BattleTech, BattleTech, and Then Some Bolt Action

So with a major retail holiday upon us, I've not really had any free hobby time.  Between family things and work, it's just been a hectic couple weeks for me.  However I did manage to get a few things done and this will be as much a progress report as anything else.

So first I got another shelf unit and finished getting my BattleTech forces organized.  Leading off is my beloved Eridani Light Horse, 21st Striker Regiment.  The first picture is the Command Company, the 3rd Striker Battalion, and the 5th Striker Battalion.  The second picture is the 7th Striker Battalion and the 1st Armored Infantry Battalion.  The only thing not complete about this regiment is that one day I need to talk someone into assisting me get the 3 pages of Fighting Piranha Graphics decals added to them all and then one day I need to find some bases that I like for the aerospace fighters.  Other than that, this is a 100% complete force.  This is an entirely pre-3025 force but could be played later in the timeline with newer variants of the models.

Next up is my 8th Donegal Guards Regiment.  This first picture is the 1st and 2nd Battalions and the 3rd Battalion is in the second picture.  This force is complete as far as painting and basing and it makes a nice pre-3025 force and of course could be used later in the timeline with more modern variants.
Then we have the Davion's Caselton Militia.  On the left is the 38th Defense Battalion and on the right is the 43rd Reconnaissance Battalion.  Definitely a defense style force with just a company of light mechs and then heavy tanks and artillery and then a company of hover tanks with 2 companies of recon vehicles and mechanized infantry.  This unit is 10% painted and based and I've no plans to expand it any further.
Then we come to my only Clan force, the Ghost.  We have from left to right, the Alpha Galaxy's 1st Bear Guards Cluster's 312th Assault Trinary and 23rd Elemental Support Binary.  The last unit on the far right is the 44th PGC's 144th Provisional Garrison Trinary.  This is another completed force and I've no plans to expand either unless I just stumble onto a really great deal on some Clan Mechs.

And then finally we've got a bit of Bolt Action.  I've finally based my Captain America, have rebased the Black Knight and Torch (of the Invaders not the Fantastic Four), and then after a light wash to give a bit of detail, have rebased the Namor as well.  So my version of the super humans to assist the Allies have finally made some progress.  Since this force will end up a mix of DC and Marvel characters, I'm still playing around with a name for the group with Justice Defenders being the current top choice.  Opinions and suggestions on this are as always welcome.

So that's all for now and going from how the rest of my week looks, I'll likely not be back for a new post until next weekend at the absolute earliest.  So I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and see you all next time.


Another Army Completed!

So I've continued to get more BattleTech completed this week.  Over the last couple days I've finished up my 8th Donegal Guard regiment.  I had two of the battalions completed previously and then the 3rd Battalion was just partially painted.  So without further ado, on to the models.
So first up is the Battalion Command Lance.  A nice sturdy force ready to stiffen a line or help assault an enemy strong point.
Next up is G Company of the Regiment.  This is the hard hitters of the battalion with plenty of fire support from the Catapults and Trebuchets and the Longbow of course.
H Company is still plenty of fire support but with a scout lance included as well.  Some maneuver there but it's a fairly brawler over all.
And for the last company, we have a couple of my favorite lances.  One is a Hussar leading a trio of Mercurys and then the other is a quartet of Phoenix Hawk LAMs.  Being RoboTech game models, they're a bit too large to be Stingers or Wasps, so Phoenix Hawks works well.

And with that, all 3 Battalions are done.  It's nice to start getting some armies done.  Next up is I want to get some more Primaris Marines painted now that I've got a color scheme locked in.  So pretty excited over all on how the hobby side of things has been going and hopefully it continues to go this smoothly.

So that's all for now and I'll see you all next time.


Lions of Harlech vs. Chaos -8th ed Battle.

Neverness here along with Kushial. We played a game of Warhammer 40,000 8th edition this past Sunday. It was my first game and his 4th (?) of the new edition. What follows is a brief overview with comments from us both regarding the game and our thoughts on the new edition. Enjoy!

Kushial- Actually, it was my 3rd game of 8th, but they've been so spread out it almost felt like a first game.  There was plenty of book referral for both of us.  This is also our first time trying to do a dual writer post, so hopefully this turns out well.

The Lions of Harlech, steadfast against the traitors!

