Ghost Bear's Return!

So other than a small touch up on the paint on the base edging, my Ghost Bear tourman's 44th Provisional Garrison Cluster is complete.  They're based same as my front line Ghost Bear units but the different shade of blue and bronze instead of silver easily marks them as a different unit.  I'm pleased with how they came out and helped to thin out my pile of unused mechs quite a bit.
The Piranhas are an interesting mech for chewing up infantry and light mechs and paired up with a Thor and a Dragonfly makes it an interesting force to deploy.  The non-Omni star of mechs helps mark it as a second line unit.  The two Flashmans have an interesting modification though.  Somehow I didn't notice that I was missing the piece that goes between the gun arms and the main body when I got them as loose parts at Iron Wind Miniatures way back here.  So the arm links are all metal BBs instead.  They fit with the rounded profile of the mechs well and join into the sockets on both parts quite nicely.
Next up is something I'm in the process of reading through that's been very interesting.  I've had the Reunification War and First Succession War for a while now, so it was nice to get a hold of the Second Succession War book this past week.  Even better was finding it on sale and saving about $15.  These books have been very interesting reads and it has been interesting to see how they expand on the stories and lore from those time periods.  I hope Catalyst Games keeps producing these books.
So the last thing is in regards to Warhammer 40K.  I've got a box of Intercessors, a Primaris Dreadnought, and the limited edition Captain to assemble.  The small force of primaris marines will be the now decided upon Void Lions, a fleet based group for more aggressive strikes against the alien (I'm looking at you Elite Grot Mountain Division), the traitor (you know, Khorne Berserkers, Black Legion, Space Wolves ... ), and anyone else wanting to deny the Emperor's will.  I'm still not settled on a paint scheme yet but I'm getting close.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing how the progress is going.  I'm happy to get an item off the to do list.  Next up is finishing painting all the GHQ APCs for the Caselton Militia.  After those are done I'll only need to acquire a pair Pegasus hover tanks and then paint a pair of Demolisher tanks to finish up the unit.  Still exploring storage ideas for bits so feel free to share any ideas.  See you all next time!


Working on the List

So I've started making progress on the giant to do list that was the last blog post.  First up is the 8th Donegal Guard.  I've got the Battalion Command lance and 2 other lances ready for basing material.  The Hussar leading 3 Mercuries is my favorite lance of the unit I think.  Nice classic pre-3025 mechs with lots of speed for scouting and harassing enemies.  There is still a lance to finish off the company in progress and then two more companies of mechs to get painted and based.
Next up is the Caselton Militia.  I got a lot of GHQ APC's primered and ready to get their red stripe added later this week.  I also got a batch of bases for said APC's to get added onto.  I still need to paint the edges of the bases and then get another batch prepped up.  There will be 4 platoons for a total of 16 bases so a bit of a ways to go here still.  I also need 8 bases for the already painted Pike and Hetzer lances.

And then finally the Ghost Bear PGC got primer coated as well.  I'm still not totally sure what color scheme these guys are getting but at least they're primered and ready for it.  While having some clan mechs in the unit, there is also a star of 5 Inner Sphere mechs that are Star League designs updated to Clan tech and the sort of non-Omni's that one would expect in a PGC.  There is a Marauder, a Banshee, a Gallowglas, and 2 Flashmans.  I still need another clan Omni to finish off the rest of the force but haven't found an option that I like yet.
So that's about all I've had time for but some progress beats no progress for sure.  Work is going to be a bit crazy for the next couple weeks so finding time to make sure there is progress taking place will hopefully keep me somewhat sane.  I'm in retail management and our store just lost a manager to promotion and another is out for maternity/paternity leave so it's made for some crazy work schedules.  Once we get past this week and next though, it should get a lot more normal though so it's all not too bad.

So thanks for stopping by all and don't forget I'm still looking for that great idea for getting all my bits organized and stored.  See you all next time.


