Return of the Clans (AKA Betrayers of the Star League)

So when putting together my Eridani Light Horse, specifically the 21st Striker Regiment that I started with, I included some Clan Mechs under the guise of salvage for use in later era games.  But it bugged me a bit as I'm not a huge fan of the clans to start with.  There are a few cool storylines built into the clans but overall they just don't really appeal to me.  So as I've acquired more mechs, I decided to strip out those clan machines and make a separate force for them and return my Eridani Light Horse to mechs that can be fielded in pretty much any era and get them back to a pure Inner Sphere force.
So what to do with the clan mechs?  Clan Ghost Bear of course.  Of all the clans, there are only a couple clans that I put in the column of liking them to some extent.  As a fan of naval warfare I like Clan Snow Raven, but since no one here plays Aerotech, they're out.  By default then that leaves me to my other choice, Clan Ghost Bear.  So I took the pulled 5 clan mechs from my Eridani Light Horse, and combined them with some other clan mechs I have from some bulk trades/purchases.

So what I'm going for is a trinary as I figure that's not going to take much to add to for the final organization.  Right now there are four mechs missing counting the Star Captain so it's not far from being a complete force.
50th Striker Cluster (The Black Bears), Alpha Galaxy
     Star Colonel Paul Bekker,
43rd Striker Trinary
     Star Captain Eddard Jamieson,

Alpha Star
Star Commander Rachael Baird, Timberwolf (Madcat)
    Tomas Sarnow, Novacat
    Lucian Pyne, Grizzly
    Coleen Groenewold, Mad Dog (Vulture)
    Oscar Esterhaus, Timberwolf (Madcat)

Bravo Star
Star Commander Freyja Wycliffe, Novacat
    Simon Paulk,
    Fionna Giscard, Timberwolf (Madcat)
    Wilhelm Forsythe, Timberwolf (Madcat)
    Iroku Ashigara, Bowman

Charlie Star
Star Commander Jayne Cardones,
    Hideoshi Nakamura, Blackhawk
    Kaitrin Ericsson, Soiltaire
    Manfred Courvosier, Blackhawk
    Thorgeir Gaerwulf,

I want to see about adding a Thor and a Loki to the Bravo Star to retire the Bowman and then a Hellion and a second Solitaire in to the Charlie Star.  Then I want to get a Masakari or a Dashi for the Star Captain's ride and then perhaps the other mech to swap out one of the Madcats in the Alpha Star.  That'll make a nice hard hitting force with a fair bit of flexibility.
I'm going with a basic Alpha Galaxy color scheme as shown above, but I'm going closer to a white than the gray.  So first up all the clan mechs got primered in white.  Then I added a dark blue camo scheme to the Grizzly and one of the Madcats.
After that came a lighter blue over the dark blue.
Then finally a black wash over both of the whole mechs.
I still need to use a metallic color to pick out details like the cockpit, weapon bits, and such. I also need to add the spot pattern that goes over the overall paint camo.  So pretty good progress on the first two mechs and we'll see how it continues to progress.

That's all for now and I'll see you all next time.


  1. "get them back to a pure Inner Sphere force"

    Now that is how to Battletech. ;)

    1. Well, pre-clan invasion is my favorite part of the CBT timeline, especially right after the Federated Suns utterly kicked the butts of the Capellans.

  2. You would enjoy the campaign I run. It is pre-clan invasion, but it is a strong FWL vs CC aspect.