Neverness: I was excited to see that Army Builder was finally updated in support of the new edition. However they are behind, which is quite understandable considering the sheer amount of rules GW has flooded the market with since the new edition launched just a few months ago. As a result, just the Index books are currently supported. And I am OK with that. So the army I brought was strictly from the Index, while Kushial's is from the current Codex: Space Marines. It was my idea to try out the Open War cards. In hindsight we probably should have stuck with one of the basic missions in the rulebook, but these looked too fun not to try out.

KushialI think the issue was less the Open War Cards and more the ones we drew.  That card limiting shots to 12 inches max on turn one really was a major curve ball.  It would be interesting to try some of the other cards.  Though you also found the flaw in the Army Builder set up currently in that it doesn't have a way to do the degrading effects of being wounded on vehicles.  Not sure how they're going to add that in there without making the unit entries even longer than they are currently.

Neverness: We drew Objective: Invasion, Twist: Dead of Night and the Deployment card was a weird Triangle deployment. We somehow forgot about the Ruse card. Oops!

Open War, a good way to mix it up.
Neverness: The objectives were placed. I brought the street lights I recently painted for the other table, and we decided it would make a fun Narnia vibe if these were our objectives. Lonely lamp posts in a snowy place. Truly something worth dying for!

Chaos left flank.

Space Marines deployment zone.

Chaos right flank.
KushialHere in the deployment is where I think you really threw me an advantage, especially with the range limitation on shooting.  Letting me concentrate my entire army on about half of yours early on made things a bit easier for me in the mid game turns.  I guess you were going to try and do a flank maneuver with the Landraider but you went so wide with it that combined with the Twist Card it didn't come into play until turn five which was the last that we played.

Neverness: This particular set-up was not very forgiving. Placement is crucial in any game but in this set-up, and with this edition, it can literally determine if you are going succeed or fail. Ironically the Twist card probably saved me at this stage as much as it hampered me as it spared my units from the attentions of the Lion's Devestator Squads. But, as Kushial points out, it totally kept the Landraider from being effective until the last turn or this game. Again, deployment is crucial. 

Kushial I think that was the fastest I've seen a unit of Khorne Berserkers that size vanish.  Between the Contemptor's Kheres Assault Cannon, the Tactical Squad's shots, and the Sky Talon straffing with Heavy Bolters and Twin Assault Cannon, those Berserkers got a lot of wounds laid into them.  And your dice seemed all too willing to be my accomplices.

Neverness: The lack of cover and LOS blocking features made the Khorne Berserkers sitting ducks. The 2 CP Stratagem that let them auto-save their morale test allowed them to stay in the fight a bit longer. They put some damage on the flyer, which was nice, but not effective enough. They just couldn't cope with that level of firepower. Also, when it came to charge, the dice foiled me hard. By the bottom of Turn 2 they were all dead.

When tank drivers have more bloodlust than a Hellbrute...
Kushial Ah, that poor, poor, lost soul driving that Vindicator, such a foul joke was played on him.  You wanted to hit my Dread with everything you could so the Hellbrute declares charge, the Chaos leader on his steed declares a charge, and just to throw in the kitchen sink so does the Vindicator.  And then only the Vindicator makes it into combat with the other two not coming even close on their charge rolls.  I see him spilling the blood of some comrades once they get back home.

Neverness: Like you said Kushial, that was a joke. Being my first 8th ed game I wanted to see how a tank worked in Close Combat, as 'fighting' tanks is a new concept in this game. But my thinking here was that the Vindicator would provide a support role for the Hellbrute and/or the Warlord on Juggernaut. So I charged that Dreadnought with my Vindicator. I think this was my biggest tactical blunder in the whole game and it's not one I am soon to forget. It did survive this encounter but it was beaten all the way down to 2 Wounds and greatly reduced in effectiveness.

Straffing runs are fun!
KushialI liked the Sky Talon in the last edition.  I think I love it in this one.  It puts out so many shots between the two Heavy Bolters and the Twin Assault Cannon.  It killed 6 or so Berserkers on Turn 1, almost turned your commander into a greasy spot until we remembered your Warlord Trait, and then took out your traitor marines holding your objective.  Definitely was my MVP for the game.

