Ghost Bear Progress and Air Support

Well we've got a bit of progress to show this week.
So the Grizzly and first Mad Cat got their black dots under smaller white dots added to the paint scheme and then the green basing and a last wash over the basing.  Overall, not too bad at all I think.  I still need to do something for the cockpit glass though and then they'll be done.
Then the Vulture and a Novacat got their under blue cameo and then the lighter blue layer and then the wash layer.  If I can keep this going, I'll have all the Mechs I have for the Trinary so far done in the near future I hope.
I also took advantage of some nice weather on a day I went into work later and got a lot of the white primered mechs for the Eridani Light Horse a dark olive green base coat sprayed on, followed by a lighter green.  A few new additions in the group to give some missing mech options in a Firestarter, a Hermes, a Crockett, and an Axeman.
Then last of all, I addressed air support for my American Bolt Action army.  My Brits have the Dust Tactics jet that I like, but my Americans didn't have anything.  So I came across a Testor's P-51 easy assemble pre-painted at a very reasonable price of under $10.  Fifteen minutes of work later and I've got a nice WW2 fighter to do some strafing in support of my Americans.

All in all, not too bad for progress.  That's all for now and I'll see you all next time.

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