Progress Continues Slowly

So I got the second squad of Fire Warriors assembled.  I also got a second Crisis Suit and the starter box Cadre Fireblade model put together as well.  This should give me enough models to easily field a force for a Kill Team game.  I still have a Crisis Suit and some Drones to assemble out of the force.  It's developing slowly and has been a way to pass the time some evenings to assemble them.
The unit fluff is starting to take shape as a defensive force in the Ail'daeris System for a deep space mining endeavor.  The unit is based on a moon of a gas giant and provides defensive troops for asteroid mining platforms, gas mining stations, and other resource gathering and shipping infrastructure in the system.
As far the ComGuard unit is concerned, I'm still figuring out the fluff but it's going to be a pre-Clan Invasion force set in roughly the 3rd Succession War period when the small Terran Militia and ROM forces were expanded into the ComGuard.  A group of Mechs are drying from being primered and I'm wanting to hit them with a second layer of white primer tomorrow before breaking out the black ink.  We'll see how the unit goes and I'm still trying to find good records of the organization of the ComGuards before the Clan Invasion to figure out their fluff.

Well, that's all for now, not a major update, and I'll see you all next time.


Wait, What?

So a sudden change of pace here.  Back in the fall I got the Kill Team Box for the marines in it as well as the rulebooks.  On a night a couple weeks back where I had free time but wasn't really in the mood for marines or CBT, I put together the fire warrior squad.  Back in 4th Edition I had a Tau Army that went away partway through 5th Edition.  I always liked the clean lines and the aesthetics of the Tau (not so much the Kroot or Vespid though) and I figure it'd be nice to get a small Tau force to play around with.  So I found a great deal on a Tau Starter Box (half price weekend sale for the win) and have the first crisis suit out of the box built.  Still two more Crisis Suits, 2 Fire Warrior Teams, and the force commander to build.
Still kicking around ideas for the fluff but I'm leaning toward building it up as a Counterstrike Cadre.  I'm planning a few more Crisis Suits, a couple Piranhas, and maybe a Hammerhead.  We'll see how it goes.  As Cheef would put it, something around the 1500 point mark perhaps, enough for a small fun game.  I'm thinking arctic world perhaps and duplicating the Ghost Bear color scheme on the Tau, but we'll see.  As we all know by now I really don't like painting so .... maybe.
Next up is that today I had a nice day off and ran over to Knoxville to do a bit of shopping.  I hit up a game store and got a few CBT blisters that'll be in a later post.  I also checked out a new comic store, Nerdvana Comics, that opened up in just back at the beginning of the year.  It was my first chance to swing by to check it out and it was worth the visit.  I picked up a small Star Wars poster that caught my eye and an old GI Joe Annual #1.  I grew up with GI Joe (the 6 1/2 inch ones with the cartoon show) so it's a nice piece of nostalgia.  It's a nice little shop that's still getting fully set up but staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.  Definitely was a fun place to spend an hour or so today.

Well, that's all for now, just a small update, and I'll see you all next time.


6th Tactical Reserve Company

So the next to last company is finally going to be posted.  I did a lot of digging into bit boxes and other hobby storage containers getting these models together.  It's still 5 bolter marines shy of a full company, but I'm sure I'll come up with those bodies at some point in the future.
6th Company, Reserve Tactical Company "Wardens of Honor"
    The 6th Company is currently held in Cymru as the rapid reaction company.  It's prepared to quickly deploy if any major enemy force is detected or to respond rapidly to any call for assistance by the Imperium.  The 6th Company is slated to exchange duty with the 2nd Company in the near future barring any major deployment needs.
Captain Eamonn Sidhe
    Company Champion Dafydd Gwilyn
    Company Standard Bearer Padraig Haig
    10 Tactical Squads
        Tactical Squad Cyrdaan. Sgt Cyrdaan
        Tactical Squad Madleiss, Sgt Madleiss
        Tactical Squad Arvais, Sgt Arvais
        Tactical Squad Elcadar, Sgt Elcadar
        Tactical Squad Waelim, Sgt Waelim

        Tactical Squad Meidonn, Sgt Meidonn
        Tactical Squad Dassyne, Sgt Dassyne
        Tactical Squad Phaeton, Sgt Phaeton
        Tactical Squad Aldarion, Sgt Aldarion
        Tactical Squad Eirtyn, Sgt Eirtyn
    3 Dreadnoughts
    9 Rhinos
    4 Razorbacks

So that just leaves the 8th Reserve Assault Company that hasn't been posted.  Seeing as it consists of less than 3 squads, it's not going to be up for quite some time.  But all in all not too bad a collection of marines.  Between the 9 Companies, Command Squads, Chapter Leadership, the Grellon, the Deathwatch Kill Team, ... it's well over 1,000 bodies.  Now just got to get about 500 marines painted ....  Until next time all.