Getting Organized

So the organization of my hobby storage, projects, and so on continues.  I'm still looking for a long term idea for bits storage, so keep sending me suggestions if you have them.  I'm also trying to get all my projects and such organized as well.  So here's where the state of my hobby and what's on the list to be worked on.  This is going to turn into a long one I think, so let's get going.
Eridani Light Horse, 21st Striker Regiment
This is my unit closest to fully completed and should be able to finish it in the next couple weeks assuming I can track down the tank I'm missing.
  1. Need a Rommel/Patton or Von Luckner tank to finish off 1st Arm. Inf. Bat.
  2. Finish painting aerospace fighters
8th Donegal Guard
This one will also be done soon.  I've got all the mechs for the 3rd Battalion and it's just a matter of painting and basing.
  1. Paint and Base 3rd Battalion of Mechs
Caselton Militia
This one isn't too far from being done as well.  Again it's mainly just painting and basing, though painting all those little GHQ apcs and halftracks .
  1. Paint and Base rest of mech infantry platoons and Demolisher Tanks
Ghost Bears
I've got some clan and SLDF era mechs from trades and such that I've organized into a Provisional Garrison Cluster.  Since it's not part of the Alpha Galaxy like the rest of the completed Ghost Bears, they'll need a different paint scheme but still something that goes with them.

  1. Paint and Base PGC unit 
20th Arcturan Guard
I have nothing to do to this unit.  It's two lances and no plans to add or mess with this unit any farther.

I've got a few ideas of some pieces I want to do, but no immediate projects as I have to figure out the hows and with whats.

Warhammer 40K
Lions of Harlech
This is hands down my largest project to get done.  There are hundreds of marines plus dreadnoughts and vehicles that need painted.  I really need to get myself motivated to start clearing some off these up.  Out of the entire chapter, I'd say close to 35 to 40% of it is painted so a ton of work here to be done.
  1. Finish 8th Company, missing 6 Assault Squads
  2. Painting and Basing .... SOOOOOOO much painting
Void Lions
This is the successor for my Lions where all the Primaris marines are going.  I've got an Intercessor Box and a Primaris Dreadnought to assemble   I also need to get their background written as well as figure out a paint scheme.  With the Primaris marines from the 8th Edition Starter Box, that'll give me a nice small unit of them that I have no plans on growing.  I just wanted to have a few options of these for use on the table top.
  1. Finish assembling Primaris Marines
  2. Paint and Base the Primaris force
  3. Finish writing fluff for Void Lions
For a while this was played in bulk but seems to have died down for a while.  I still love my ships though and no plans to thin it out any.  I do need to get it all reorganized as it's outgrown my original storage and organization plans.
  1. Get cards and ships organized
  2. Figure out if I need/want to add any ships
Bolt Action
British Airborne
This is pretty far down the priority list due to there being little interest in Bolt Action lately it seems like.  But I do want to get this group done at some point.
  1. Paint and Base entire force
  2. Assemble 2nd Bicycle Squad
  3. Look into adding a few more Bren Carriers
Dwarf Band
With the news that Mordheim might be being re-released by Games Workshop as well as it's occasional resurgence among players around here, I need to look into getting this force finished.
  1. Paint and Base the force 
  2. Finish fluff for the force
Viking Warband
This group is somewhat partially painted and while it isn't played locally, I think I could talk Bob into giving the rules a try if I get the force finished.
  1. Paint and Base the force
  2. Finish the unit fluff

Space Fleets
This is more of a for fun project than something that will probably every see the table top.  I don't know anyone that plays these.  It includes my BattleTech Aerospace ships as well as generic ships from several systems to use for civilian ships or whatever.  Again no priority on this force at all, but it'll be a fun project to work on at times.

  1. Get all the ships painted
  2. Figure out basing solution

I still have a lot of work to do here as well, mainly in getting all the bits still floating on sprues to a final home so I can find what I'm looking for or at least have a decent idea where to look.  A pile of partial sprues on my desk, a large tote of partial sprues and about 4 random boxes with looks stuff in them just isn't working for me any more.
  1. Finish sorting hobby source books into boxes
  2. Bits storage solution and implementation

Well, that's pretty much it.  There are a few other small things that aren't on the list due to them being so far down the list of stuff to do that they aren't even on the radar.  These include 10mm stuff, Aeronef, Rogue Star force, and Guild Ball.  That's all for now and thanks for stopping by.  I'll see you all next time and don't forget to send those bits storage ideas.


