Finally Some Hobby Progress

So today I finally got a chance to get some hobby time in.  18 Battlemechs destined for my 21st Striker Regiment of the Eridani Light Horse got their basecoat green today.  These included the six Robotech minis I have assembled so far, a pair each of Cicadas, Assassins, Commandos, and Panthers, and then a Dervish, a Javelin, an Urbanmech, and lastly an unseen Locust.

Also over the past week, a quartet of aerospace fighters arrived to also help move the regiment towards completion.  These included a Lucifer, a Stuka, a Cheetah, and a Seydlitz.
I also got assembled but not pictured a pair of Awesomes, a Dragon, a Thorn, and a Flashman.  These five plus the six Robotech minis I need to get assembled still get me within visible distance of completing the 21st Striker Regiment.  I still need 3 more battlemechs and 6 aerospace fighters.  There is still a lot of painting and basing to do though.  To finish off the mech portion, I want to track down another unseen Griffin and then a pair of unseen Wasps or Stingers.  As to the aerospace fighters, I'm just looking for good deals and haven't been too picky on the types.

So there is where things stand at the moment.  I've been lucky to get some good trades off a Battletech Facebook group as well as some good deals on eBay throughout the holidays.  I'm hoping to have all the models to complete the regiment by the end of January and am going to try and have everything painted and based by no later than sometime in March.  We'll see how things go on that front.  Also I used some Christmas money to order my Bolt Action rule books this weekend.  Come March I'll get some extra income and I'll be making the plunge into the British Airborne Regiment.

That's all for now and thanks for reading.


Still Here

So yes, I'm still here.  Since I'm in retail management, this is always a tough month for me.  While I've only managed a single game this month, I have managed a few acquisitions for use after the holidays.  I started the month off with my 40th birthday, so I treated myself to a copy of the original Battletech mercenary handbook.  Murl had made some printouts of the Eridani Light Horse pages from it some time back, but it's nice to finally have a full hard copy of the book.
I also finally got my Robotech pre-order right at the end of November and have managed to get half of the mechs put together but have yet to get paint on any of them yet.  I've got 2 Warhammers, 2 Riflemen, and 2 Bowmen assembled with 2 more each of Warhammers and Riflemen to put together and a pair of Archers.
I've also got about another dozen battlemechs and half a dozen aerospace fighters in trades and purchases through a CBT Facebook group.  Once I get them all painted, it will put me about 8 battlemechs and 6 aerospace fighters shy of completing the entire 21st Striker Regiment of the Eridani Light Horse.  This has been a fun project this year and it looks like somewhere around the end of January or maybe into February I should have it completed.  That's what I'm aiming for anyway.

The last of what I've got this month is that my last X-Wing order arrived with a second Rebel Aces set and a YT-2400.  That'll probably be it for me and X-Wing purchases until scum and villainy release, though I'm still needing to flesh out my Empire forces a fair amount.

So that's where I stand for now and once I get past Christmas and onto a more normal work schedule, I'll try and get back onto a more regular posting on the blog once more.  Thanks for reading and I'll see you all later.


Battletech Terrain

So I was digging in the bits box this morning as well as in some boxes of old stuff and I came across some things that gave me an idea for CBT terrain.  I give you my version of an HPG station.  (Bills will be via ComStar, no Wobblies allowed.)

 I think I'm happy with how it all came out, though I need to get it primed and some paint on it at some point.  It should make a nice addition to our terrain for these scale games anyway which mainly consists of low hills, some trees, and some rather interesting paper buildings that Master Cheef has.

On the Eridani Light Horse front, everything that is here is currently painted.  I'm still missing the 12 mechs that will be formed from the RoboTech pre-order that I placed.  Unfortunately they're still several shipping containers away from finishing all the Kickstarter orders before they get around to pre-orders.  My current hope is that I'll see these before February.  This will give me 4 Warhammers/Hammerhands, 4 Riflemen, 2 Longbows, and 2 Archers.  The Longbows and 2 Riflemen are slated for the AA lance in the 1st Armored Infantry Battalion with the rest rounding out Battalion and Company command lances.
I have managed some pretty good deals and trades on the Battletech Trade and Sell Facebook group, and other than the previously mentioned mechs, I've got full battalions completed and I'm ready to begin the last mech battalion of the 21st Striker Regiment.  That battalion is a bit heavy in aerospace so I'll be looking to add 28 Mechs and 8 aerospace fighters to build the entire battalion to the TOE.  I've got a trade in the works that exchanges 10 mechs from a Citytech box set for 10 mechs in the weight class and style I'm looking for.  I'm getting rid of a pair each of Daishis, Blackhawks, Victors, Ullers, and Centurians and receiving 3 Cicadas, 2 Commandos, 2 Assassins, a Trebuchet, a Javelin, and a Dervish.  This will get the 3rd Striker Battalion started, though it'll be far from complete.

