5th Company in Retro Style

So back around here I mentioned getting a Calph box set.  Well since then, I caught a sale which combined with some store credit to get me a great deal on a second Calph box.  Then this past week I got a batch of 30K marines off someone in the Tri-City area needing to fund replacing a lost cosplay Mandalorian helmet.  Between the three I've been able to put together an almost entire Company of 30K based marines.  The two assault squads, the Dev sgts, and a couple models in the Command Squad are the only non-30K models in the group.  A trade where I parted with my Bolt Action Americans (I really just like my Brits a lot better, but I kept Lt. Captain America) netted me a Leviathan, plus the 2 Leviathans in the previously mentioned trade puts a nice heavy Dreadnought contingent in the Company.  3 Leviathans backing up 2 Contemptors definitely make an impression.

5th Company, Battle Company "Stone Lions"
    The 5th Company is deployed in squad size forces to major worlds and allies in the Lions area of control.  They help improve those defenses as well as serve as a first line of defense against any incursions.  During an incursion into the Ghoul Stars, the 5h Company was all but destroyed with only a few partial squads remaining.  A few years after, while helping expand and improve the defenses of the Forge World Goedrean, an entire lost bunker was uncovered that was filled with Heresy Era armor and weapons.  The 5th Company was rebuilt with this equipment.
Captain Padraig Blodwen, Master of the Hunt
    Company Champion Hans Odwynn
    Company Standard Bearer Darius Hrothgar
    6 Tactical Squads
        Tactical Squad Bairn, Veteran Sgt Bairn
        Tactical Squad Etainne, Sgt Etainne
        Tactical Squad Malthair, Sgt Malthair
        Tactical Squad Cionnac, Sgt Cionnac
        Tactical Squad Aelhinn, Sgt Aehlinn
        Tactical Squad Grosclin, Sgt Grosclin
    2 Assault Squads
        Assault Squad Tyeron, Sgt Tyeron
        Assault Squad Alberic, Sgt Alberic
    2 Devastator Squads
        Devastator Squad Muirghaen, Veteran Sgt Muirghaen
        Devastator Squad Aedryc, Veteran Sgt Aedryc
    5 Dreadnoughts
        Leviathan Dreadnought Biorgier
        Leviathan Dreadnought Sertoirian
        Leviathan Dreadnought Kraedilan
        Contemptor Dreadnought Gaertir
        Contemptor Dreadnought Blaille
    10 Rhinos
    6 Razorbacks

So we're getting towards the end of the chapter.  For those keeping track ... that's 26 Dreadnoughts.  4 Leviathans, 1 Chaplain, 8 Contemptors, 3 Ironclads, 2 Venerables, 8 Regular, and 1 Eddie.  There is still the 6th Reserve Tactical Company which should be close to full I believe and then the 8th Reserve Assault Company which is no where near complete.  I'm probably going to take a small break from this and get a few other things posted up to get caught up and then back to the Lions.  Thanks for reading and I'll see you all next time.


4th Company

 So this go around, it's the 4th Company, one of the Battle Line Companies.  This is one of the more active companies, constantly patrolling for any threats to their sphere of influence.  After this post, there is still the 5th Company (Battle Company), 6th Company (Reserve Tactical Company), and 8th Company (Reserve Assault Company) left to post still.
4th Company, Battle Company "Lion's Claws"
    The 4th Company, like 2nd Company, is tasked with actively patrolling the areas around Cymru.  In addition to pursuing alien and heretic forces, they also bolster and augment the defenses of allied systems.
Captain Rhys Glyndwr, Master of the Fleet
    Company Champion Daerwyn Viserys
    Company Standard Bearer Tomas Stenshoel
    6 Tactical Squads
        Tactical Squad Bleddyn, Sgt Tobin Bleddyn
        Tactical Squad Gwionyn, Sgt Gwionyn
        Tactical Squad Breithal, Sgt Breithal
        Tactical Squad Halpaern, Vet Sgt Jaeme Halpaern
        Tactical Squad Alasdair, Sgt Alasdair
        Tactical Squad Phaidias, Sgt Phaidias
    2 Assault Squads
        Assault Squad Valerius, Sgt Valerius
        Assault Squad Gwyrdon, Vet Sgt Gwyrdon
    2 Devastator Squads
        Devastator Squad Esgalion, Sgt Aemon Esgalion
        Devastator Squad Branne, Vet Sgt Owyn Branne
    4 Dreadnoughts
        Ironclad Dreadnought Gilrain
        Ironclad Dreadnought Glanhir
        Dreadnought Braedwr
        Dreadnought Camedyr
    8 Rhinos
    3 Razorbacks

So next up will be most likely the 8th Company.  I've been using this opportunity to get the Companies put back into foam trays so they're sorted out.