Getting Organized

So the last couple days rather than making progress on hobby stuff, I've finally bit the bullet and started getting all my stuff better organized.  Stuff has been spread across my desk, a table, and several other locations for too long and it was getting annoying looking for what I needed or wanted at a given time.  So first up was a trip to Wal-Mart and I got a stack of 10 shoe-box sized plastic totes that was on sale, a small shelf unit, and a pack of labels.  This got me good ways into starting to get everything into a home.  The shelf fits nicely at the end of my desk by the shelves holding my BattleTech Eridani Light Horse and Donegal Guard, so all the supplies are nice and handy when I'm working on something at the desk.
Oh this is looking soooo much better
So there is one box for brushes, hobby knives, etc, one for non-bits conversion and basing supplies, and then two boxes for my BattleTech terrain.  10mm models went into a box and I really need to figure out what I'm doing with that lot of stuff.  Then Aeronef got a box of its own as well.  There are a few more groups of models that need to end up in boxes as well.  These include some fantasy dwarfs for Mordheim, vikings for SAGA, extra BattleTech mechs that aren't being used for a unit, and spacecraft like BTech Aerospace.
yeesh, how does some one who doesn't like painting end up with so many colors?
I also used an empty shoe box for all my paints and washes.  While getting it all together, I tossed out a few empties that somehow never got thrown away and went ahead with disposing off the last of the old Tester paint bottles I had from when I was buying cheap paint rather than better quality ones.  It's nice being able to see exactly what I have in paints and to be honest, I've got a couple colors that I currently have no idea why I got them to start with.
Yeah, these 10mm's really need a purpose or a new home
Also in progress are Source books, army books, and such.  BattleTech is all sorted into one box and I'm starting a box of 40K books now.  That just leaves all the other random books I've picked up at times to use for reference materials or that caught my eyes such as Cyberpunk, Aeronef, Shadowrun, Jovian Chronicles, ... yeah plenty of it.

I'm also working on getting the rest of the leftover 40K bits sorted now and am looking for input on one thing in particular.  Sprues with items still on them to be precise is the issue.  Would I be better off with a couple mid to large size totes to keep the sprues in or get smaller totes and dividers and clean all the bits off and sort them.  I can see advantages to both ways and would like to hear which ways work well for others.
Shall we play a game?
Well, that's all for now, and I hope to hear plenty of input on the bits storage ideas.  Also, having been messing with BattleTech so much lately, I really need to get a game of that in.  Cheef, Screech, Murl, any chance of a game in the near future?