So all in all it's going pretty decent on the Battletech front and hopefully I'll survive the upcoming holidays at work to be able to get a lot more gaming in the future.

That's all for now and I'll see you all later.


Hey look, I'm a BEAR!

So while I've been on a bit of a dry spell on getting hobby stuff done, I have been busy with a few Geeky enjoyments.  The first one is Lord of the Rings Online.  I got into this game back when it was $10 a month to play about 7 or 8 years ago.  I took advantage of a special offer near the holidays back then and got a lifetime account for $75.  Since then, the game was taken over by Turbine and went Free to Play.  Having a lifetime got my account rolled over into a permanent VIP account without having to spend Turbine Points on all sorts of unlockables.
Beorning in action
In the past year the expansions have finally got the storyline and areas available to include Rohan and parts of Gondor.  In the past couple weeks we've got a brand new class of character/race as well.  One is now able to play as a Beorning and able to shapeshift into a bear.  The more rage you build up, the more powerful your bear attacks become.  It's an interesting class to play and it's been fun trying it out.  At least it's a break from the Dwarf Champion I've been playing.

The other interesting item that we got in game a few months back is war steeds.  That's what I've been working with on Champion.  It's a nice change from a regular ride (horses [and goats with Moria expansion] have been available as personal rides since almost the beginning of the game) to increase your movement speed for travel.  The War Steed not only has special combat attacks for when you're riding it, it also levels up and has it's own skill tree like a normal character would.  Being able to get into a swirling cavalry fight with a warg rider on the plains of Rohan is a fun change of pace form normal slow questing.
Some of the potential Rohan War Steeds
I've also finally made some more progress on my Eridani Light Horse.  2 Orions, 2 Javelins, 2 Grasshoppers, a MadCat, a Jenner, a Panther, a Raven, a Cicada, a Catapult, and an unseen Stinger all got primer coated and a base coat of the green I've been using for the ELH.  The next few nights I'm going to try and get the bronze detailing done as well as the wash layer.

That's all for now and I'll try and get this updated a bit more often.


X-Wing ..... Let's Have A Bit Of Fun

So yesterday evening I finally made it back up to Johnson City and the FLGS there for some geek time which included a 3v3 game of X-Wing.  Let's see how it went.  Warning, this might end up being fairly lengthy.

This is Trooper Reporter 1179 coming to you live from the Galactic News Station on Coruscant.  Top news today is a report of a battle between our Glorious Imperial Naval Forces lead by the Sith Lord Darth Vader against a rabble of Rebel Forces who dared stray out of their dark hiding places.  We were able to get a News Shuttle nearby for some images while our crack team of ace field reporters deployed to bring us this unfolding story.  We go now to Trooper Reporter 472 live on the scene.
This is Trooper Reporter 472 coming to you LIVE from the J'City System near the FLGS planet where it seems that three different rebel groups have gathered together in some sort of attempt to disrupt Imperial rule in this area.  Our own Imperial Naval forces have dispatched similar forces and seem to outnumber the enemy.

