Finally Came To Blows

Well, I've been giving Neverness' Space Wolves grief for quite a while now about their chaos worshiping ways.  He of course has been less than amused by my commentary on them.  This past Sunday we finally set about sorting it all out on the table top though.  It was a 1,500 point game that was appropriately enough the Emperor's Will mission.
So I decided to run something different for me just to try and catch him off guard.  I took a chaplain in terminator armor and 5 TH/SS terminators in a Land Raider Redeemer, 2 ten man scout squads with cloaks and bolters, 2 Dreadnoughts with 2 twin linked Autocannons each, 3 five man Devastator Squads with 4 missile launchers each, and that was it.  No tac squads, no Ironclads, no Drop Pods, and no Sternguard.
He took a Librarian, some Wolf Terminators, a Long Fang group with missile launchers, 2 Grey Hunter squads with rhinos that they couldn't ride since the Sgts were in Term armor, a vindicator, a predator, and a vindicar assassin.  Really?  The constantly runs afoul of the Inquisition Wolves are consorting with imperial assassins?
It was a hard fought game that technically ended in a draw, but at the end I still had a viable force on the board while the Wolves had a rhino, 3/4s of a regular squad hiding behind a bunker, and then the assassin who was protecting the defenseless wolves.  So I'm taking a declared honorable win for both making Long Fangs flee off the board and Grey Hunters cower for their lives behind terrain.  I'm sure the Wolves will disagree and someday come to attempt another lesson.

But honestly it was a good fun game and a good way to see off 7th Edition.  I also got my name on the list for a new starter box set and the Empire Books 1 and 2.  I'm on vacation starting the 10th and am looking forward to spending a few days going through it all.  I really want to get my hands on the Primaris Marines, and especially that Dreadnought of theirs.  But it has cause me a small conundrum though.  I'm only half a Reserve Assault Company away from a full chapter so where to fit them in?  I'm hoping the fluff for them gives me the answer.  The previews have mentioned new chapters formed from the new Primaris marines so I just might be making a smalls successor chapter for the Lions.  I'll know for sure after I've read up on them.
And then lastly I made some progress on the Battletech Terrain.  I got the 5 storage tanks primed a nice metallic color and then put a black wash and then a sepia wash over them for a nice worn slightly rusted look.  They're now ready to toss down onto a table top as soon as I can manage to arrange a game.  I'll be trying to work on getting the rest of the terrain in progress done between this week and next as well.

So that's all for now, finally getting some more hobby stuff in and we'll see how things go.  Thanks for reading and I'll see you all next time.

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