Last of the Eridani Light Horse Battalions

So here is the last battalion of my Eridani Light Horse 21st Striker Regiment, the 1st Armored Infantry Regiment.  I still need to come up with a Rommel/Patton or Von Luckner tank to finish off the Command Lance of the Tin Can Company.  I added a scratch build command track to the 2 Infantry Companies.  Also not having any Long Toms, the artillery lance of the Boomer Company is made up of Sturmfeurs and LRM Carriers.  The engineer platoon with my scratch built engineering vehicles is probably my favorite unit of the entire force and I'm really happy with how they came out.
1st Armored Infantry Battalion (Mighty Mites)
Battalion Command Lance
    Major Samuel Perrow, Victor
    Captain Brian Braddock, Warhammer
    Lt. Amanda Sydon, Warhammer
    Lt. Tim Phillips, Rifleman
Tin Can Company
Command Lance
    Captain Klaus Hesse, Von Luckner
    Lt. Andrew Fisher. Von Luckner
    Sgt. Will Yeats, Von Luckner
    Sgt. Joe Fairmount, Rommel/Patton
    Sgt. Bradley Sinclair, Rommel/Patton
    Sgt. Roger Penrose,
Strike Lance
    Lt Llewellyn Trent, Ontos
    Sgt. Simon Griffith, Ontos
    Sgt. Doug Puller, Ontos
    Sgt. Jamie Redmund, Ontos
    Sgt. Collin Westworth, Hetzer
    Sgt. Linnet Paulus, Hetzer
Recon Lance
    Lt. Owen Rache, Saladin
    Sgt. Edward Niven, Saladin
    Sgt. Amanda Downing, Saladin
    Sgt. David Brogues, Saladin
    Sgt. Victor Ramius, Pegasus
    Sgt. Nikolai Bondarenko, Pegasus
Alpha Company
    Captain Lila Oakwood, Mobile Command Vehicle
1st Platoon - Motorized Infantry
    Lt. Hector Torres
    Sgt. George Osbourne, Trucks
    Cpl. Allison Blaire, Trucks
    Cpl. Ian O'Cleary, Trucks
    Cpl. Jason Allenby, Trucks
2nd Platoon - Mechanized Infantry
    Lt. Tuck Miller
    Sgt. Owen Yardley, Halftracks
    Cpl. Chris Morrigan, Halftracks
    Cpl. James Holmes, Halftracks
    Cpl. Abigail O'Reilly, Halftracks
3rd Platoon - Mechanized Infantry
    Lt. Richard Diego
    Sgt. Steve MacGarrett, Halftracks
    Cpl. Daniel Bull, Halftracks
    Cpl. Olivet Theisman, Halftracks
    Cpl. Seth Maerkas, Trucks
4th Platoon - Mechanized Infantry
    Lt. Vince Tulane
    Sgt. Patricia Parks, Goblin Medium Tank
    Cpl. Nathan Holmes, Goblin Medium Tank
    Cpl. Richard Pressby, Goblin Medium Tank
    Cpl. Dayvid Webley, Goblin Medium Tank
Bravo Company
    Captain Katherine Burke, Mobile Command Vehicle
1st Platoon - Jump Infantry
    Lt. Nathaniel Greer
    Sgt. Eduard Altunin
    Cpl. David Tabanne
    Cpl, Lionel Foley
    Cpl. Percy Neville
2nd Platoon - Infantry
    Lt. Erica Tansey
    Sgt. Franklin Owens. A Squad
    Cpl. Vincent Lewis, B Squad
    Cpl, Ernest Wexton, C Squad
    Cpl. Ilya Vaneyev, D Squad
3rd Platoon - Infantry
    Lt. Jeffrey Moore
    Sgt. Mikhail Taussig, A Squad
    Cpl. Sean Ambrose, B Squad
    Cpl, Grigori Dalmatov, C Squad
    Cpl. Elliot Slater, D Squad
4th Platoon - Engineers
    Lt. Colin MacGuire
    Sgt. Edward Harding, Engineering Vehicle
    Cpl. Perry Gibbons, Engineering Vehicle
    Cpl, James Candless, Engineering Vehicle
    Cpl. Anthony Troubridge, Engineering Vehicle
Boomer Company
Command Lance
    Captain Paul Sandoval, Sturmfeur
    Lt. Manfred VanGeller, Sturmfeur
    Lt. Trevor Gillespee, LRM Carrier
    Lt. Victoria Pollack, LRM Carrier
    Lt. Emilio Ortiz, LRM Carrier
    Lt. Sonya Lindh, LRM Carrier
AA Lance
    Lt. Thomas Clavell, Rifleman
    Jon Waverly, Rifleman
    Gwen Herdez, Longbow
    Eamon O'Neil, Longbow
So next up will be trying to get all the aerospace fighters finished.  I'm also looking into doing a 3rd Battalion of Donegal Guard to finish off that regiment as well.  And then there is the Militia unit to finish.  Ok, yeah, I can pile up projects like the best of them.  I'll see you all next time and thanks for stopping by.  Comments, queries, and suggestions are, as always, appreciated.


More Eridani Light Horse

So this time you're getting the 5th and 7th Striker Battalions.  It's been fun getting this all closer to total completion.  And so without further adieu ....

The 5th Striker Battalion is interesting in that during a time where pretty much all the companies in BattleTech were 3 lances, this Battalion has 4 lances per Company with the integral Aerospace lances.  I need to strip and reprime the 4 Sholagars and the 2 Lucifers as for some reason the primer went powdery on them.
5th Striker Battalion (Dirkson's Dragonslayers)
Battalion Command Lance (Dirkson's Guards)
    Major Earl Dirkson, Cyclops
    Captain Claude Tomaslin, Rifleman
    Lt. Elise Pienaar, Awesome
    Lt. Coleman Hauser, Orion
4th Company (Pinter's Axmen)
Command Lance
    Captain Daniel Pinter, Phoenix Hawk
    Ryan Wilson, Quickdraw
    Jillian Giessepe, Orion
    Quentin Veerland, Dragon
Strike Lance
    Lt. Kevin Baird, Catapult
    Ethan Burke, Enforcer
    Phillip Cantrell, Crusader
    Diane Lancaster, Catapult
Recon Lance
    Lt. Charles Hawestead, Cicada
    Jason Mannfred, Wolverine
    Catherine Bennett, Grasshopper
    Randall Waters, Wasp
Air Lance
    Lt. Thomas Knowles, Seydlitz Aerospace Fighter
    Anthony Wilson, Seydlitz Aerospace Fighter
7th Company (Tanaka's Company)
Command Lance
    Captain Tian Tanaka, Javelin
    Janet McCrory, Jagermech
    Dennis O'Donnell, Trebuchet
    Sergei Nakamura, Whitworth
Strike Lance
    Lt. Shannon Bronskie, Trebuchet
    Fiona Northbrooke, Dervish
    Oleg Altunin, Dervish
    Leonard Taussig, Catapult
Recon Lance
    Lt. Eric Jacobs, Jenner
    Vasiliy Krepkie, Cicada
    Jillian Clarkson, Wasp
    Samuel Young, Assassin
Air Lance
    Lt. Irene Jameson, Lucifer Aerospace Fighter
    Ian Brentley, Lucifer Aerospace Fighter
25th Heavy Assault Company (Seflo's Sledgehammers)
Command Lance
    Captain Misha Selfo, Raven
    Victor Longe, Grasshopper
    Deidre Hauser, Wasp
    Oliver Sternman, Jenner
Strike Lance
    Lt. Cole Portson, Grasshopper
    Hitoshi Katasumi, Whitworth
    Natasha Solchava, Javelin
     Alfred Lynch, Commando
1st Air Lance
    Lt. Ian Andrassy, Sholagar Aerospace Fighter
    Hans Coldewe, Sholagar Aerospace Fighter
2nd Air Lance
   Lt. Kosei Masaki, Sholagar Aerospace Fighter
   Aleksei Beregov, Sholagar Aerospace Fighter

