Ghost Bears, Light Horse, and a Bit of Bolt Action

So a bit of progress on several fronts here in the hobby realm.  First of all, the Bear Cub was finished for the Ghost Bears to finish off the Charlie Star of scouts/recon.
Then it turns out that I got a great deal on some elementals on eBay, enough to do about 11 points for $16 and shipping.  Nothing in the 50th Striker Cluster has more than 5 Points of Elementals in it, so I needed to do a restructure of the force.  A quick peruse through the Invading Clans sourcebook at the Ghost Bears Tourman and I moved everything over into the 1st Bear Guards Cluster instead.  What I have will represent the 312th Assault Trinary (the Silver Kodiaks) and the 23rd Elemental Support Binary.  This uses up all 3 Stars of Omnimechs as well as all the elementals while still keeping in the Alpha Galaxy so nothing needs a repaint.  The elementals are all primed and I'm going to paint them before splitting them apart to get them on hex bases to finish them off.
1st Bear Guards Cluster (The Rage), Alpha Galaxy
Star Colonel Paul Bekker, Timberwolf (Madcat)

312th Assault Trinary (The Silver Kodiaks)
Star Captain Eddard Jamieson, Novacat
Alpha Star
Star Commander Rachael Baird, Hellbringer (Loki)
    Tomas Sarnow, Warhawk (Masakari)
    Lucian Pyne, Mad Dog (Vulture)
    Coleen Groenewold, Summoner (Thor)
    Oscar Esterhaus,
Bravo Star
Star Commander Freyja Wycliffe, Grizzly
    Simon Paulk, Mad Dog (Vulture)
    Fionna Giscard, Timberwolf (Madcat)
    Wilhelm Forsythe, Novacat
    Iroku Ashigara, Timberwolf (Madcat)
Charlie Star
Star Commander Jayne Cardones, Timberwolf (Madcat)
    Hideoshi Nakamura, Blackhawk
    Kaitrin Ericsson, Soiltaire
    Manfred Courvosier, Blackhawk
    Thorgeir Gaerwulf, Bearcub
23rd Elemental Support Binary
Star Captain Sarah Kabrinsky

Alpha Elemental Star
Star Commander Klaus Danitov
    5 Elemental Points

Bravo Elemental Star
Star Commander Travis Garroway
    5 Elemental Points
Next up we have something for my Eridani Light Horse.  The four LAMS (from way back here) were primed, got the base layer green, the brass highlights, and a wash layer.  I need to figure out what to paint the stand that holds them up off the base still then get them based as well.
And then my Bolt Action British Paras got a bit of love.  A while back I got a box of British Commandos to use as paras since they have the beret option.  I got the first five assembled for 2 rifles, 2 sten guns, and a PIAT launcher.  I'm aiming to get the other 20 in the box assembled over the next week.

So that's where we're at for now.  Goals for the coming week include getting the Elementals done, getting my Leviathan based when the ordered base finally shows up in the mail, and then getting more of the paras put together.  I also still need to come up with one more mech to finish off the Alpha Star of my Ghost Bears.  I've been trying to work out a trade or cheap purchase of a Kingfisher which would be a great fit but have yet to have any luck there.  We'll see how it all goes and I'll see you all next time.

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