I got to thinking that I ought to do a post that tells a bit of who I am as a gamer and so on and so forth.  I'm a single male just shy of hitting 40 years of age.  I got into Warhammer 40K in it's epic form briefly in college in the mid 90s.  During that time frame I also enjoyed DnD, reading Cyberpunk and BattleTech source books since I was intrigued by the worlds but had no one else into those systems (part of the downside of being in rural east Tennessee).

Nice place to live, but good luck finding a game store

Then just at the tail end of 3rd Edition 40K, I got on with my current employer and hooked up with some fellows who were starting into 40K.  My first army was Black Templars though I played them occasionally as regular marines as well in 4th Edition.  Back then my chapter was Sturmswalbe which came from the book "War Birds" by R. M. Meluch, though the small bit of fluff I had for them is long gone.  They were a horrible color scheme of flat black, battleship grey, and bright yellow.  They also had quite a few Tau bits added to them which was my first attempts at converting.  We also played Fantasy some off and on, and I had brief armies of Empire and Dark Elves, but never really enjoyed Fantasy the way I do 40K.

As 4th Edition progressed, I was drawn to Tau and had some early difficulties getting in a win with them.  After I found a great site called Advanced Tau Tactica (which is still around and is an EXCELLENT forum for Tau players and those interested in Tau), I soon was meched up and had nothing in my army that couldn't move 12 inches a turn which lead to a more aggressive mobile style of play.  I had a lot of fun and victories in that stretch, but 5th Edition really hurt the way the Tau played so I sold them off and went back to my Marines.

My best eBuy so far, a $61 painted Baneblade

This was the time frame where I found myself with more disposable income and began to hit eBay regularly looking for deals.  With the AoBR set being so popular to be broken up and sold on eBay, my tactical marines, dreadnoughts, and terminators started multiplying.  Along with my marines which were starting to take shape as the chapter they are now, I also got a good size Tyranid army going.  It was built around spore podding Zoans and terms with devourers, then the outflanking genestealers, deep striking Trygon Primes, a real hard hitting alpha strike army.  Unfortunately 6th Edition gutted the Nids the way I played them and they didn't see a lot of playtime and were eventually traded away for more marines.

The last few years I've also played some Mordheim off and on as it wanes and waxes in popularity with my local game group.  And I've collected some Battlefleet Gothic marine ships just in case I manage to get someone to teach me that system as well.  So currently my only 40K army is my Lions of Harlech, but I've finally got hooked up with some others who are letting me finally get into some other interesting game systems.  Thus I'm working on assembling a force of the Eridani Light Horse for BattleTech which I've had some luck with playing against Cheef, Hive Angel, and Screech.  And now at Ni's game shop I've been introduced to Infinity and have a small starter force of Highlanders from Ariadna.

As a gamer, I not only like a good game system that I can enjoy casually with good friends (which I've been lucky to do quite a bit the last few years), but I like making my force "fit" in the system as a whole.  I enjoy not only coming up with a unit's history of victories and losses, but also how it connects to the game's universe as a whole.  That led to all the fluff that's slowly being posted in this blog as well as the couple pages of fluff for my new Ariadna and the reconditioning of the fluff that Murl gifted me with for the ELH. (and that mainly consisted of new name for the people in the unit, because FASA was downright horrid when it came to line troopers name to fill in the spaces)

So that's where I am now, roughly 8 companies of marines for my Lions of Harlech (with attachments for I'm guessing in the neighborhood of 30,000 points or so), about 200 points of Ariadna Highlanders, a couple Morheim bands, and roughly a Battalion of ELH.  And still trying to come up with new fluff or ideas to work into my fluff that I've overlooked.


Allies and Alliances

Alright, this installment is going to be a continuation of the post on the Cymru System.  This blog will include the Imperium forces stationed within the Cymru System as well as some sworn close allies to the Lions of Harlech.  Since the Lions had carved out a small enclave that was folded into the fringe of the Ultima Segmentum, it makes sense that forces would be stationed in the area or on some of the system's planets and moons.  The list that follows is what I came up with on who all and what all might be stationed there.

