Merry Christmas

Not really any hobby progress this week with getting ready for the holidays.  A couple dozen more mechs got a wash layer and I made a basing material purchase as well.  So I hope you all get some hobby cheer for the holidays or at least something good for one of your armies or game systems.

See you all next week and holiday on!


The Coming Year

So I didn't have any real hobby time this past week other than a 4 way battle of X-Wing Saturday night against Cheef, Wolfie, and Chris the Panda.  I ran my quad B-WIng list again with some pretty good results even considering that Cheef tried to make it a 3 v 1.

So I want to take this post to sort of lay out my hobby goals for the next year.  This will give me a checklist to refer back to and something that you my readers can prod me about if you don't see results.
So first on the list is my BattleTech.  My 21st Striker Regiment of Eridani Light Horse needs 4 more aerospace fighters acquired and the other aerospace fighters finished painted.  I also need one more base of half tracks from GHQ to finished off the mechanized infantry.  Then lastly a large number of the mechs need based.

The 151st Light Horse Regiment has begun but needs all the artillery vehicles, tanks, aerospace fighters, infantry, and some more mechs.  I've got enough mechs for 17 lances but while over half are painted, none have been based.  (I really have to buy some more of the ballast sand I use to base my Eridani Light Horse and get going on some of this).

Lastly for BattleTech I need to get 3 more warships and a bunch of jumpships/dropships to get my AeroTech fleet together.
So next up is Mordheim.  I've got all my dwarves purchased and have started painting on them, but only as far as priming and first major color on each model.  I'd like to get these done in the first part of the year so I can get some games of Mordheim in.  I know a couple others in the group I game with have been talking about Mordheim as well.
I also want to get my SAGA warband finished so I'll be able to talk someone into play testing it with me.  Most likely this will end up being Bob as he does historical gaming with his dad and is also slightly interested in SAGA.  I've got all the models I need for my Viking warband but none of them are more than partially painted.
So next up is X-Wing.  There are a few purchases I need to make and I need to get back into my repainting so that my ships match.  I want to get all my B-Wings flipped to horizontal flight as well.

And then there is small terrain projects.  I've got a couple pieces I'm dabbling with to make into factories for BattleTech.  I need to revisit the HPG Station I built for BT as well and finish it off.  And then there is stuff I bought for my Mordheim Dwarves.

Yesh, I'm in for a busy year as this doesn't even include Bolt Action armies which has died off after a big initial push and the 15mm army for Gruntz which Cheef is trying to stir a bit of interest in.  Plus I'll get some Aeronuf from a Kickstarter sometime in the spring.  So that's what I'm up against for goals for the next year.  I'm going to do my best to get items ticked off the list and done.  Hopefully you all out there will help push and prod me if you see me off on distractions or not making progress.

That's all for now and I'll see you all next week.


BattleMech Assault Coming

So, it's been a week of making progress on the BattleTech pile of things to do.  The batch of plastic hex bases I ordered arrived the middle of last week so everything that had been based green is now on a base.  I also got 45 mechs done with the hightlight color and the wash layer so they're ready for basing.  I need to get a new batch of sand from the hobby store so I can get started basing.
The Light Mechs
The Medium Mechs
The Heavy Mechs
The Assault Mechs
   I need to take an evening to get them all slated into spots in the overall TOE for my Eridani Light Horse.  Hopefully I'll have that for next week's update.  I've also got about 30 some more mechs on bases now and need to get the highlight color and wash on them still.
Tie-Advanced in the Crossfire
I also managed to get some gaming in this past Saturday night  I played a 3 sided game of X-Wing against Cheef and Billy the Bill.  I fielded a list of 4 B-Wings against Billy's Scum list and Cheef's Imperials.  Instead of asteroids we parked Billy's Corvette in the middle of the board to fly around instead.  Cheef and I both hit Billy pretty hard early on before tearing into each other a bit.  I got a bit lucky and outlasted them both with a single surviving B-Wing.  It was an enjoyable game and I like the amount of damage that 4 B-Wings can dish out as well as absorb.

That's all for this week and I'll see you all later.


Yikes, 41 Snuck Up On Me

Well, tomorrow I'll hit 41 years old.  Man does time fly by when you're not paying attention to it.

So, as a gamer I of course treated myself to a few hobby related fun things for my birthday.  Being the fan of Dreadnoughts that I am, one of them was one of the new Contemptors from the Calth set that I snagged off eBay for what I thought was a very reasonable $26.  It's very comparable to the Forge World one and the Kheres assault cannon is MUCH easier to assemble in plastic than it was in resin.  I did hit the bits box to add a bit more to the new model to get it a bit more relic looking.
The Contemptor assembled
I might just be looking for more of these at a good price in the future.  It's a nice kit if a little light on weapon options, but hopefully that will be addressed in the future.
Next to a FW Contemptor for comparison
Now that the holidays are upon us, thoughts turn to Santa Claus and his 12 reindeer and Rudolf to lead them along, bringing gifts to all those on the nice list  Well I had to take it one step farther cause that's what we as gamers do.  So I've got a Knight Titan and his 12 ancient brethren lead by a chaplain dreadnought to bring retribution to all the heretics out there.
Heretic Beware
Now if this can't get you in the hobby spirit during the holidays then you must be the heretic, the alien, or the traitor, in which case keep an eye over your shoulder for an avalanche of walkers coming for you this holiday.

That's all for this week and I'll see you all later.