As these shots from our GNS News Shuttle shows that the rebels have assembled what looks like a B-Wing, a pair of X-Wings, 4 Z-95 Headhunters, and a pair of rough looking freighters.  This sort of rabble is what you'd expect from the Rebellion.
We were able to get a holocam operator into the Imperial Command Center where you see here our glorious cabal of Moffs and Admirals preparing to sweep the Rebel's smattering of ships from the system.  There are a number of Tie Fighters of course with some Interceptors and Bombers and even a Tie Defender in evidence.  Even more importantly, we've learned that Sith Lord Darth Vader will personally be leading the fight from his own personalized fighter.
 Things on the Imperial right flank where I'm stationed at seem to be in balance for the moment.  An Interceptor is escorting a pair of Bombers in against a trio of Headhunters and a B-Wing.  Both sides seem to be inflicting light damage on each other while trying to get into optimal firing positions.  Let's cut over to News Trooper 2069 who is at the other end of battle reporting.
This is News Trooper 2069 coming to you live from the Imperial left flank.  What we've seen down here is a Tie-Defender and Lord Vader leading about 6 Imperial Ties and a Interceptor against the Rebels.  We've identified the larger Imperial freighter as the Scarlet Harlot, a ship with a questionable reputation.  For some reason the Imperial Ties seem reluctant to approach her and they just seem to be hanging around her in a tight group.
 The pair of X-Wings and the other Z-95 in this part of the battle seem to have taken out one of the Tie Fighters that was out scouting and the main lines seem to be closing in now.  Back to you 472.
News Trooper 472 here again bringing you the latest update.  The Imperial forces on this flank of the battle seem to be crumbling under the cowardly rebel attacks as an X-Wing has joined the combat over here to overwhelm our brave pilots.
Outnumbered 2 to 1, we've lost a bomber and the interceptor with the remaining bomber damaged and heading for the other Imperial forces.  The main question in this part of the battle is "Where is everyone else at and what are they down there doing?"  There is a growing belief from the forces falling back here that the Admirals and Moffs handing the Imperial left flank are not being aggressive enough against the outnumbered rebels and have squandered a chance to salvage the right flank.  Back to you 2069.
Did you see that???  Lord Vader and the forces with him have gotten over whatever was keeping them at arm's length from the Scarlet Harlot and have suddenly gone after the Harlot with a vengeance, and boy are they sure handling her roughly.  I thought you had to pay extra for something like that.  They've managed to destroy the Headhunter that was in this part of the battle and have traded a Tie-Fighter for some more damage to the rebel ships.
 The rebels who were on the Imperial right flank are flowing into the battle on the left flank now.  The remaining bomber was gunned down in the back by the cowardly B-Wing as a pair of Headhunters take out a Tie-Fighter.
 The Harlot can finally not take anymore of the rough stuff and goes down in a final climax of explosions.  The other fighters then turn on the other freighter, which seems to be a HWK, and proceed to damage it as well as the pair of X-Wings.
This is News Trooper 2069 with a last report before we sign off from this location.  Our position is no longer safe as the criminals have continued to roll in a wave over the Imperial forces and downed one fighter after another.  The HWK is gone but the only friendly I see still flying is Darth Vader himself and he has at least 6 enemy fighters heading for him.  Even a Sith Lord has his limits and he seems to be withdrawing from the battle.  Words cannot describe the horror of these turn of events that we've witnessed here to day.
This ... this is News Trooper 1179 coming you from GNS Headquarters.  We, along with all of you our viewing audience, are in shock at this surprising victory by the criminals and rogues that make up the Rebellion.  I'm sure this will lead to inquiries and investigations into the rumored appointments of social and political commanders rather than truly trained gifted commanders that our brave pilots deserve.  The Moffs and Admirals who lead this attack must be held accountable for their conduct and lack of victory.  This is GNS signing off.

So all in all, this was a very fun game.  Being on the winning side just made it more enjoyable and I'm looking forward to next Saturday where I'll be playing some CBT against Skylar.  Until later all.


So I'm Still Around ....

Work this past 5 weeks has been a real pain with a major inventory that just took place at the end of this past week.  Since I'm salary management, that means I "get all the overtime I want".  Which translated into me getting all of three days off in the month of September.  Bleh, well it's over at least.

So while my hobby results has been very less than what I'd care for ... borderline nonexistent that is, I HAVE managed to make a few acquisitions that I can show off even though I haven't gotten anything painted and such.

First up is some Classic BattleTech Stuff for my Eridani Light Horse.
 A pair of Demolishers, a Morningstar Command vehicle, and a Solitaire
A Thrush, a Sholagar, a Sedlytz, and a Cheetah expand my aerospace options

Then on the X-Wing front, I got a Rebel Aces, a pair of Headhunters, and a Hawk.  I plan on starting to tweak the Hawk this month now that I've got some days off again.  Plus I'll be getting to play some X-Wing this coming Saturday and some promised CBT with Skylar the following Saturday.  I'm seriously looking forward to getting some major geek time in.

