Progress Continues Slowly

So I got the second squad of Fire Warriors assembled.  I also got a second Crisis Suit and the starter box Cadre Fireblade model put together as well.  This should give me enough models to easily field a force for a Kill Team game.  I still have a Crisis Suit and some Drones to assemble out of the force.  It's developing slowly and has been a way to pass the time some evenings to assemble them.
The unit fluff is starting to take shape as a defensive force in the Ail'daeris System for a deep space mining endeavor.  The unit is based on a moon of a gas giant and provides defensive troops for asteroid mining platforms, gas mining stations, and other resource gathering and shipping infrastructure in the system.
As far the ComGuard unit is concerned, I'm still figuring out the fluff but it's going to be a pre-Clan Invasion force set in roughly the 3rd Succession War period when the small Terran Militia and ROM forces were expanded into the ComGuard.  A group of Mechs are drying from being primered and I'm wanting to hit them with a second layer of white primer tomorrow before breaking out the black ink.  We'll see how the unit goes and I'm still trying to find good records of the organization of the ComGuards before the Clan Invasion to figure out their fluff.

Well, that's all for now, not a major update, and I'll see you all next time.

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