The Lions Continue To Grow

So with the way work was this week, I only made some progress, not as much as I had hoped to though.  I did get the third tactical squad assembled.  Like the other two, I went with the Heavy Bolter and Gravgun.  The Sgt likewise got a power sword and a combi-melta.
I then had a chance to get the entire batch primed and they're spending the night drying.
It's definitely the largest addition to my Lions of Harlech in quite a while.  So with that, there has been some overhauling and expansion of the fluff.  Next week I'll begin reposting each Company (and post the Companies that never made it on the blog previously).  While unfortunately this means Neverness will get to redo a whole lot of the links in the Gallery and History sections, it's been fun digging into and creating new fluff for the Lions.  The 40K battle with Neverness sort of got my 40K feelings going and I definitely want to get some more games in in the coming months.

So a short post today but there is plenty coming in the coming weeks.  I'll see you all next time.


  1. How to get a player back into the game: let him table you! Hahha! ...Only there was no real "letting" happening, it was all so much sound and fury...*sigh* Anyway, yay, gotta do it again.

    1. LOL, well, the game, win or lose, was part of it. Messing around with the fluff for the set up and getting the models all together were part too.