So a brief post for today, but more is yet to come I promise.


X-Wing in Blue Mode

So Cheef has been showing off his and his GF's X-Wing repaints (found here and here), so I thought I'd show off what I've done so far myself.  First of all we've got an alphabetical order group shot.  (Though this shot does have me wondering when they're going to add the New Republic K-Wing bomber to go with the E-Wing from the same time frame.  Seems a shame to leave out an option like that.  Though a recon X-Wing wouldn't be bad either .... )
As you can see I've got with a blue motif and I'm pretty happy with how they've all come out with the exception of the Y-Wing.  I'm not happy with it and I'll have to either start over or figure out a tweak on it.  That or just set it aside since I rarely run a Y-Wing in my lists.
I've still got another A, B, and X to get into the color scheme and there is a Rebel Aces, 2 E-Wings, and a pair of Headhunters in the mail coming that were funded by an eBay sale of some GW BFG that just isn't ever going to see the table top as a cohesive fleet since I can't afford eBay pricing for Strike Cruisers and such to finish the marine fleet.  It brought in a very tidy sum and funded both a decent CBT purchase as well as the above mentioned X-Wing.  I'm also wanting to tackle a YT-1300 conversion and paint but that's going to wait until I get a second one.  I've got one right now and plan on leaving it stock at least.

So that's the Raven Squadron so far.  It's coming along nicely though I'm really wanting to get some Swarm Tactics cards for an A-Wing list based around some of the stuff in the Rebel Aces pack.  I've been putting off Imperial purchases on purpose for now as funding one side of the rebellion is hard enough without going into both sides of it.  So if anyone has a few Swarm Tactics cards they wouldn't mind parting with, please shoot me a message and we'll try and work something out.

That's all for now and I'll see you all later.


Eridani Light Horse 21st Striker Regiment

So I'll go ahead and warn now, this is going to be a bit long of a post.  I want to get my entire 21st Striker Regiment as it stands right now all in one post to reference to as well as to show it off a bit.

As I've said before, Murl had gifted me with 16 pages of Eridani Light Horse material from an early FASA publication.  This stuff includes a complete TOE for the entire force, a breakdown of the monthly expenses for each unit including pay, monthly supply and maintenance costs, overhead, etc.  All the details you'd need to really run the unit.  Plus this material contained the normal background fluff, rank markings, uniforms, etc, and the part I loved best, a complete roster list.  It's got every lance and platoon listed out with pilot or squad leader name, level of experience (green, veteran, elite, etc.), and what equipment.  I also acquired some decals from Fighting Pirannha Graphics that Archon Vortil has been assisting me with as I can't do decals for crap.
The TOE for the entire Eridani Light Horse
Cost and Upkeep Breakdown
Fighting Pirannha Decals, nice quality and reasonable prices
Now then, while I've used the TOE, I haven't stuck to it mech by mech but rather by weight class and role for the most part.  I also kept the names of the major officers like Regimental, Battalion, and Company commanders, but names beyond that have been changed (cause FASA was bad at naming the 3rd guy in the 5th lance, etc).

Unit Collection Coding
X  = Fully Painted, Based, and Decal-ed
*  = Fully Painted and Based
-   = Fully Painted
o  = Model Owned

So, first up is the 21st Striker Regiment Command Company which is missing two tanks and a mech that are part of the artillery lance to protect the Long Toms.  I've got a pair of Demolishers on order to fill in part of that space.  I'm still deciding on the mech.  TOE has a Rifleman in the slot, but I haven't decided yet.

Command Company
Regimental Command Lance

*    Colonel Charles K. Winston, Cyclops
*    Captain George Horten, Novacat
*    Captain Xavier Trompe, Bowman
*    Lt. Heather Broxtin, Quickdraw
Security Lance
*    Captain Paul Hauser, Novacat
*    Lt. Kevin DeSoto, Hunchback
*    Lt. Tomas Gage, Hunchback
*    Lt. Elliot Sheridan, Madcat
Artillery Lance
    Captain Geoffrey Watkins,
*    Lt. Greerson Holland, Long Tom
*    Lt. Carson Tainer, Long Tom
*    Lt. Howard Redmann, Long Tom
*    Lt. Olivia Winslowe, Long Tom
    Lt, Oleg Planatov,
    Lt. Ian O'Kennesy,
1st Infantry Platoon - Motorized Infantry
    Lt. Walter Allenby
*    Sgt. Douglas Haig, Trucks
*    Cpl. James Fisher, Trucks
*    Cpl. Henry Prescott, Trucks
*    Cpl. John Howe, Trucks
2nd Infantry Platoon - Mechanized Infantry
    Lt. Robert Paine
-    Sgt. Doug Steele - Hover Transport
-    Cpl. Amanda Hallister - Hover Transport
-    Cpl. Edmund Burdette - Hover Transport
-    Cpl. William Bagwell - Hover Transport

