Busy Week

Well, since I'm in retail management plus also involved in staffing a new store that will be opening in January, it's been a pretty busy couple weeks for me.  I haven't had much hobby time but I did get in an order that I had been expecting.
My 28mm Forge from Armorcast arrived to use as terrain for my Mordheim Dwarf band.  I plan on it being part of their camp, an abandoned blacksmith shop on the outskirts of the city that has been put into use by the expedition.

I also just went in on a Kickstarter.  I've had pretty good luck with them with 3 successful and good time frames and only one failure that didn't deliver.  The risks on this one is low as it's being done by the creator of Gruntz and is being assisted by two established companies, Brigade Models and Army Painter.  I've always liked the idea and aesthetics of Aeronuf, so it being recreated as Imperial Skies as an alternative WW1 is interesting.  The link for anyone interested is here.  Many thanks to John of John's Toy Soldier fame for putting it on my radar.

That's all for now and I'll see you all next week.


100th Post

Wow, hundredth post, these things really start adding up without you noticing.
So we've got some progress on the Mordheim Dwarves this week.  First I got them all primed one evening after work.
After that I started getting a base color down on most of the models.
Captain Maeglin Draykhelm
So I've made a few decisions on the fluff for the band.  The overall leader of the expedition is Captain Maeglin Drakehelm from the Dwarven fortress of Beledur in the Grey Mountains.  The Drakehelms are one of the three clans that rule Beledur.  He formed this expedition to Mordheim for a couple purposes.  One is the potential wealth and honor to be won within the city.  The other is a chance to settle some grudges against the forces of Chaos and Skaven found in and about the city.  He's gathered his force and set up camp just outside the city in a small abandoned village.
Maedhros Drakehelm, Maeglin's brother
Maeglin's expedition leadership is made up of his brother Maedhros Drakehelm and the engineer Aesgir.  He also managed to attract a pair of slayers Gaelthir and Hradmin.  Captain Maeglin is also accompanied by his eldest son Aesbiorn.
The Slayers Gaelthir and Hradmin
The Engineer Aesgir
Maeglin's son Aesbiorn
So that's it for now and I'll see you all next week.


The Dwarves Are Upon You!

First of all, let me apologize for this going up a day late.  Yesterday turned into a real train wreck of a day and I just ran out of time.  With that said, it's on to the main event.

Mordheim, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.... wait, wrong wretched city.  So we're looking at starting up Mordheim again, with a possibility of running a full blow map campaign. I've always played Mordheim with empire warbands with a brief foray into a vampire list.  This time I want to do something different without the pull into utter chaos or evil, so I settled on a dwarf list.  I've got all my models now and just need to finish up the fluff.

First up are my heroes.  I've got 3 models that I can use as Nobels.  One for my primary and then two others in case of "Lad's got talent" rolls.  There is also an Engineer and a pair of Slayers.  I thought there would have been a Rune Smith option, but alas no.
Next up is my dwarf warriors, or clansmen as the list refers to them.  I've got more than needed for rounding out the band as needed as well as replacing casualties.

After that is my archers and thunderers again with a few extras to replace casualties.

I'm hoping to have it all primed by next week as well as having the fluff done enough to get it posted.  There also some small side projects going in case we do go ahead with the map campaign.  These include some models and terrain bits to set up a Dwarf encampment.  I'll be trying to get these to the point of being ready for the next post as well.

That's all for now, but if there are any experienced Mordheim players reading this who have experience with the Dwarf list, I'd appreciate any advice or suggestions you have.  Take care all and I'll see you next week.


BattleTech Once Again

So the main thing I got done this week was getting the base green on forty something battlemechs.  About four of them need another coat to fix a few places were the green went on too thin.  I'm going to spend some of tomorrow and a hunk of Friday working to get these closer to completion.  This will have my 21st Striker Regiment just 8 aerospace fighters shy of completion.  It will also get the 151st Light Horse started as well.
I recently came into contact with a group playing BattleTech on a semi-regular basis in the area, so hopefully there will start being more CBT battle reports on the blog.  They seem to get together about every other week so I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes a week from this coming Sunday.

This week I've spent Sunday afternoon and most of Monday and Tuesday helping my dad and brother in law rebuild a large portion of my parents front porch, so that's cut into a fair portion of my hobby time.  It did let me get in some thinking time while working and I've been trying to prioritize some of the projects on my to do list to get it cleared out some.  BattleTech is towards the top of the list, as well as wanting to get SAGA Vikings completed.

I did get some time to work on something else Sunday evening, but I'll be saving it until next week.  It's a totally new project for a game system I enjoy but haven't had a chance to play for a while and hence it hasn't been on the blog.  The only hint I'll drop is that axes are being sharpened.

That's about it for now but next week will be a lot more substantive between CBT progress and the new project.  See you all later and keep you hobby on.