All Over The Place

Oh we're in for a treat today.  We've got 40K, more BattleTech Ghost Bears, and even some Bolt Action.  So sit back and enjoy the ride.
First up, let's see the last of the BattleTech Ghost Bears.  All the Elementals are based so the entire force is 100% complete.  Now I just have to talk Murl or Screech or someone into a game to get them on the table top.  I don't enjoy the painting part of the hobby and I often have to force myself to make progress on this front, so for me to have an entire force of ANYTHING entirely painted is a real achievement I'm proud of.  Now I need to start clearing some more Eridani Light Horse off the list.
Next on the list is some reinforcements for my British Airborne forces.  I've been wanting to Paras on Bikes for a while now.  A three paycheck month happened to fall just as I got a discount code from Warlord.  So two squads of bikes were ordered and arrived the middle of this week.  Half of them are now assembled, and I should have the rest assembled sometime next week.  I also still need to finish the rest of that box of Commandos to use as Paras as well.
Now on to the biggie.  I finally bought a 40K (ok, technically 30K) Calth box.  With my love of almost all things Dreadnought, the Contemptor was the first thing to be assembled.  I used the spare arm on the armless Contemptor I've had for quite a while, so now it just needs one now.  And yes, that means I now have 5 Contemptor Dreadnoughts and 20 total Dreadnoughts of all types now.  And no, I don't have a problem, I could not buy any dreadnought that wasn't interesting or appealing anytime I want.

Ok, moving on!  The Chaplain model from the Calth box was next.  This will be Chaplain Tobyn Pyke, Master of Sanctity, head of all the Lions of Harlech's chaplains.  It's a great model and I love the Crozius and how the cloak looks on the model.  It's got a lot of personality and went together really easily.
Then I've got the Captain in terminator armor and four terminators put together.  The Captain will be Captain Pedr Dyfedd, Regent of Cymru, Commander of the First Company (the Icons of Honor).  All five have chainfists so are ready to dish out massive destruction to anything in their way.

But way I hear you say "the Calth box comes with FIVE terminators, not four."  No, I'm not missing one.  The last one I got having fun with the bits box to create another character from my chapter's fluff.  Using some bits from the Mechanicus Warstrider box (yes, I bought one of those a while back just to use the bits out of it) as well as some other bits, we now have Inquisitor Jaemes Kaelleon, Ordo Hereticus, Radical Inquisitor (Libricar), one of my chapter's allies.  Being a Radical Inquisitor, he has the sort of tech weapons that might be frowned upon in some quarters, but he gets the job down.  I really like how he came out and this is the sort of conversion that makes 40K so much fun.

So that's where we're at for now.  What's up for the next couple weeks?  The rest of the British Para Bikers, some Eridani Light Horse hopefully, the marines from the Calth box, ..oh there is so much more lined up that I need to get through.  I'm also planning to go back and start redoing the chapter pics and blog posts of the Lions.  I never got half of them done before and what was done is out of date now too.  There's lots and lots of fun stuff coming this summer and I hope you all are enjoying the ride.


  1. I still say that sword should be called the "Blade of Overcompensation". :)
    Also, yes, 20 Dreadnoughts is an illness. But imagine the fun of fielding them in an Unbound list. Heck, just visualize that!

    1. Well, no edge to it so not really a blade weapon. It's more like a super charged taser to electrocute daemons back into the warp.

  2. 20 dreads, man what a Blood Angels dream lol

    1. Hopefully any marine players dream LOL I still need to get a Deredeo Dread off FW at some point and a Mark 1 early 40K Dreadnought for a chapter relic.