Now the military forces are the easiest to imagine.  From there I tried to go into who might want to use the area as a staging ground to operate out of, such as Rogue Traders and Inquisitors.  I also tried to include those who would help administer the population of the system such as Adeptus Ministerum Cardinal, Arbites Judge, etc.

Imperial Forces stationed in Cymru System
Cymric Sub-Sector Battle Fleet
    Admiral Theodorius Childress
            Flagship - Grendel's Bane, Retribution-class Battleship
        Rear Admiral James Faerwell, Battlegroup Commander
            Flagship - Crownwall, Emperor-class Battleship
        Rear Admiral Piotr Vaeltun, Battlegroup Commander
            Flagship - Sturmswalbe, Retribution-class Battleship
        Rear Admiral Klaus von Haerkonnen, Battlegroup Commander
            Flagship - Zepellin, Retribution-class Battleship
        Rear Admiral Piotr Vaeltun, Battlegroup Commander
            Flagship - Glaistig, Retribution-class Battleship
Cyrmic Sub-Sector First Patrol Group
    Captain Ramius Karaev
        Halbard's Edge, Dictator-class Cruiser
Cyrmic Sub-Sector Second Patrol Group
    Captain Charles Moore
        Tudor's Rose, Tyrant-class Cruiser
Cyrmic Sub-Sector Third Patrol Group
    Captain Ignatius von Kraeller
        Scharnhorst, Dictator-class Cruiser
Commodore Varius Corvax
    1152nd Fighter Wing
Commodore Aerlic Morgan
    1153rd Fighter Wing
Commodore Gregorie Pelliose
    1154th Fighter Wing
Commodore Charles Hallsee
    1155th Fighter Wing
Commodore Manfred Grantville
    1402nd Bomber Wing
Legio Praetor
    1 Scout Titan Maniple
    Princeps Leon Ingersoll
        Gyrfalcon, Reaver Titan
    Princeps Kristoff Harrington
        Kingfisher, Warhound Titan
    Princeps Colle Stilchey
        Goshawk, Warhound Titan
    Princeps Hamish Alverson
        Peregrine, Warhound Titan
Adeptus Mechanicus Exploratory Fleet
    Magos Technicus Irie Mannlaus
    Flagship - Gestalt, Forgeship
Inquisitor Aemon Varys, Ordo Xenos, Puritan Inquisitor (Anomolian Beholder)
    Flagship - Keyhole, Vagabond-class Merchant Trader
Inquisitor Nicolaus Rochambeau, Ordo Malleus, Puritan Inquisitor (Monodominant)
    Flagship - Light of Terra, Carrack-class Transport
Inquisitor Jaemes Kaelleon, Ordo Hereticus, Radical Inquisitor (Libricar)
    Flagship - Faith of the Ancients, Dauntless-class Light Cruiser
Judge Barclay Masterson, Adeptus Arbites
Cardinal Astral Kolomeitsev, Adeptus Ministorum
Provisioner Prime Douglas Tsouras, Departmento Munitorum
Curator Adept Timo Malinov, Adeptus Administratum
Rogue Trader Fleet Andrassy
    Patriarch Edmund Henke
    Flagship - Oceanus, Ambition-class Cruiser
Rogue Trader Fleet Dompaire
    Patriarch Manfred von Dompaire
    Flagship - Dream's Lament, Conquest-class Star Galleon
Rogue Trader Fleet Kasparov
    Patriarch Dmitri Kasparov
    Flagship - Checkmate, Conquest-class Star Galleon

SwornAllies of the Lions of Harlech
Adeptus Astartes Doom Eagles Chapter
Adeptus Astartes Ghost Stalkers Chapter
Adeptus Astartes Storm Dreamers Chapter
Adeptus Mechanicus Forge World Goedraen
Adeptus Sororitas Order of the Gilded Shield


The System of Cymru

Alright, thought I'd handle the next bit of the Fluff and give Neverness a slight break.  This post will be on the system that the Lions of Harlech have as their Home World.  The chapter has evolved a very Welsh feel to it, and a large part of that was due to one of my favorite Sci-Fi novels which is "Falcon" by Emma Bull.  The Cymru System is in the Cymric Sector of the Ultima Segmentum.  This Sector is in the extreme upper right portion of Segmentum bordering the Fringe Space.

