Yikes, 41 Snuck Up On Me

Well, tomorrow I'll hit 41 years old.  Man does time fly by when you're not paying attention to it.

So, as a gamer I of course treated myself to a few hobby related fun things for my birthday.  Being the fan of Dreadnoughts that I am, one of them was one of the new Contemptors from the Calth set that I snagged off eBay for what I thought was a very reasonable $26.  It's very comparable to the Forge World one and the Kheres assault cannon is MUCH easier to assemble in plastic than it was in resin.  I did hit the bits box to add a bit more to the new model to get it a bit more relic looking.
The Contemptor assembled
I might just be looking for more of these at a good price in the future.  It's a nice kit if a little light on weapon options, but hopefully that will be addressed in the future.
Next to a FW Contemptor for comparison
Now that the holidays are upon us, thoughts turn to Santa Claus and his 12 reindeer and Rudolf to lead them along, bringing gifts to all those on the nice list  Well I had to take it one step farther cause that's what we as gamers do.  So I've got a Knight Titan and his 12 ancient brethren lead by a chaplain dreadnought to bring retribution to all the heretics out there.
Heretic Beware
Now if this can't get you in the hobby spirit during the holidays then you must be the heretic, the alien, or the traitor, in which case keep an eye over your shoulder for an avalanche of walkers coming for you this holiday.

That's all for this week and I'll see you all later.

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  1. Well, this post affirms for me that I am not a heretic or traitor! Nope, not at all (please ignore the Daemon Prince being assembled on my table. Really, just ignore it). I dig that contemptor dread and hope to get one eventually.