Donegal Guard Progress

So taking advantage of being on vacation, I continued to make some progress on the 8th Donegal Guard.  The unit is coming along nicely but I'm now not only out of my base paint but also my autumn flocking for the bases.  So while I go back to work tomorrow, I'm off Sunday and will be making a quick run up to the Hobby Town for these while I'm there picking up my 40K 8th Edition pre-orders.

First up is 1st Battalion's Company B.  This is a pretty nasty company of close in fighters that will do a lot of damage from ambush positions in an urban area.  Nothing like hitting an enemy mech with a hatchet then luring it around the corner to get shot by a Hunchback while Firestarters keep enemy infantry from getting involved.
B Company
First Lance
    Captain Danae Adams, Hatchetman
    1st Lt. Paula Matthews, Hunchback
    Xavier Stoughton,  Hunchback
    Kevin Barrows, Wasp
Second Lance
    2nd Lt. Peter Laerniss, Hatchetman
    Scott Hayes, Hatchetman
    Oliva Webster, Hatchetman
    Edmund Fitzhugh, Hatchetman
Third Lance
    2nd Lt. Ian Coleman, Shadowhawk
    Catelyn Hale, Shadowhawk
    Jennifer Squires, Firestarter
    Richard Groebben, Firestarter

After that is 2nd Battalion's E Company.  This is a bit more of an assault company though the 2nd Lance is quite maneuverable.
E Company
First Lance
    Captain Ingrid Lowenstein, Orion
    1st Lt. Bryan Mallister, Warhammer
    William Gibson, Warhammer
    Melissa Rabens, Warhammer
Second Lance
    2nd Lt. Ian MacIntyre, Flashman
    Clarissa Waterford, Grasshopper
    Eric MacAllister, Grasshopper
    Wendi Loomis, Grasshopper
Third Lance
    2nd Lt. Nicholas Warrington, Battlemaster
    Mark Immelman, Archer
    Simone Hawthorne, Exterminator
    Howard Laitnier, Exterminator

So that has 4 Companies and 1 Battalion command lance completed.  I should be able to have the other two companies and the 2nd command lance done by the end of next week hopefully.  After that I'll be starting on the militia unit to absorb the loose armor units as well as a small mech contingent that is primarily UrbanMechs and Commandos.
I've also been playing a good amount of World of Warships this week.  I've unlocked the Tier IV and V American Battleships and the Japanese Tier II and III Destroyers.  I'm having a lot of fun playing this even though the random matchmaking gets a little odd or quirky in some matches.

Well, that's all for now and I'll see you all next time.

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