Neverness: Oh no doubt. MVP of the whole game! I need one of these for my Ultramarines
It is truly a gunship now. The assault cannons are back in a big way and they bring the pain for sure. I had 6 saves to make with Juggernaut riding Warlord and botched all 6 of them. We remembered his Warlord Trait which allowed him to ignore failed saves on a 6+ which kept him in the game for a bit longer. It was the scariest moment in the game for me. But it made a difference as he was able to assist the Hellbrute with taking out that annoying Dreadnought before consolidating into the marines behind it. 

Consolidating is back!
Neverness: In Kushial's turn, the marines focused on bringing down my Warlord and despite his re-rolls, his wounds were too grievous to keep in the battle.

Chaos right flank collapses.
Kushial Alright, we've got THIS half the board cleansed, now to work on the OTHER half.  For the Emperor!  For Dorn! and for Harlech!

Chaos Terminators vs. the entire Lions of Harlech force! 
Neverness: I had my Chaos Terminators port in near the Lion's back line. I knew they would be juicy targets but I also knew they could dish out some death. They were able to eliminate one of the Devestator Squads and wound the Venerable Dreadnought before damn near the entire Lions of Harlech army gunned them into oblivion.

Kushial:  Oh look, Terminators out in the open.  Ready, Aim, .....  Yes, while they came in where they could hurt me some, they really were wide open for counter fire to rip into them.  There really was no other option though that seemed any better.

Gunship clearing objectives...
KushialI need to figure out a way to do a stream of brass coming down in the wake of this thing to really show how much firepower it dishes out.

Neverness: An assortment of perforated corpses on the base might convey that too...

Hell to blast. 
KushialWhile I wish I had this small unit of Void Lions painted for the battle as they were the only unit I fielded that wasn't completely painted and based, it was definitely fun trying them out.  While a bit expensive point wise, they definitely dish out some heavy firepower with those Plasma Incinerators.

Neverness: I was impressed with these guys as well. They can really dish out the death. I found them to be very imposing. My weakened Vindicator took some shots at them but was unable to hit with the Demolisher Cannon due to it's BS baving been reduced to 5+. They contributed greatly to the demise of the Chaos Terminators, who just couldn't roll enough 5+ invulnerable saves to save their lives. 

Also, their bases look awesome on this table!

Hellbrute wants to play!
Neverness: The Hellbrute was probably the MVP of my army for this game. He charged a another Contemptor Dreadnought and destroyed in Close Combat. In the above pic, you can see where he ended up after he consolidated. It was like he busted through a barrier and was now in reach of more meaty targets to pulverize. However, what I like about that pic also is that the Lions are facing the direction that the Chaos Terminators were, and you know they are all going to turn around and offer that Hellbrute the same attention...

So far away.
Neverness: If the Hellbrute is my MVP, than the Landraider was my MWP (Most Wasted Player). The deployment of that machine hurt it's ability to fire as did the Twist card, not that the Lions minded much. It eventually closed in enough to annihilate the Venerable Dreadnought though.

KushialNo way I could finish off the Land Raider, but I definitely think I could have taken the Hellbrute and Vindicator off had we played one more turn.  I think Nurgle has been messing with your dice to keep the devotees of Khorne from gaining any favors or blessings.

Objective Secured, the Lions have saved Narnia!
KushialWell, both of us were victims of the new Morale Check rules.  While I like that they definitely keep the game moving, they can be brutal if you put enough wounds into a unit.  Needing to roll a -2 for those Berserkers thus forcing you to burn Command Points to keep the last few on the table definitely helped me later on from you possibly doing something more damaging to me instead.  Being able to use my Command Points offensively while you had to use yours to keep models on the table hampered you some I think.  But back to the Morale Check rules, while I lost a few marines to it, you lost what?  A terminator, several Beserkers, and a couple of the other Chaos marines to them?

Neverness: Morale, is indeed, a very powerful aspect in this edition in determining whether or not you are going to have a unit make to the next Turn or not. In the past, I tend to not like games that are decided on Morale, but I need a few more games in before I can truly judge this one. Close Combat is definitely different and I think it is harder in this edition to eliminate an opposing unit in this phase than in previous editions. I still think 5th edition was best in regards to Close Combat.

