9th Company

To paraphrase Grand Moff Tarkin, I think it is time we demonstrated the full firepower of this chapter.

I've always like the idea of the 9th Company.  The sheer amount of fire power it represents that can be brought to bear against an enemy of the Imperium is fun to behold.  The majority of this company is made up of plasma cannons with some lascannons as well.  A few missile launchers and multi-meltas round out the selection.  I won a large ebay lot back last fall that had close to 30 plasma cannon marines and a dozen lascannon marines.  This lot lead to the creation of the 9th Company which was rounded out with old school bolter marines not used in the 6th Company.

9th Company, Reserve Devastator Company "Hammer Strikes"
Captain Breidh Aislinn
    Company Champion Julius Candless
    Company Standard Bearer Piotr Eichner
    10 Devastator Squads
    2 Dreadnoughts
    7 Rhinos
    3 Razorbacks

And since it's a Devastator Company, I thought it only appropriate that the command squad was also a Devastator Squad.  It's fun little tweaks like this that make this scale so enjoyable.  Plus seeing an apothecary in a devestator squad is fun to see.

So that brings the total fire power of the company in at 20 plasma cannons, 11 lascannons, 5 multi-meltas, 4 missile launchers, 1 power sword, 7 power fists, 8 bolt pistols, and 59 bolters.  Nothing like overwhelming fire power for when you want it really really dead.

Over the next few days I'm still working on the 3rd Company blog, the flyers blog, and I should have a battle report from Saturday evening as well.  Hope you all are enjoying following my show of the chapter as much as I'm enjoying showcasing it.


  1. ...and a partridge in a pear tree...

    YOu need to have the guy I sold you lead them, as he as a salvo-relic gun!

  2. Well, he's got a slightly different fate in store which I'll keep a little secret until that blog post is ready. Part of a future project.