More Ghost Bears and Something Ominous

Some work still continues along with my Clan Ghost Bear Trinary.  The next four mechs now have both layers of the blue camo and then the black wash layer on them.  They still need the chip pattern added and basing.  The two Madcats and the Novacat will go towards filling out the Bravo Star and the Blackhawk will join the first Blackhawk and Solitaire in the Charlie Star.
I acquired a Thor and Loki which will finish off the Bravo Star.  There is also a Masakari which will be the Star Colonel's for the 50th Strike Cluster for when he tags along with the 43rd Striker Trinary.  Not pictured is a Vulture which is enjoying a soak in Simple Green.  It will be for the Trinary's Star Captain.
The last item that made it onto my work table for the past week is a Forge World Leviathan Dreadnought that I found on eBay.  From it's point of sale, I was figuring it was most likely a recast.  But if it's a recast, it's the best one I've ever seen.  The resin feels and looks like Forge World resin.  Two gun barrels even had the same bending curves that we all know and expect from FW items, so who knows.
Anyway, it's a vicious incarnation of a Dreadnought.  It's big, bulky, deadly looking, and boy is it's fire power quite deadly.  I got the one with the Grav Flux Bombard and Storm Cannon.  The amount of damage it can dish out is pretty impressive and it can definitely thin out a horde of troops or crumple tanks as needed.  It's the coolest dreadnought I've added to my collection so far which is saying something considering how much I like my Ironclads and Contemptors.
The next post will include any progress on the Leviathan as well as a repost of the Clan Ghost Bear Trinary and the state o all it's members.  So that's all for now and I'll see you all next time around.

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