The 7th Striker Battalion is probably the one I'm liking the most due to it having 6 of my favorite mech in it, the Wolverine.  The first BattleTech book I ever bought was CamoSpecs and from the moment I saw the Wolverine in it, I was hooked.  The Eridani Light Horse has always been my favorite unit, but the Wolverine is what I pictured them piloting.
7th Striker Battalion (Nigel's Nightslayers)
Battalion Command Lance (Nigel's Guards)
    Major Jameson Nigel, Flashman
    Captain Ian Branscombe, Cyclops
    Lt. Blake Holmes, Zeus
    Lt. Emily Haerdesky, Victor
11th Company (Pelham's Company)
Red Seven Lance
    Captain Timothy Pelham, Dragon
    Madilyn Pritchart, Quickdraw
    Paul Malherbe, Awesome
    Douglas Brandei, Highlander
Blue Seven Lance
    Lt. Li Hsien, Wolverine
    Andrea Oates, Dervish
    Matthew Tourni, Valkyrie
    Elliot Sullivan, Valkyrie
Gold Seven Lance
    Lt. Harold Crane, Catapult
    Mark Bronson, Archer
    Andrew Holbrook, Trebuchet
    Elaine Hathoway, Catapult
12th Company (Lightning Company)
Silver Lance
    Captain Elizabeth Henke, Wolverine
    Jeffery Olmsted, Wolverine
    Shannon Allenby, Panther
    Eric Donovan, Thorn
Black Lance
    Lt. Vincent McCrory, Griffin
    Marc Baird, Hollander, Wolverine
    James Cross, Quickdraw
    Chelsea Dobbs, Grasshopper
Purple Lance
    Lt. Lisa Brackhaven, Wolverine
    Sean Boehlert, Jenner
    Neil Crowley, Jenner
    Sheila Banich, Raven
Brown Lance
    Lt. Ivan Chernov, Dagger Aerospace Fighter
    Trent Mayhew, Dagger Aerospace Fighter
27th Company (Wolfhounds)
Green Lance
    Major Pierre Bouchard, Highlander
    Andrea Clavell, Catapult
    Malcolm Forbes, Enforcer
    Ibrahim Ghosn, Dragon
White Lance
    Lt. Lloyd Bancroft, Grasshopper
    Timothy Leahy, Wolverine
    Katherine Burke, Valkyrie
    Roger Waterly, Valkyrie
Platinum Lance
    Lt. Edmund Dempsey, Centurian
    Elliot Watkinson. Wolfhound
    Terrence Pretloe, Centurian
    Jessica Hearns, Centurian

So that just leaves the 1st Armored Infantry Battalion to get reposted up.  I'm aiming to get it up in the next few days so we'll see how it goes.  Thanks for dropping by all and I'll see you next time.


