main pic in the post has a Terminator captain, a terminator chaplain, and a terminator librarian in it.

  2. And I'll be honest, the fluff was written to space out an entire chapter. I don't have all the vehicles that are listed in the different company breakdowns. I guess you'd call that a creative end point maybe?

  3. NIce! LOL. So, we'll probably be updating 'The Fluff' at some point, right? ;)

    How about Vanguard/Sternguard, how many of them do you have?

  4. True, but whoever truly collects everything in a Chapter? The Land Raiders alone would cost a fortune! LOL. I guess if we were really obsessive we could collect the Chapter Serfs as well....hmm.... :)

  5. I might have a couple models for the serfs and some plans towards such things .... ::grins sheepishly:: And I only have ... 9 landraiders ... I think, maybe 10.

  6. ...OK, I just can't hold back: how many of those Land Raiders are currently built?

  7. All of them. Only 2 are painted to my color scheme and 1 is in a weird khaki and blue quartered paint scheme that it came off of ebay with. There are 2 Redeemers, 3 Crusaders, 2 Annihilators, and 2 standards. I think there is one more standard that's in a box somewhere.

  8. So when are you adding the Thunderhawks and Thunderhawk tank transporters???

    (and yes, BOTH of those are supposed to be plural...)

  9. Ooh, yeah he's got to get some t-hawks!

  10. No plans for Thunderhawks in the foreseeable future.