Sternguard and Such

So got my order placed yesterday for my first Imperial Knight as well as the Knight Companion book.  And Tuesday I ordered the APC from Pig Iron so hopefully by Monday/Tuesday I'll have some new fun to work on.  But as it was, while ordering the Knight, I finally picked up one of the new Sternguard box sets.  And here's last night's results.

First up is the Grellon Veteran Pellaeon.  He was actually built back at the end of Feb but hasn't made the blog yet.
He's got a bit of the tough guy look to him and the sideways bolter just adds to that image.

Next up is the last of the missing Grellon, Veteran Sgt Wesly Karrde.
He's all from the Sternguard kit and with him complete, that's all the Grellon modeled.

After that is five Sternguard with combi weapons.  I combined regular marine bits with sternguard kit bits to make the kit go farther.
These guys got Sternguard backpacks, guns, shoulder pads on the right side, and heads.  Everything else is regular marine bits.

Next after that is five Sternguard with bolters.
These guys got sternguard arms, legs, and torsos with regular heads and backpacks.

Sternguard are one of my favorite units in the game for their hitting power, adaptability, and sheer fear factor they can instill on an opponent after they face them the first time.  It's very rare that I don't have at least one unit in my army list, and normally in a drop pod.  They're also my answer to people who want to take an escalation unit.  Killing an Eldar Revenant Titan on turn one by pouring 10 combi meltas into it from a drop pod assault unit of Sternguard is great as an attention getter.  Scoring 10 points right off the bat for 9 hull points (since I didn't have an escalation unit) and first blood while doing it is even more fun.  If there is one thing that I can say about Sternguard, it's that you can never have too many of them.

So coming up in the next few blog posts will hopefully be my Knight assembly, the Pig Iron APC, Knightly House fluff which is being worked on, and I still got some companies and other things to post as well.  So enjoy

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