Overdue Post But Making Progress Finally

Well I'll apology for going so long without a post but work and nonwork life have been a bit busy lately.  Things are starting to get a lot calmer now though and I'm back to making some progress.  I'm working back through my Eridani Light Horse 21st Striker Regiment and getting a lot of things finished up.  As everyone hopefully remembers, I've used the outline in the original BattleTech Mercenary's Handbook as a guide for my take on the Eridani Light Horse.
So let's start with the Command Company and see what it looks like now.  I still need to make bases for the Mechanized Infantry Platoon that are in the hover transports.  Once again for those who don't remember, the double base models are 40K Epic artillery and rhinos to represent Long Toms and the hover transports started out as Tyrs.
21st Striker Regiment (Four Horsemen)
    Colonel Charles K. Winston
Command Company
Regimental Command Lance
    Colonel Charles K. Winston, Cyclops
    Captain George Horten, Awesome
    Captain Xavier Trompe, Warhammer
    Lt. Heather Broxtin, Quickdraw
Security Lance
    Captain Paul Hauser, Hunchback
    Lt. Kevin DeSoto, Archer
    Lt. Tomas Gage, Dervish
    Lt. Elliot Sheridan, Hunchback
Artillery Lance
    Captain Geoffrey Watkins
    Lt. Greerson Holland, Long Tom
    Lt. Carson Tainer, Long Tom
    Lt. Howard Redmann, Long Tom
    Lt. Olivia Winslowe, Long Tom
    Lt, Oleg Planatov, Demolisher
    Lt. Ian O'Kennesy, Demolisher
1st Infantry Platoon - Motorized Infantry
    Lt. Walter Allenby
    Sgt. Douglas Haig, Trucks
    Cpl. James Fisher, Trucks
    Cpl. Henry Prescott, Trucks
    Cpl. John Howe, Trucks
2nd Infantry Platoon - Mechanized Infantry
    Lt. Robert Paine
    Sgt. Doug Steele - Hover Transport
    Cpl. Amanda Hallister - Hover Transport
    Cpl. Edmund Burdette - Hover Transport
    Cpl. William Bagwell - Hover Transport

Next up is the 3rd Striker Battalion.  All the mechs in the Battalion are now based but the company of Aerospace Fighters have only received the base coat green.  The fighters should be on the table for paint the last half of next week.  The only Mech conversion in this group is the Shadowhawk that has a gun added to replace the one it was missing.
3rd Striker Battalion (Jamal's Plague)
Battalion Command Lance (Jamal's Guards)
    Major Jamal Fallehy, Awesome
    Captain Steven Bergstrom, Panther
    Lt. Abigail Tawney, Awesome
    Lt. Charles Hollister, Flashman
9th Company (Kentrick's Company)
Command Lance
    Captain Brent Kentrick,, Crockett
    Ian Mallory, Trebuchet
    Byron Waters, Urbanmech
    Timothy Beale, Panther
Strike Lance
    Lt. Catelyn Robinette, Thorn
    Jason Winthrop, Dervish
    Eric Brentwood, Shadowhawk
    Padraig O'Malley, Javelin
Recon Lance
    Lt. Paul Straub, Cicada
    Susan Hibson, Assassin
    Victor Osborne, Commando
    Todd Newland, Cicada
14th Company (Paulson's Roadrunners)
Command Lance
    Captain Cynthia Paulson, Warhammer
    Darius Albright, Commando
    Hiroshi Yoshida, Panther
    Timo Malinov, Rifleman
Strike Lance
    Lt. Piotr Orlov, Warhammer
    Jocelyn Tully, Archer
    Ellinore Maitland, Dragon
    Spencer Yeats, Archer
Recon Lance
    Lt. Marcus Wolcott, Cicada
    Antoine Kearns, Stinger
    Nathan Pretloe, Locust
    Otojiro Horii, Assassin
85th Company (Benton's Brown Bombers)
Command Lance
    Captain Nathaniel Benton, Shilone Aerospace Fighter
    Sylvester Callahan, Shilone Aerospace Fighter
Support Lance
    Lt. Kevin Tobin, Shilone Aerospace Fighter
    Iosef Serov, Shilone Aerospace Fighter
Strike Lance
    Lt. Jacob Weiss, Shilone Aerospace Fighter
    Astrid Kingsford, Shilone Aerospace Fighter
Recon Lance
    Lt. Brian Lockesly, Transgressor Aerospace Fighter
    Giles Crowelly, Transgressor Aerospace Fighter
So that's it for now and it's coming along nicely I think.  I've got 25 more mechs to get based and that'll have all the mechs in the Regiment completed.  At that point it'll just leave 5 vehicles that need basing and then all the Aerospace Fighters that need painted.  So that's all for now and I'll see you next time.