9th Company

 So this time up is the 9th Company which is full of nice shooty devastator squads.  To keep the theme, it even has a devastator squad as the command squad.  And yes Cheef, that's two more Dreadnoughts to acquire.
9th Company, Reserve Devastator Company "Hammer Strikes"
    The 9th Company is another force that is deployed by squads to neighboring systems to aid in their defense.  The largest of these deployments is three squads to the Goedrean System Forge World.  This continued commitment has kept many a world loyal to the Emperor as well as foiled many xenos and heretic raids expecting easy prey.
Captain Breidh Aislinn
    Company Champion Julius Candless
    Company Standard Bearer Piotr Eichner
    10 Devastator Squads
        Devastator Squad Detrien, Sgt Detrien
        Devastator Squad Mordraen, Sgt Mordraen
        Devastator Squad Dorthrai, Sgt Dorthrai
        Devastator Squad Tildaan, Sgt Tildaan
        Devastator Squad Edryk, Sgt Edryk
        Devastator Squad Amagaius, Sgt Amagaius
        Devastator Squad Paulius, Sgt Paulius
        Devastator Squad Taelon, Sgt Taelon
        Devastator Squad Charllin, Sgt Charllin
        Devastator Squad Ochtius, Sgt Ochtius
    2 Dreadnoughts
    7 Rhinos
    3 Razorbacks

I also picked up recently the Deathwatch codex, the Deathwatch Kill Team Box, and the Deathwatch Captain box.  The leads us into the beginnings of a Kill Team that is operates out of Fort Pykman based on  location and my chapter's fluff in regards to the Ghoul Stars.  I really like the Deathwatch books.  It's some great fluff and really fills out that aspect of Space Marines that was really underdeveloped.  I really like the idea of the Blackshields as well.
So the Kill Team I'm working on will end up being an all Imperial Fist and successor chapter force.  It should be a fun force to assemble and fluff out.  So that's all we have for now and I'll see you all next time.


7th Company Reporting From Distant Past

So this go round, we have the 7th Company.  It's made almost entirely of old 3 part marines with the exceptions being a few special weapons and the Company Captain which is an Assault on Black Reach Captain model which somehow seemed appropriate.   I got all these marines (and some more which will appear in a different company) at a game shop in Memphis the one time I made it to a Games Day.  As Cheef will be sure to note, the fluff part of the chapter shows two Dreadnoughts that I don't possess yet, so yeah, still need some more Dreads at some point in the future.  One can never have too many dreadnoughts.
7th Company, Reserve Tactical Company "Rites of Honor"
    The 7th Company is deployed to the galactic northwest of Cymru to assist in controlling the border of the Ghoul Stars.  This is due to oaths and pacts of honor made with the Death Specters chapter which are responsible for defending the Ghoul Stars.
Captain Oegnus Teargan
    Company Champion Ieuan Serydd
    Company Standard Bearer Colin Verschagain
    10 Tactical Squads
        Tactical Squad Ballantrae, Veteran Sgt Ballantrae
        Tactical Squad Reyes, Sgt Reyes
        Tactical Squad Bastelin, Sgt Bastelin
        Tactical Squad Hoelgran, Sgt Hoelgran
        Tactical Squad Crayton, Sgt Crayton
        Tactical Squad  Actaeon, Sgt Actaeon
        Tactical Squad Leontius, Sgt Leontius
        Tactical Squad Vinchen, Sgt Vinchen
        Tactical Squad Padraigius, Sgt Padragius
        Tactical Squad Phaedrus, Veteran Sgt Phaedrus
    2 Dreadnoughts
    10 Rhinos
    8 Razorbacks

So that's got it for now, but plenty more companies of marines to come.  Also my Imperial Skies kickstarter ships arrived so there will be some posts of that coming as well.


3rd Company

So let's get the next Company of the Lions of Harlech up, and here they are - The Third Company.  This will get us to 4 of the 10 Companies posted plus there will be a couple posts on vehicles and such.  I know there are still 6 Companies to go, but looking at the pile of marines not used yet .... I think there might be some models left over when I'm done.  Anyway, here we go.
3rd Company, Battle Company "Sons of Harlech"
    The 3rd Company is mainly used to garrison and defend the Cymru system.  Each squad rotates through the different fortresses and bunker formations in the system regularly to keep every battle brother intimately familiar with the defenses.
Captain Oswallt Grainne, Master of the Arsenal
    Company Champion Gaewen Perwyn
    Company Standard Bearer Harwyn Dayne
    6 Tactical Squads
        Tactical Squad Dionsys, Sgt Dionsys
        Tactical Squad Calignes, Sgt Calignes
        Tactical Squad Saerlon, Vet Sgt Saerlon
        Tactical Squad Eiknois, Sgt Eiknois
        Tactical Squad Lucians, Sgt Lucians
        Tactical Squad Dervorin, Sgt Dervorin
    2 Assault Squads
        Assault Squad Golasgil, Sgt Golasgil
        Assault Squad Lamidaan, Sgt Lamidaan
Assault Marines sans Jump Packs
    2 Devastator Squads
        Devastator Squad Saegnir, Sgt Saegnir
        Devastator Squad Coersar, Sgt Coersar
    3 Dreadnoughts
        Contemptor Dreadnought Turladin
        Dreadnought Gelion
        Dreadnought Harnen
    7 Rhinos
    4 Razorbacks

Next up I'm going to jump to the 7th Company and the 9th Company.  Both should be up by sometime next week and I'm hoping to have everything for the Lions of Harlech posted up before the month is out.  The nice part of doing all this is that it's letting me sort all the models into foam trays as I go and give me some organization to it all.