Cymric Sector
Cymru System
    Chapter Master Annwn Piet Moriarty, the Lord Harlech
Bardiche System
    Governor Fiona Waulthers
Coldewe System
    Governor Konrad von Koenigston
Esdraelon System
    Governor Lucias Muslar
Glaistig System
    Governor Avery Sinclair
Goedrean System
    Magos Vaelis Raethe
Hebrides System
    Governor Sven Thessen
Malheon System
    Governor Andre Verne
Muire System
    Governor Malthius Talbot
Phoeliss System
    Governor Jacob Neufsteiler
Steyntag System
    Fabricator General Oliver Welton
Vaehglis System
    Governor Eloise Lissett

Cymru System
    This system has an F-III type star and five planetary bodies.  It also consists
    of a dense asteroid belt between the orbits of Cymru-IV and Cymru-V.

Cymru-I (locally known as Noimal)
    small glacier covered ice world used for mining and smelting.
Cymru-II (locally known as Tyr)
    gas giant with several inhabited ice moons that support a small shipyard as well
    as many gas mining platforms.
Cymru-III (locally known as Seonaidh)
    a world of ice caves and deep ice chasms filled with hives, power plants, and
    manufactories churning out all that the system needs to survive.
Cymru-IV (locally known as Eirlys)
    another arctic glacier world with underground hives and artificial farms
Cymru-V (locally known as Niopes)
    small desolate rock used as a dumping ground both for prisoners to die as well
    as waste from the manufactories in the system.

Llew Gyr
    This is the fortress monastery of the Lions of Harlech constructed in the Cymru System on the ice moon Braelich orbiting the gas giant Cymru-II at the top of the Lyr Glacier.  It serves as the main training and staging point for the chapter as well as the linchpin for the system's defense.  The fortress is carved down into a mountainside with numerous defense batteries of lascannons, autocannons, and heavy bolters, as well as a single planetary defense laser, guarding the approaches.  Connected by deep armored tunnels are also several remote missile launch silos to engage any threat that reaches orbit.
    Deep under the rock and ice, numerous vaults and repositories hold the wealth of the chapter as well as the geneseed of it's future.  A multitude of small machine shops and manufactories are also located within to handle basic replacement and supply for the chapter.  An Imperial Navy supply depot and repair docks have been constructed above the gas giant and supplement the fortress' defenses.
    The reclusium of the fortress monastery, called the Llew Aelwyd (Lion's Den), is deep within the fortress.  It is a dark and somber area of granite, marble, and onyx lit with flickering torches and hidden with long, deep shadows.  Partially lit ancient banners and chapter relics are found throughout the chambers as members of the chapter silently come and go in reverence.

Planetary Defense Forces
Lord Marshal Nathaniel Maerwin
    PDF Commander
General Jason Cardonnes
    PDF Operations Officer
General Kevain Lannister
    PDF Intelligence Officer
Colonel Bertaum Hallowell
    PDF Procurement Officer

1st Cymric Highlanders Regiment (Infantry)
    General Stanislaus Thessen
2nd Cymric Highlanders Regiment (Infantry)
    General Oliver Holmes
3rd Cymric Highlanders Regiment (Infantry)
    General Douglas Rhodes
4th Cyrmic Highlanders Regiment (Infantry)
    General Ian Magnusson
5th Cymric Highlanders Regiment (Infantry)
    General Reginald Howe
6th Cymric Highlanders Regiment (Infantry)
    General Richard Wolfe
1st Black Watch Dragoons Regiment (Mechanized Infantry)
    General Marcus Forsythe
1st Coldstream Guards Regiment (Armor)
    General Edward Lannister
2nd Coldstream Guards Regiment (Armor)
    General Sebastion Trevayne
1st Cymric Heavy Guards Regiment (Superheavy Armor)
    General Albrecht Rabenstein


