Ghost Bears and Dreadnoughts

So the next four Clan Ghost Bears mechs are done now.  They got the chip pattern and I got them based though the wash layer on the basing is still drying.
The Masakari, Thor, and Loki are now primed and ready to start getting the blue camo pattern.  The last, a Vulture, is on it's second trip through the Simple Green bath due to some stubborn paint in the joints and recesses.
Next up, we have progress on the Leviathan Dreadnought, now identified as Gweirwys for my chapter fluff.  First of all I got the two gun barrels on the Storm Cannon straightened, then got that arm assembled as well as the Grav Flux Bombard arm.  Both of those then were added to the Leviathan Dreadnought.  I've got a base for it on order and I still need to come up with some bits to relic it out some, purity seals and so forth.

I also got the Betrayal at Calth Contemptor Dreadnought (originally seen here) primed and it has been named Bleddynwyr for the chapter fluff.  I'm such a fan of the Contemptor design.  While the Leviathan looks like a brute capable of massive destruction, the Contemptor has such a sleek deadly look about it.  It's like the Battlecruiser of 40K Dreadnoughts.
Then finally something that I purchased due to finding a great deal on eBay about 4 months back, but hasn't made the blog yet.  We have 3 Dual Twin-linked Autocannon Dreadnoughts.  It's a variant I've never owned before and it was a great price for the three together.  They've been designated Maldwyn, Braedwr, and Camedyr for the fluff.  They arrived a mix of black and rust colored, and have now been primed.
So that's where we stand for now and I'll see you all next time.  Should be some more Ghost Bears for sure and then need to get some of the Eridani Light Horse off the queue as well.

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