The Lions Head To War

Silent as a predator hunting its prey, a darkened ship swims through the void of deep space in a ceaseless patrol.  A golden rampant lion upon field of blue adorns the sides of its hull and announces the presence of the Lions of Harlech Space Marines Chapter.  Captain Rhys Glyndwr, Commander of the Chapter's 4th Company, stands on the command deck of the Strike Cruiser Blodeuwedd as the communications station bleets the arrival of a message.
"Sir, we've intercepted a report from the Hive City of H'btwn on J'hnston Cty.  Agents of Chaos have been spotted in the vicinty and they're asking for assistance.  From the images and transmissions, it appears to be agents of Khorne.  If the warp remains calm, we're within range to be able to force an intercept."  A quiet settled over the command deck as those present awaited their commander's decision.  Would they continue their hunt for the Eldar pirates or would a new prey be within their sights?
Captain Glyndwr gathered his thoughts as he turned first to look at the holo-map, then his stern face set with resolve as he at last turned to the vessel's commander.  "Captain Mallory, set course for J'hnston Cty, maximum thrust.  Send word to the Llew Gyr in case follow up incursions are discovered.  We ride for war, for honor, and damnation to the enemies of the Emperor!"  Cheers and liturgies of preparation rang out throughout the length of the Blodeuwedd as it's crew and assault force readied themselves.  Strike Force Glyndwr was headed for war!


So between going to the Space Marine birthday bash a while back and then working on the Leviathan Dreadnought, I've got a bit of a 40K itch that just needs scratching.  Neverness has been good enough to agree to a game and my Lions of Harlech will be sortieing to meet his forces of Khorne.  We'll be meeting up this coming Sunday afternoon and we'll see how the dice fall.  It'll be 2,000 point each and while using the newest Space Marine codex, I'll be using the classic force organization chart rather than trying to figure out all those Demi-Company/Task Force charts.
I'll also be playing some X-Wing Saturday night at the regular HobbyTown gaming session.  I've got a totally new list that I'm looking forward to trying out, so next week plan on hopefully seeing a couple batreps here.  While I have made a bit of progress on painting Ghost Bear Elementals, there isn't enough for a blog post yet, so that's up coming for a future post as well.  That's all for now and I'll see you next time.


  1. Should be a bloody good time. BTW, please confirm on Saturday if we can use the room on Sunday. If I can make it out I will try to find out today.

  2. Cool, we have some new X-Wings lists we want to try as well!

  3. +++++We have arrived to this world, and we are bathing in it's blood.