Next up is the 5th Striker Lance which was just recently started.  I've got a Seydlitz Fighter coming to pair with the lone Dagger to finish the one lance.  I'm still needing 4 more Aerospace Fighters to finish the 25th Heavy Assault Company.  That company is also light in weight class compared to the TOE if/when I start the 3rd Striker Battalion, I will probably slide some of the lighters over into the new unit to put in some heavier mechs to get closer to what's in the TOE.
5th Striker Battalion (Dirkson's Dragonslayers)
Battalion Command Lance (Dirkson's Guards)

o    Major Earl Dirkson, Daishi
o    Captain Claude Tomaslin, Mad Cat
o    Lt. Elise Pienaar, Mad Cat
o    Lt. Coleman Hauser, Orion
4th Company (Pinter's Axmen)
Command Lance

-    Captain Daniel Pinter, Vulture
-    Ryan Wilson, Quickdraw
-    Jillian Giessepe, Grizzley
o    Quentin Veerland, Victor
Strike Lance
-    Lt. Kevin Baird, Awesome
*    Ethan Burke, Enforcer
-    Phillip Cantrell, Crusader
-    Diane Lancaster, Catapult
Recon Lance
o    Lt. Charles Hawestead, Wasp
-    Jason Mannfred, Wolverine
-    Catherine Bennett, Grasshopper
-    Randall Waters, Wasp
Air Lance
-    Lt. Thomas Knowles, Dagger Aerospace Fighter
-    Anthony Wilson, Dagger Aerospace Fighter

7th Company (Tanaka's Company)
Command Lance

-    Captain Tian Tanaka, Dragon
-    Janet McCrory, Jagermech
-    Dennis O'Donnell, Trebuchet
*    Sergei Nakamura, Whitworth
Strike Lance
o    Lt. Shannon Bronskie, Orion
o    Fiona Northbrooke, Daishi
o    Oleg Altunin, Victor
o    Leonard Taussig, Centurian
Recon Lance
-    Lt. Eric Jacobs, Jenner
-    Vasiliy Krepkie, Cicada
-    Jillian Clarkson, Commando
-    Samuel Young, Assassin
Air Lance
-    Lt. Irene Jameson, Dagger Aerospace Fighter
    Ian Brentley

25th Heavy Assault Company (Seflo's Sledgehammers)
Command Lance

o    Captain Misha Selfo, Battlemaster
o    Victor Longe, Grasshopper
-    Deidre Hauser, Dervish
-    Oliver Sternman, Dervish
Strike Lance
o    Lt. Cole Portson, Centurian
*    Hitoshi Katasumi, Whitworth
o    Natasha Solchava, Javelin
o     Alfred Lynch, Javelin
1st Air Lance
    Lt. Ian Andrassy
    Hans Coldewe
2nd Air Lance
    Lt. Kosei Masaki
    Aleksei Beregov

Coming up next is the 7th Striker Battalion.  All this unit is missing is basing the two Aerospace fighters and then decaling the rest of the unit.

7th Striker Battalion (Nigel's Nightslayers)
Battalion Command Lance (Nigel's Guards)

X    Major Jameson Nigel, Flashman
*    Captain Ian Branscombe, Cyclops
*    Lt. Blake Holmes, Zeus
*    Lt. Emily Haerdesky, Victor
11th Company (Pelham's Company)
Red Seven Lance

