100th Post

Wow, hundredth post, these things really start adding up without you noticing.
So we've got some progress on the Mordheim Dwarves this week.  First I got them all primed one evening after work.
After that I started getting a base color down on most of the models.
Captain Maeglin Draykhelm
So I've made a few decisions on the fluff for the band.  The overall leader of the expedition is Captain Maeglin Drakehelm from the Dwarven fortress of Beledur in the Grey Mountains.  The Drakehelms are one of the three clans that rule Beledur.  He formed this expedition to Mordheim for a couple purposes.  One is the potential wealth and honor to be won within the city.  The other is a chance to settle some grudges against the forces of Chaos and Skaven found in and about the city.  He's gathered his force and set up camp just outside the city in a small abandoned village.
Maedhros Drakehelm, Maeglin's brother
Maeglin's expedition leadership is made up of his brother Maedhros Drakehelm and the engineer Aesgir.  He also managed to attract a pair of slayers Gaelthir and Hradmin.  Captain Maeglin is also accompanied by his eldest son Aesbiorn.
The Slayers Gaelthir and Hradmin
The Engineer Aesgir
Maeglin's son Aesbiorn
So that's it for now and I'll see you all next week.


  1. Looking good! I look forward to seeing them in action. 100th post already?! Wow!

    1. Yeah, I didn't realize the number until I went to type this one up. Caught me completely by surprise