Leviathan Progress and More Ghost Bears

So, let's start out with the Leviathan Dreadnought this time.  I acquired some vehicle heraldry bits via eBay.  They're technically Dark Angel bits but without all the skulls and death angels icons so they work for other chapters.  There is a great large bit that went on the right shoulder piece and then some scrolls and purity seals that were placed in various places on the Dreadnought.  I'm still waiting on the base that I ordered which should be here somewhere around the middle of next week.
The Leviathan Dreadnought is Gweirwys, who was originally an Imperial Fists veteran sergeant.  During the campaigns to re-establish control of the Empire after the Heresy, Vet Sgt Gweirwys was laid low by a Night Lord assault termninator and was then encased in a Leviathan Dreadnought.  When the Lions of Harlech were founded, he left the Imperial Fists to join the Chapter as a guide and advisor.  Gweirwys is one of the Chapter's most sacred relics due to his ties to their proginator chapter.  He seldom is awakened now and is roused only in the direst of situations, passing the decades and centuries being tended by chapter techmarines and serfs.
Next, while digging for some bits, I found an unopened Battletech Bearcub that somehow got misplaced and lost.  It's been assembled and primed and now needs painted to join the Charlie Star of my Ghost Bears.  That will finish off my Scout/Reconnaissance Star.
I also got the next four omnimechs painted.  They'll get me to most of the way to completion for my clan force.
Unfortunately, after I had finished, I realized that I had done the blue layers backwards with the darker on top.  Not sure how I made that mistake or didn't notice it before I moved on to later steps.  Quite irritating as the Trinary had been going so smoothly in the paint department so far.
can definitely see the difference
Not wanting to completely strip all four of them down and start over, all I can do now is paint one more mech in the darker scheme and put them all together in one star.  Then they'll fit into the scheme as a whole but don't look odd paired with other mechs.

Still making good progress and even doing well with keeping the blog active, so whoot go me.  That's all for now and I'll see you all next time.


Ghost Bears and Dreadnoughts

So the next four Clan Ghost Bears mechs are done now.  They got the chip pattern and I got them based though the wash layer on the basing is still drying.
The Masakari, Thor, and Loki are now primed and ready to start getting the blue camo pattern.  The last, a Vulture, is on it's second trip through the Simple Green bath due to some stubborn paint in the joints and recesses.
Next up, we have progress on the Leviathan Dreadnought, now identified as Gweirwys for my chapter fluff.  First of all I got the two gun barrels on the Storm Cannon straightened, then got that arm assembled as well as the Grav Flux Bombard arm.  Both of those then were added to the Leviathan Dreadnought.  I've got a base for it on order and I still need to come up with some bits to relic it out some, purity seals and so forth.

I also got the Betrayal at Calth Contemptor Dreadnought (originally seen here) primed and it has been named Bleddynwyr for the chapter fluff.  I'm such a fan of the Contemptor design.  While the Leviathan looks like a brute capable of massive destruction, the Contemptor has such a sleek deadly look about it.  It's like the Battlecruiser of 40K Dreadnoughts.
Then finally something that I purchased due to finding a great deal on eBay about 4 months back, but hasn't made the blog yet.  We have 3 Dual Twin-linked Autocannon Dreadnoughts.  It's a variant I've never owned before and it was a great price for the three together.  They've been designated Maldwyn, Braedwr, and Camedyr for the fluff.  They arrived a mix of black and rust colored, and have now been primed.
So that's where we stand for now and I'll see you all next time.  Should be some more Ghost Bears for sure and then need to get some of the Eridani Light Horse off the queue as well.


More Ghost Bears and Something Ominous

Some work still continues along with my Clan Ghost Bear Trinary.  The next four mechs now have both layers of the blue camo and then the black wash layer on them.  They still need the chip pattern added and basing.  The two Madcats and the Novacat will go towards filling out the Bravo Star and the Blackhawk will join the first Blackhawk and Solitaire in the Charlie Star.
I acquired a Thor and Loki which will finish off the Bravo Star.  There is also a Masakari which will be the Star Colonel's for the 50th Strike Cluster for when he tags along with the 43rd Striker Trinary.  Not pictured is a Vulture which is enjoying a soak in Simple Green.  It will be for the Trinary's Star Captain.
The last item that made it onto my work table for the past week is a Forge World Leviathan Dreadnought that I found on eBay.  From it's point of sale, I was figuring it was most likely a recast.  But if it's a recast, it's the best one I've ever seen.  The resin feels and looks like Forge World resin.  Two gun barrels even had the same bending curves that we all know and expect from FW items, so who knows.
Anyway, it's a vicious incarnation of a Dreadnought.  It's big, bulky, deadly looking, and boy is it's fire power quite deadly.  I got the one with the Grav Flux Bombard and Storm Cannon.  The amount of damage it can dish out is pretty impressive and it can definitely thin out a horde of troops or crumple tanks as needed.  It's the coolest dreadnought I've added to my collection so far which is saying something considering how much I like my Ironclads and Contemptors.
The next post will include any progress on the Leviathan as well as a repost of the Clan Ghost Bear Trinary and the state o all it's members.  So that's all for now and I'll see you all next time around.


Clan Ghost Bear Continues

We've got some more progress on the Clanners this weekend.  It's nice to keep being able to show progress and this group has made a nice change of pace from all the green of the Eridani Light Horse.
First up I got the darker and lighter blue layers on three more mechs, a Blackhawk, a Solitaire, and a second Madcat.
Next they got the chip camouflage detailing added and then all three were based as well as the Vulture and Novacat from the previous post.  I've been careful to keep the patterns different on the various mechs to have them be unique but still a cohesive unit scheme.

This gets the Alpha Star fully done as well as two of the scout/light mechs from the Charlie Star.  I do need to do a few small touch ups on the bases and I still need a color for the cockpits.  (If anyone has a suggestion for that, I'm open to ideas.)
And then I got the darker blue layer down on the remaining four mechs.  The way my work schedule looks like for the week, it'll most likely be the end of the week before I get anything else worked on.  I'm wanting to get these four down by this time next week, then it'll be a push to get some more of the Eridani Light Horse done to clear some table space for a different project.

I really need to talk Murl, Screech, or Cheef into a game of CBT in the near future.  This project has started a bit of an itch to get a game in.  Hopefully one of them is up for a game anyway.

So that's all for now and I'll see you all next time.


Ghost Bear Progress and Air Support

Well we've got a bit of progress to show this week.
So the Grizzly and first Mad Cat got their black dots under smaller white dots added to the paint scheme and then the green basing and a last wash over the basing.  Overall, not too bad at all I think.  I still need to do something for the cockpit glass though and then they'll be done.
Then the Vulture and a Novacat got their under blue cameo and then the lighter blue layer and then the wash layer.  If I can keep this going, I'll have all the Mechs I have for the Trinary so far done in the near future I hope.
I also took advantage of some nice weather on a day I went into work later and got a lot of the white primered mechs for the Eridani Light Horse a dark olive green base coat sprayed on, followed by a lighter green.  A few new additions in the group to give some missing mech options in a Firestarter, a Hermes, a Crockett, and an Axeman.
Then last of all, I addressed air support for my American Bolt Action army.  My Brits have the Dust Tactics jet that I like, but my Americans didn't have anything.  So I came across a Testor's P-51 easy assemble pre-painted at a very reasonable price of under $10.  Fifteen minutes of work later and I've got a nice WW2 fighter to do some strafing in support of my Americans.

All in all, not too bad for progress.  That's all for now and I'll see you all next time.