*    Captain Timothy Pelham, Dragon
*    Madilyn Pritchart, Quickdraw
*    Paul Malherbe, Awesome
*    Douglas Brandei, Highlander
Blue Seven Lance
*    Lt. Li Hsien, Wolverine
*    Andrea Oates, Dervish
*    Matthew Tourni, Valkyrie
*    Elliot Sullivan, Valkyrie
Gold Seven Lance
*    Lt. Harold Crane, Catapult
X    Mark Bronson, Archer
*    Andrew Holbrook, Trebuchet
*    Elaine Hathoway, Catapult
12th Company (Lightning Company)
Silver Lance

*    Captain Elizabeth Henke, Wolverine
*    Jeffery Olmsted, Wolverine
*    Shannon Allenby, Panther
*    Eric Donovan, Thorn
Black Lance
*    Lt. Vincent McCrory, Griffin
*    Marc Baird, Hollander, Wolverine
*    James Cross, Quickdraw
*    Chelsea Dobbs, Grasshopper
Purple Lance
*    Lt. Lisa Brackhaven, Wolverine
X    Sean Boehlert, Jenner
X    Neil Crowley, Jenner
*    Sheila Banich, Raven
Brown Lance
o    Lt. Ivan Chernov, Dagger Aerospace Fighter
o    Trent Mayhew, Dagger Aerospace Fighter
27th Company (Wolfhounds)
Green Lance
*    Major Pierre Bouchard, Highlander
*    Andrea Clavell, Catapult
*    Malcolm Forbes, Enforcer
*    Ibrahim Ghosn, Dragon
White Lance
*    Lt. Lloyd Bancroft, Grasshopper
*    Timothy Leahy, Wolverine
*    Katherine Burke, Valkyrie
*    Roger Waterly, Valkyrie
Platinum Lance
*    Lt. Edmund Dempsey, Centurian
*    Elliot Watkinson. Wolfhound
*    Terrence Pretloe, Centurian
*    Jessica Hearns, , Centurian

The last unit of the Regiment is the 1st Armored Infantry Battalion.  This unit needs a base of halftrack infantry still (I only have one left and need two for the base), get the motorized engineers on a base, and then 3 Mechs for the Command Lance and 4 Mechs for the AA Lance.  All 7 of these mechs will be here when Robotech finally ships.  The engineer platoon is just infantry in the original TOE but having some engineers in a unit like this only makes sense so I made the adjustment.  The two extra tanks at the front of the picture are 40K Epic Baneblades that I'm using as Gurteltier Main Battle Tanks.  They'll take the place of the Rommel/Pattons in post 3080 year games.  The two command track vehicles are also additions on my part because 1. they make sense and 2. they were fun to convert.
1st Armored Infantry Battalion (Mighty Mites)
Battalion Command Lance

*    Major Samuel Perrow, Victor
    Captain Brian Braddock, Warhammer
    Lt. Amanda Sydon, Warhammer
    Lt. Tim Phillips, Rifleman
Tin Can Company
Command Lance

