The Inquisitor Himself

Inquisitor Jaemes Kaelleon, Ordo Hereticus, Radical Inquisitor (Libricar)
    Flagship - Faith of the Ancients, Dauntless-class Light Cruiser

    Jaemes Kaelloen started his career with the Inquisition when he was discovered by the Inquisitor Jaenelle Lyrius.  He was a tenacious investigator for the Adeptus Arbites in the Trescott System.  He was assigned to assist her investigation into a local cult and the Inquisitor ended up recruiting him.  Jaemes' ability to almost mystically see through a lie while also finding the most hidden of clues to continue an investigation made him a invaluable member of the retinue.

    After serving under Jaenelle Lyrius for several decades, Jaemes found himself slowly drawn into the Libricar sub-faction of the Radical Inquisitor line of thought and belief.   His ever increasing desire to see all corruption purged finally led him to turning over his own mentor Inquisitor Lyrius to the Inquisition for her failure to fully root out several minor cults in the Hive Cities of Ingallus III.  Following these events, Jaemes was elevated to the rank of Inquisitor and began to for his own retinue as he began to purge any heresy, lack of faith, or corruption he could uncover.

     Kaelloen currently is based out of the Cymru System where he's formed a solid working partnership with the Lions of Harlech.  He is known to spend hours listening to ancient music recordings of an instrument called a vi'lin while he contemplates a case.  Jaemes is a man of hard firm beliefs and is unwilling to compromise them even just a little.  He enjoys the recognition of when he's done a job well but sees it more as a way to gain access to better and more resources to continue his investigations.
Kaelloen started out as a Freebooter Imperial Captain miniature with a purity seal added.  I didn't add more weaponry as I see him more as a leader and commander than an actual combatant.

Captain Octavius Haadrin
Commanding Officer of the Faith of the Ancients, Dauntless-class Light Cruiser
    Captain Haadrin has been assigned to transport and assist Inquisitor Kaelloen in any way possible.  This was done by Admiral Trenton in recognition and repayment where Kaelloen uncovered and prevented the spread of a chaos cult within Admiral Trenton's fleet.
Captain Haadrin is just a Commissar model with no tweaks to it as I just don't think one is really necessary.  The commissar makes for a pretty good flag rank model with the embellishments that a commissar model has.

So Thursday I'll be putting in an order.  This will be for my Imperial Knight and for the Pig Iron transport mentioned in the previous blog post.  Having seen the new pics of the upcoming new Stormtrooper models ... I think Inquisitor Kaelloen might just be getting access to some sort of 40K version of the Imperial Navy SBS squad.  Suggestions on what to call that team are welcome.

On the menu for today is a game in the afternoon against RTVortil's foul xenos though not sure if I'll be facing tree hugging Eldar or kinky Eldar.  I'll try and get some good pictures and get that up as a battle report.  That's all for now fans of the Lions and I'll see you all later.


  1. LOL "kinky eldar", I look forward to that report regardless of which version of Space Elf you face. So are the Inquisition models battle-ready?

  2. " He is known to spend hours listening to ancient music recordings of an instrument called a vi'lin while he contemplates a case."

    lol, nice touch!

  3. Neverness - No, they're pretty much just a fluff organization at the moment.

    Cheef - Yeah, I've always been a fan of Holmes so .... yep, borrowed it.