Clan Ghost Bear Continues

We've got some more progress on the Clanners this weekend.  It's nice to keep being able to show progress and this group has made a nice change of pace from all the green of the Eridani Light Horse.
First up I got the darker and lighter blue layers on three more mechs, a Blackhawk, a Solitaire, and a second Madcat.
Next they got the chip camouflage detailing added and then all three were based as well as the Vulture and Novacat from the previous post.  I've been careful to keep the patterns different on the various mechs to have them be unique but still a cohesive unit scheme.

This gets the Alpha Star fully done as well as two of the scout/light mechs from the Charlie Star.  I do need to do a few small touch ups on the bases and I still need a color for the cockpits.  (If anyone has a suggestion for that, I'm open to ideas.)
And then I got the darker blue layer down on the remaining four mechs.  The way my work schedule looks like for the week, it'll most likely be the end of the week before I get anything else worked on.  I'm wanting to get these four down by this time next week, then it'll be a push to get some more of the Eridani Light Horse done to clear some table space for a different project.

I really need to talk Murl, Screech, or Cheef into a game of CBT in the near future.  This project has started a bit of an itch to get a game in.  Hopefully one of them is up for a game anyway.

So that's all for now and I'll see you all next time.

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  1. I'm sure Screech would be thrilled to play a 16k (or so) point game! The usual 8k pame size is all but undoable with any but the lightest of clan mechs...