*    Captain Klaus Hesse, Von Luckner
*    Lt. Andrew Fisher. Von Luckner
*    Sgt. Will Yeats, Von Luckner
*    Sgt. Joe Fairmount, Rommel/Patton
*    Sgt. Bradley Sinclair, Rommel/Patton
Strike Lance
*    Lt Llewellyn Trent, Ontos
*    Sgt. Simon Griffith, Ontos
*    Sgt. Doug Puller, Ontos
*    Sgt. Jamie Redmund, Ontos
*    Sgt. Collin Westworth, Hetzer
*    Sgt. Linnet Paulus, Hetzer
Recon Lance
*    Lt. Owen Rache, Saladin
*    Sgt. Edward Niven, Saladin
*    Sgt. Amanda Downing, Saladin
*    Sgt. David Brogues, Saladin
*    Sgt. Victor Ramius, Pegasus
*    Sgt. Nikolai Bondarenko, Pegasus
Alpha Company
*    Captain Lila Oakwood, Mobile Command Vehicle
1st Platoon - Motorized Infantry
    Lt. Hector Torres
*    Sgt. George Osbourne, Trucks
*    Cpl. Allison Blaire, Trucks
*    Cpl. Ian O'Cleary, Trucks
*    Cpl. Jason Allenby, Trucks
2nd Platoon - Mechanized Infantry
    Lt. Tuck Miller
*    Sgt. Owen Yardley, Halftracks
*    Cpl. Chris Morrigan, Halftracks
*    Cpl. James Holmes, Halftracks
*    Cpl. Abigail O'Reilly, Halftracks
3rd Platoon - Mechanized Infantry
    Lt. Richard Diego
*    Sgt. Steve MacGarrett, Halftracks
*    Cpl. Daniel Bull, Halftracks
*    Cpl. Olivet Theisman, Halftracks
    Cpl. Seth Maerkas
4th Platoon - Mechanized Infantry
    Lt. Vince Tulane
*    Sgt. Patricia Parks, Goblin Medium Tank
*    Cpl. Nathan Holmes, Goblin Medium Tank
*    Cpl. Richard Pressby, Goblin Medium Tank
*    Cpl. Dayvid Webley, Goblin Medium Tank
Bravo Company
*    Captain Katherine Burke, Mobile Command Vehicle
1st Platoon - Jump Infantry
    Lt. Nathaniel Greer
*    Sgt. Eduard Altunin
*    Cpl. David Tabanne
*    Cpl, Lionel Foley
*    Cpl. Percy Neville
2nd Platoon - Battle Armor Infantry
    Lt. Erica Tansey
*    Sgt. Franklin Owens
*    Cpl. Vincent Lewis
*    Cpl, Ernest Wexton
*    Cpl. Ilya Vaneyev
3rd Platoon - Battle Armor Infantry
    Lt. Jeffrey Moore
*    Sgt. Mikhail Taussig
*    Cpl. Sean Ambrose
*    Cpl, Grigori Dalmatov
*    Cpl. Elliot Slater
4th Platoon - Engineers
    Lt. Colin MacGuire
*    Sgt. Edward Harding, Engineering Vehicle
*    Cpl. Perry Gibbons, Engineering Vehicle
*    Cpl, James Candless, Engineering Vehicle
    Cpl. Anthony Troubridge, Engineers
Boomer Company
Command Lance
*    Captain Paul Sandoval, Sturmfeur
*    Lt. Manfred VanGeller, Sturmfeur
*    Lt. Trevor Gillespee, LRM Carrier
*    Lt. Victoria Pollack, LRM Carrier
*    Lt. Emilio Ortiz, LRM Carrier
*    Lt. Sonya Lindh, LRM Carrier
AA Lance
    Lt. Thomas Clavell, Rifleman
    Jon Waverly, Rifleman
    Gwen Herdez, Longbow
    Eamon O'Neil, Longbow

And that's where my force stands right now.  Still a lot of work to do but I'm pretty pleased with how it's coming along over the past 8 or 9 months.  I'm hoping to have all that is currently here finished and units completed by the end of the year and then I'll start thinking about the last Striker Battalion after that.  Hope you all enjoyed the breakdown and such as much as I've enjoyed working on them all.


Yes, I'm Still Here, and Some BattleTech

Ok, so I'm a bit overdue on a blog post, apologies for that.  Between the latest attempt at a local game store closing and my new work schedule, a bit over half my gaming opportunities have gone the way of the squats, extinct.  In fact I've gotten exactly 2 games played in the past 5 weeks which is not a good record.  Ah well, hopefully this too shall pass.

Anyway, I've been digging into my BT Starter Box and combed out all the plastics that were in good condition (ie no malformations, holes, missing details, etc) and came up with 12 that were worth painting.  I added to that group a trio of mechs that I got off eBay for a good price and a couple Clan Mechs that I hadn't decided what to do with yet.  This gave me a good group of 18 mechs that I got painted up into ELH colors.  I still need to get them painted.  This group goes into the start of the 5th Striker Battalion of my 21st Striker Regiment.
I still need to get all of these guys based which I plan to work on tomorrow and after work on Wednesday.  I hope to have them all done before the weekend.  I also found some planes I'm able to use as aerospace fighters with two of them assigned to the 7th Striker Battalion to finish off it's TOE 100%.  The other three are going into the 5th Striker which has 4 Aerospace Fighter lances in it compared to just one in the 7th Striker Battalion.  I'm not sure what system these fighters are from, but they're a fairly hefty metal model.  I'll be using them as Dagger Aerospace Fighter as that's the closest visual profile they fit.
So where does this put my Eridani Light Horse 21st Striker Regiment as a whole?

The Regimental Command Company is missing two tanks from the Artillery Lance and the 4 Hover Transports in the 2nd Infantry Platoon need based.

