Yes, it's a bit overdue

I need to get myself on a better schedule with these postings, it just keeps sliding down the to do list during the week.  Anyway, there's been a bit of hobby taking place the last couple weeks

I've managed to get a couple games of Bolt Action in.  The first was my Americans against Mike's Germans which was one of his first games of Bolt Action.  It was a game of Mission 5, Top Secret.  He tried to set up a fire line to keep me off the objective but got too aggressive with his sniper team trying to get a good spot.  This allowed me to concentrate on one of his squads at a time and get away with the objective while putting most of my army as a screen to keep him from stopping my Lt. and bodyguard from escaping with the objective.  I took some pictures of this game but they disappeared when transferring them over to the computer.

The other game I got in was a 2v2 game with my Americans teamed with another new players American Paras against Screech's Germans and Mike's Germans fielded as Finns.  Our team was the attackers in the Scenario 4 Hold Until Relieved.  Between our two lists we had only two vehicles, his jeep with a Bazooka Team and my Sherman tank so we got to deploy a lot of infantry on the table to hit them early on.  The dice pulls were in our favor early on plus as the game played out, Mike's rolls got steadily worse until his units were fairly ineffective.  Their leadership rolls for reserves were particularly bad and held them back quite a bit.  MVPs for our side was my FAO who pulled in two Fighter Bombers that dished out a total of 10 pin markers on 5 units, took out the final 4 members of a 5 man squad, and blew up what I think was a Marder.  Also, the 2 American Infantry squads that took the main objective building by assaulting their way through a German squad, a Finnish squad, and a Finnish MMG team.
Now to the new stuff.  First up is a Bren Carrier for my British Paras to get around in.  After I try this in a couple games, I'm going to want to add a few more I think as it's a really cool little model.
I also picked up a Humber Scout Car to support my Brit Paras.  It's not an expensive option with just an LMG, but with the recce rule and counting as a Light Tank, it offers some interesting options for outflanking to deal with mortar and machine gun teams.

Last of all was that I've been quite lucky on eBay in regards to BattleTech and my Eridani Light Horse.  I managed to win a starter box of the newer better sculpts for just $20 and then for $15 I scored 5 sprues of the Robotech Tactics Veritechs to build and use as Phoenix Hawks.  I'll be able to count them as LAMs in the force org chart and then just use them as regular Phoenix Hawks if need be in a game.

So that's all for now and I'll try and be a bit more regular on getting these posts up.