So that was our game. Again, I need a few more games in before I can truly judge 8th edition, but so far I think I like it. It is different though, and the definitely the most radical change in the rule set since 2nd ed transitioned to 4rd ed, so there is definitely going to be some growing pains for I think.

Thanks for reading this, we hope to have another battle report like this one in the near future!

Kushial: This has been an interesting way to write a blog post.  It might be interesting to give it another go some other time in the future.  As for all of you out there, thanks for reading and we'll see you all next time!


Back To Some BattleTech

So while Dreadtober was very exciting and feed into my love of Dreadnoughts, I had to take a break from them even though I still need to complete the Chaplain Dreadnought.  So it was time to get some stuff off the to do list and finish off some more armies.  I started a week of vacation when I got off work Friday afternoon so it was time to work on some hobby stuff.  I also managed to get up for Saturday Night Gaming in Johnson City for a match of Mage Knight card/board game against Murl.  It's an interesting game but after looking at some of the builds, the game could get real unbalanced depending on which is chosen.  Then I made it back up to Johnson City for a game of 8th Edition 40K against Neverness which will be discussed in another post.
I started with the BattleTech Saturday morning and then continued on into it all day Monday.  First up was the Davion Caselton Militia regiment.  I finished basing the first two Pegasus Hover Tanks.  Then the other two Pegasus were painted and based to finish the lance.  I also got the two Demolisher Heavy Tanks painted (no basing for them due to their size would hide the entire base).  This completely finishes this unit and it is in the done list.
Next up was my Eridani Light Horse.  First up I got the lone missing Rommel/Patton tank painted and based.  Then I tackled the Aerospace fighters.  6 Shilones, 4 Stukas, 4 Shologars, 2 Seydlitz, 2 Transgressors, and 2 Lucifers later my entire 21st Striker Regiment of the Eridani Light Horse is complete.  The fighters aren't based as I don't like the BattleTech bases for them and don't have an alternative that I like, but seeing as they're mainly just for show it doesn't really matter.

So that is two forces moved to the completed list to join the Ghost Bears.  Next up is getting that last battalion of the Donegal Guard done to finish off that regiment as well.  I'll be looking to tackle those Wednesday or Thursday and having them done before the week is over.  2 Companies just need to be based, 1 Company needs to be painted and then there is a command lance that is partially painted.
Then let's move on to the front of general geek stuff.  First of all, I got to see the new Thor 3 movie this past Friday night.  I'm not going to drop any spoilers, but it was very enjoyable and is in my top 3 favorite MCU movies right now along with Dr. Strange and the first Captain America movie.  I also picked up a present for myself to work onto my geek shelf of 4 Black Series Star Wars figures (Han, Leia, Luke, and Kenobi).  I've really like the look of some of the Black Series and this group is quite nicely done.

Oh, and before I forget, one of my dreadnoughts, a Leviathan no less, will be guest starring over on Cheef's blog as part of a paint exchange for a lance of BattleTech Manticore tanks.  I'm really looking forward to seeing how it comes out as he's quite a bit more talented than me with a paint brush.  Hopefully you'll all take a look over there and see how he does with it as well.  His blog is always a fun read as well so it'll be a fun adventure.

That's all for now and thanks for reading all.  I'll see you all next time!


Dreadtober Coming To An End

So as Dreadtober comes to an end, I've made a big push whenever I had a bit of time to see about finishing what all I could which includes a few surprises for you all I hope.  I'm super pleased with how the month went over all.
First up I've managed to complete the painting of a total of 7 Dreadnoughts in all.  In addition to the three Black Reach Dreadnoughts, there is the dual twin autocannon Dreadnought and an assault cannon and missile launcher Dreadnought.  Finally there is a Contemptor and my Eddie.
Here's a bit of a better picture of the Eddie.  He's an interesting model and a great piece of GW 40K history.  I'm happy to finally have him painted.
Lastly for the updates I tackled my Chaplain Dreadnought.  While I made good progress on his paint, I don't believe that I'll have him done before Dreadtober ends but I will be pushing through to get him done.  He's got all the base colors in place but still needs wash layers, basing, some touch ups, and some detailing such as purity seals, etc.  Since I focused on painting the last half of the month, the Primaris Dreadnought only made it to the torso being assembled.  I'm going to see about getting him finished being assembled in November.