The 1st Company of the Lions of Harlech

The 1st company defending the Tech Shrine of QWERTY. 
1st Company, Veteran Company "Icons of Honor"
Captain Pedr Dyfedd, Regent of Cymru
Company Champion Damion Osfryd
Company Standard Bearer Staevron Maege
87 Space Marine Veterans
5 Ironclad Dreadnoughts
8 Dreadnoughts
7 Rhinos

6 Razorbacks

-Taken from "The Fluff" by Kushial.

 The terminators in the top pic have been modeled on very stylized bases. Then I asked Kushial about them this was his response: "Did a couple squads on that style bases to look like they're teleporting in." 

This is the terminator collection of Kushial's Lions of Harlech. He pretty much has the whole Chapter, and has more functionally complete Space Marines than I, or most casual 40K players! And a lot of them are fully painted and totally ready to conquer all who oppose the Emperor's will. I'm not exaggerating. If we understated the size of Krushial's army in the first few posts, perhaps this next pic of just his 1st company might shed some light on it...

78 Terminators. All of whom chant the litany of 'Please Holy Emperor, NO MISHAPS'
Now I have about 20-30 total Wolfguard terminators for my Space Wolves, with maybe 2 models completely painted! So you can imagine my envy and joy when I see these unpacked on game night! I hope to get more pics to share in the future. 

I am curious, and perhaps Kushial can answer this in the comments, but unless I miscounted, according to The Fluff, there are 8 veterans missing. Are these power armored individuals assigned to lead other squads? Or are they sometimes assigned to form Vanguard/Sternguard units along with some these guys taking the lighter suits?

Til next time, -Neverness.


Lions of Harlech -early history

Lions of Harlech

Astropath-Terminus Corey 
Chapter Master Annwyn Piet Moriarty
Master Scrivener Kushial
Historical Overview of Chapter Events
Segmentum Obscurus
Calixis Scintillian Sub
No one ever won a battle by failing to take advantage of his enemy's weakness..

The Lions of Harlech were founded in M32 from the Imperial Fists' gene seed as a fleet based chapter to help rebuild the defenses around the Eye of Terror after the 3rd Black Crusade. They and other chapters lead numerous scouting missions into the Eye as well as sought to intercept and destroy any excursions from the Eye. Working with these other chapters as well as the other forces in position around the Eye, the Lions quickly established a reputation of honorable service.

Their first Chapter Master, Hemry Coatesworth, was killed fighting one of these incursions due to a devious trap laid by warriors of the Alpha Legion in the Denbolla System. As his Strike Cruiser, the Noble Cause, closed with a renegade ship to board and cleanse it, the trap was sprung. The target vessel suddenly exploded crippling the Noble Cause and enabling Alpha Legion warriors to board and kill the remaining crew. Nearby chapter vessels intervened and just managed to save the remains of their Chapter Master from being taken back into the Eye as a trophy. Due to their own strict codes of honor as well as the devious tactics of their foes, the Lions of Harlech forever more view the Alpha Legion as their most sworn enemy and would expend any resources to foil and disrupt any plot they uncover.

In mid M33, the Lions of Harlech intercept a Dark Eldar cruiser in the Deimos System. Using some of the information gleaned from prisoners on board, the Chapter tracked down the raiders to the asteroid belts of the Corriador System. A month long running battle ensues with the Lions finally driving the Dark Eldar from the system bringing it back into the Imperium's hold.

Following the Howling in 401.M34, the chapter, under it's Second Chapter Master, Vicarion Doucain, was then assigned to crusade along the eastern fringe of the Imperium along the arc behind the Ghoul Stars. The crusade proceeded well at first, spending decades liberating dozens of worlds and scouring other planets barren of their threats to the Imperium. Several Chaos warbands were destroyed during this time period, most notably an Alpha Legion contingent operating in the Delcius System seeking to undermind the planetary governor.