The 5th Striker Battalion is missing 16 Battlemechs and 3 Aerospace Fighters, and 18 Mechs and 3 Aerospace Fighters need basing.

The 7th Striker Battalion is 100% complete and only 2 Aerospace Fighters need basing.

The 1st Armored Infantry Battalion is missing 7 Battlemechs for the Command Lance and AA Lance which will be done when my Robotech pre-order arrives.  It's also missing one base of halftracks from the Alpha Company 3rd Platoon and a base of some sorts to finish off the Engineer Platoon in Bravo Company.

The 3rd Striker Battalion isn't even being considered at this point in time.

So all in all, I'm quite excited about how this force is shaping up.  Still trying to figure out how to get just a single GHQ micro-armor halftrack without either spending way too much for a single tiny model or buying a full blister pack of 5 which I don't need the extras from.

I've got a couple purchases coming so this force will get some additions next week.  One of these is small lot from eBay with an unseen Battlemaster and Wasp plus a Raven mech.  The other is CityTech score that comes with minis.  This means 2 Victors, 2 Orions, 2 Centurions, 2 Javelins, 2 Dashis, 2 Mad Cats, 2 Black Hawks, and 2 Ullers.  These are plastics, but from the pictures they seem to be in very good shape and should be useable.  This will go a long ways towards completing the 5th Striker Battalion and from this point I'll be looking for a deal on some Aerospace fighters.

That's all for now and I'll see you later.


Eridani Light Horse

So work and such has been a bit of a bear lately, plus I've had a new nephew born this past Thursday, so I've not gotten as much hobby related stuff done as I had hoped to.  I have been able to do a bit of trading online plus a purchase off a buddy at the last time I made it up to the Johnson City game night.  This stuff has me at a point where I'm just a few mechs away from finishing off my goal for the Eridani Light Horse.  I'm four infantry bases away from finishing the Regimental Command Company, and then I need to do eight infantry bases and four jump infantry bases to finish the Armored Infantry Battalion.  It's nice seeing the end is closing in on this project and I'll do a huge blog post on the entire force when it's done.

So what all I've added .... first of all, I finally found the Saladin that's been missing for about five months now.  It had slipped somehow under the foam dividing walls in a storage tray.  So with this finally found, I got two more Saladins and a pair of Pegasus hovercraft.  This completed the recon lance for my 1st Armored Infantry Battalion.  (Using the TOE that Murl found for me from an early publication of the Eridani Light Horse, the recon lance has 6 vehicles in it.)
Using some 40K epic models that I got in a JC game night purchase, I put together a lance of Long Toms using imperial guard basilisks for the artillery and marine rhinos for the ammo carriers.  This lance is part of the Regimental Command Company.
I also got another four stands of micro armor trucks done to finish off my last motorized infantry company.  And then there was the other bit of Epic miniatures I got.  I got four Epic Baneblades which are perfectly sized for Battletech, but what to use them as?  I settled on the Gurteltier Main Battle Tank.  It looks very close to the Baneblade and it looks like a very effective combatant, so that'll work well.  I did one up in Eridani Light Horse color scheme and then I'm going to use the other three for my Tamar Heavy Guard.  It's a fairly late in the timeline unit (introduced in the 3080's) so I didn't slot the tank into the TOE proper of my ELH but rather have it in the extra equipment for if I get a game in that time frame where it'll take the place of a Rommel/Patton in the Striker Lance of the Tin Can Company.

So I got off work at 6pm last night and today I don't go into work until noon so I caught the 7:15 showing of Guardians of the Galaxy last night.  I must say it was every bit as well done as Avengers or the other Marvel movies lately.  It's got just the right amount of completely irrelevance and humor in it that's needed for an offbeat group like that going onto the big screen when it's not going to be known to nonGeeks like that.  Even better, of all the previews I'd seen of the movie, none of them turned out to ruin or spoil any of the plot of the movie or show off any of the more interesting twists in the movie which is a nice change of pace.  I hate seeing a preview and then finding out that you've now seen all you really need to see from the movie.  And the guest appearance of Howard the Duck after the credits was definitely not something I think anyone was expecting.

That's all for now and I'll see about another post here in a few days when I get those infantry and battle armor infantry bases done.  I've about decided on a color scheme for my Tamar Heavy Guard so might have a test model for that unit this week as well.  Until later all.