So all told, I will finish Dreadtober with 7 Dreadnoughts completely painted and one soon to be finished.  This will put my Dreadnoughts at 13 Dreadnoughts fully painted and based, 1 Dreadnought partially painted and 11 unpainted Dreadnoughts (technically 12 counting the partially assembled one).  For the first time, over half my Dreadnoughts are painted.  I might be having my own personal Dreadcember event to get some more completed as it's been nice to make some serious progress.
Don't forget to check out Cheef's and Neverness' progress on their Dreadtober projects as well.  Being not as talented painter using a much simpler paint scheme I might have painted more Dreadnoughts but theirs are both quite better looking than mine.

So that's all for now and I'll see you all next time.


Dreadtober Continues

So we've got some progress again for Dreadtober.  It's been a rough week and a half but we're finally back on track.
First up is the pair of Black Reach Dreadnoughts that I started with for this month.  They're both finally finished so we've achieved our first objective for the month!
Next up is are the Rifleman Dread and the one with missile launcher and assault cannon.  These two are now ready for basing and maybe just a few small last minute touch ups.
And then lastly for Dreadtober, we have progress on the Eddie.  He's now got all the colors added and just needs his wash layers and then his base painted.
Now for an added bonus, I've finished the first Void Lion primaris marine.  Now that the pattern is locked in, it's time to start getting all the assembled ones painted to make room on the table for the unassembled box.
So that's were we stand for now and I'll see you all sometime next week!  Thanks for visiting and hopefully your October has been full of Dreads too!


No Dreads This Time

Well, this update is a bit later than I had planned and not on the subject I had wanted.  But between work being about to hit the yearly inventory and the sudden weather changes hitting me with plenty of allergy/sinus issues it's been a pain in the butt of a week or so.  So no update on the Dreadtober this time around but now that things are better on the health front and just a couple days away from getting a lot better on the work front, the Dreads are coming!

So a few weeks or so back I had made a small BattleTech purchase to get a Rommel Patton tank to finish off my Eridani Light Horse regiment.  Well the seller was from Florida but was up in East Tenn about 30 minutes away from where I live.  I got a message inviting me over to a yard sale he and where he was staying were holding to look through a lot of BattleTech stuff.  So there were 5 plastic trays of vehicles, a small box of mechs, and a pile of books.  I picked up 3 of the vehicle boxes and a few of the books for $300.  However, after setting aside a good portion to keep, I still sold or traded off the rest to make my money back which meant I had well over $100 of vehicles for free.  I'm pretty happy with how it all worked out.  So now onto the LOOT! or I guess the proper term for BattleTech would be salvage or a Brion's Cache.
So what I kept was the 5 Long Toms, 6 LRM Carriers, 2 SRM Carriers, 4 J Edgars, 4 Pegasus, 2 Packrats, 2 Skulkers, 8 Goblins, 4 Drillsons, 4 Manticores, 4 Alacorns, 4 Shreks, and then a batch of support vehicles including a number of GHQ trucks, some BattleTech Ammo Carriers, MASH Vehicles, and a Mobile Command Center.
I also traded for a trio each of Unseen Griffins and Unseen Wolverines.  I don't have any plans for any of this at the moment but I'm sure an idea will come along soon enough.  Looking for some type of combined arms reinforced battalion, perhaps mercenary rather than a house force.  Still digging around for ideas and possibilities so we'll see how it goes.
I also found what I was looking for and purchased a few HeroClix to convert to Bolt Action to join my Captain America and Union Jack to form my version of the Invaders.  There is a Human Torch figure that will just need rebased as I like the look of this model completely.  Then there is a Namor the Submariner that will need at least a wash layer, maybe another touch up or two and then rebasing as well.  And lastly while not part of the original group, or any of it's reincarnations, but I like the Black Knight too much as a character and he'll be joining the British representations on the team once he's rebased as well.  I'd also like to make it more inclusive of the other allies by including a Thor for Norway but I've yet to find a Clix version of him that I like yet.  Other members pending good ideas including perhaps even mixing universes for a representative from DC as well.

So that's where we stand and I'm looking forward to getting going again on the Dreads.  It looks like I'm going to hopefully get 5 painted by the end of the month if this weekend and coming week are as productive as the first couple weeks were.  Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you all the next go around.