2nd Company

Ok, things have been a bit off the normal around here the past month so I'm off pace a bit on posts as well as hobby time.  We'll see about getting both back on track now.  So let's start off where we left off with the Lions of Harlech with the 2nd Company.
2nd Company, Battle Company "Guardians of Honor"
    The 2nd Company is one of the regular patrol forces for the systems surrounding Cymru.  2nd Company often is divided into two main forces for active patrolling with one to three squads deployed as garrison reinforcements to worlds allied or protected by the Lions of Harlech.
Captain Aithne Cystennin, Master of the Watch
    Company Champion Petyr Harisal, Defender of Honor
    Company Standard Bearer Owyn Ghiscari
    6 Tactical Squads
        Tactical Squad Theoderic, Vet Sgt Theoderic
        Tactical Squad Haerudes, Sgt Haerudes
        Tactical Squad Elbroin, Sgt Elbroin
        Tactical Squad Grimoald, Sgt Grimoald
        Tactical Squad Nordrecht, Sgt Prien Nordrecht
        Tactical Squad Rocheim, Vet Sgt Eorlic Rocheim
    2 Assault Squads
        Assault Squad Caispean, Sgt Aegor Caispean
        Assault Squad Tolbans, Vet Sgt Tolbans
    2 Devastator Squads
        Devastator Squad Henlyse, Sgt Henlyse
        Devastator Squad Priam, Sgt Priam
    5 Dreadnoughts
        Contemptor Dreadnought Greylin
        Contemptor Dreadnought Narsil
        Venerable Dreadnought Celebros
        Dreadnought Norbourn
        Dreadnought Taeglin
    9 Rhinos
    4 Razorbacks

So that's the next company posted up for your enjoyment.  I'll try and get the 3rd Company up later this week.  I'm also wanting to clear out some items that just aren't ever going to see remotely close to the table top so before I look to eBay, if anyone is interested in the Imperial Guard or Infinity Myrmidons, send me a message and we'll chat about them.


Crows and Some Things That Flies

So even though I was out of town most of the past week, I did manage to continue making progress on my BattleTech mercenary force Flock of Crows.  The Second Company command lance, Second Company alpha lance, Third Company command lance, and Third Company third platoon are all painted and ready for basing.
 The battalion is coming along nicely and I'm happy with the progress so far.  Next up is something for my Lions of Harlech.  When I was leaving town this past Tuesday, I spent some time hitting some stores in Knoxville.  One of those was the Warhammer Store out at Turkey Creek.  While there are many tempting items in there, I only ran into one that I just couldn't walk away from.  My Storm Talon now has a slightly meaner brother in a new Stormhawk Interceptor.  It's a great looking kit and so far I've managed to keep myself from starting on it until I get the Flock of Crows finished.

And then the last of all, I caught a sale at SciFi City the same day and grabbed one of the new X-Wing Imperial Veterans expansions.  The Tie Bomber and Tie Defender are both great looking ships and I look forward to getting back up to Johnson City and the gaming group there to try them out.

So that's the progress for now and I'll see you all next time.


Round Up of Updates

So first up this week is that my rule book for the Imperial Skies Kickstarter arrived.  Since my models for this Kickstarter are coming from the UK while they did a publishing run of the rule books in the US, it'll be another week or two before I see my airships.  After a fairly quick peruse through the book, I must say that I like it.  The rules are clearly explained and are similar to other ship based games.  There are plenty of graphics to demonstrate as well as a fairly extensive painting and modeling section.  I'm really looking forward to the models now to see about talking someone into trying this.
Next up while we're discussing book, is that a nice stack of BattleTech source books arrived.  I picked up this lot off a Facebook group.  A few of these are replacements for ones I no longer had and the rest are ones I've never had before.The Free Worlds League, Somerset Strikers, and the Solaris book were all interesting first time reads.
After that, the other things that came in the mail were what I needed to get to work on the 3rd Company of my Flock of Crows mercenaries.  There are 3 packs of GHQ Micro Armor M113s to use for the two mechanized infantry platoons.  There were also a Saladin pack and a Saracen pack.  These will make the quick reaction/scout lance of the 3rd Company.

I also got the 4 LAMs reprimed so they'll be ready to get painted sometime this week hopefully.
Then last of all, I THINK I've figured out the basing.  I got some autumn flocking and then did the base trim in a green.  Here's the test model and let's get some feedback from you all.  Tell me what you think because I'm on the fence with it and would love the input.
So it's been a pretty good hobby week here.  Still plenty to go in the pipeline though but I'm hoping to have all of the Flock of Crows painted over the next couple weeks.  That assumes that the basing has been worked out though.  Anyway, that's all for now and I'll see you all next time.