So I've been showing off the Lions of Harlech, but I haven't shown yet how they project that power beyond their own star system.  The debut of my Avenger Strike Fighter on Saturday got me thinking more about the fleet component of the Lions.  Therefore this blog post is on that.  Battlefleet Gothic is one of the specialty games that I've never gotten a chance to play before, but I love the look of the Imperial ships.  I picked some marine vessels up on the cheap several years back but not nearly enough to represent the Lion's entire fleet of course.

First up is the fluff part of the fleet.  I think it'd be fun to build out the entire force though.  Gothic scale Thunderhawks are probably the only way I'll own any of those as well.

Fleet Command
    1 Battlebarge
        Caernarfon, Captain Jacob Wellsley
    8 Strike Cruisers
        Cardiff, Captain Ian Siarles
        Powys, Captain Mori Stenshoel
        Swansea, Captain Liam Caudell
        Conwy, Captain Mithos Henke
        Caerphilly, Captain Malcolm Greystroke
        Rhiannon, Captain Cedraig Faulkner
        Blodeuwedd, Captain Bertraum Mallory
        Gorsedd, Captain Hiram MacGuinness
    11 Gladius-class Frigates
    7 Nova-class Frigates
    14 Hunter-class Destroyers
    22 Thunderhawk Gunships
    10 Thunderhawk Transporters
The Caernarfon
The Caernarfon
I've only managed to get one of the Strike Cruisers so far as eBay is getting pretty ridiculous for Battlefleet Gothic prices.  I'd like to build the fleet on up at some point, but that's on hold.  The Rhiannon is only partially painted at this point but it like so many other parts of the chapter are on the To Do List. (along with a couple hundred marines, eight dreadnoughts, thirty some vehicles, .... I need to find a way to hire a full time painter I think.)
The Rhiannon with two Gladius Frigates and two Nova Frigates
a dozen Hunter-class Destroyers
a pair of BattleTech ships used as fleet train vessels

Their fleet was once larger but the Battlebarge Colwyn and several strike cruisers were lost during the Lion's crusading years.  Once arriving at Cymru, the Battlebarge Gwynfedd and another strike cruiser was cannibalized to build the Fortress Monastery.  Having now re-established itself with the Imperium, the Lions have acquired their two newest strike cruisers Cardiff and Gorsedd.

So that's the fleet as it exists so far, though it's skewed heavily toward escorts at the moment.  And if anyone in the area here who plays Gothic and wants to walk me through a game or two, say the word and we'll set something up.


  1. Sorry, but both of my fleets top out around 500 points, which is a mere 75 points more than your barge (before upgrades). Rob has a huge chaos fleet though.

  2. Well, I figure you start out with smaller engagements anyway when learning to play and don't just straight to the Battlebarge.