This action lead to the death of the Chapter's 4th Chapter Master in 204.M35. Euron Dhamphair and a bodyguard cadre of troops landed on the planet of Belltris III to meet with what they thought was the ruling class of the loyal planet. Instead they walked into a trap laid by the Alpha Legion which saw all of them killed. The Lions assaulted the planet and eventually drove the enemies from the system but a new reason to hunt down the operations of the Alpha Legion and destroy them had been given.

In M36 the crusade slowly ground to a halt as replacement parts, munitions, and various other vital necessities ceased to arrive. Due to the Age of Apostasy and several new warp storms, the crusade had been forgotten, and replacements and supplies were no longer being sent by the Adeptus Administratum. Sworn to their duty, the Chapter continued to press onward in their crusade to liberate worlds for the Imperium and cleanse it's foes.

Arriving in the Cymru System early in M37 with their supplies of fuel, ammunition, men, and parts severely depleted, the Lions of Harlech found several inhabited ice worlds. Quickly asserting their authority over these lost bastions of humanity, the chapter began to disassemble some of its fleet to create factories to begin to supply itself and produce replacements. The chapter also began to recruit new initiates from among the ice worlds. The Lions of Harlech slowly replaced it's losses and began to improve the industrialization of the ice worlds. The remaining vessels were deployed as a system defense fleet against surrounding threats including orcs and eldar pirates.

Many years passed before the chapter was able to replenish what it had lost to attrition during the crusade in both material and new recruits drawn from the ice worlds. In late M38 when the chapter, under it's Eighth Chapter Master Colinn Firthain, was finally able to defend the system as well as several surrounding systems, they sent out a long range reconnaissance fleet of a pair of strike cruisers and escort squadrons. Establishing contact with a rouge trader fleet and then the Adeptus Mechanicus forge world Goedraen, the Lions of Harlech re-established itself with the Imperium.

After proving their continued loyalty and the stability of their geneseed, the Lions of Harlech were granted control of the Cymru system as their chapter home world in recognition of their perpetual faithful service. The Lions of Harlech then finished construction of their Fortress Monastery, expanding the main planetary defense fortress they had already established. The Llew Gyr, or Lion's Forge, was built as an imposing castle high atop a mountain at the end of a glacier covered valley. Forever covered in sleet, ice, and driving snow storms, the Lions of Harlech have come to believe that when sunlight falls upon Dreigiau Gyr that it is an omen of the fortress's imminent fall.

Since M38, the Lions of Harlech have begun to crusade once more, reaching out to systems and worlds around their system to deter and defeat the enemies of the Imperium. The Chapter's current chapter master, Annwn Piet Moriarty, was elevated to his position when his predecessor was killed in a mysterious explosion while inspecting an orbital facility of Cymru III. Evidence uncovered has lead the Lions to believe they are once more up against their most hated enemies, the Alpha Legion.


Chapter Symbol: Golden Rampant Lion on Dark Blue Field
Chapter Colors: Dark Blue and Silver
Chapter Motto: Victory with Honor


Quick Intro

This is a quick introduction to the Lions of Harlech. This is a unique Space Marine Chapter created by Kushial for use in his games of Warhammer 40,000.

I've known Kushial for a few years now, and have seen this army enough to know that he has built an amazingly huge Space Marine army and has painted a lot of them with loving care and attention. He has also devised his own background material, and it's pretty good! With a bit of prodding, I was able to convince him that we should start a blog to showcase and reveal to the rest of you mortals this collection of stories, painted models and battle reports. Ultimately, with enough posts, we will have galleries set up to archive and (virtually) immortalize Kushial's hobby efforts.

"I'll cut you!!!"
So, to start us off here is a Battle Report from just the other day: Kushial and Neverness clash!