So I'm Still Around ....

Work this past 5 weeks has been a real pain with a major inventory that just took place at the end of this past week.  Since I'm salary management, that means I "get all the overtime I want".  Which translated into me getting all of three days off in the month of September.  Bleh, well it's over at least.

So while my hobby results has been very less than what I'd care for ... borderline nonexistent that is, I HAVE managed to make a few acquisitions that I can show off even though I haven't gotten anything painted and such.

First up is some Classic BattleTech Stuff for my Eridani Light Horse.
 A pair of Demolishers, a Morningstar Command vehicle, and a Solitaire
A Thrush, a Sholagar, a Sedlytz, and a Cheetah expand my aerospace options

Then on the X-Wing front, I got a Rebel Aces, a pair of Headhunters, and a Hawk.  I plan on starting to tweak the Hawk this month now that I've got some days off again.  Plus I'll be getting to play some X-Wing this coming Saturday and some promised CBT with Skylar the following Saturday.  I'm seriously looking forward to getting some major geek time in.

So a brief post for today, but more is yet to come I promise.

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  1. Wow...one gun is that mech packing? Is that some sort of light gauss?