X-Wing in Blue Mode

So Cheef has been showing off his and his GF's X-Wing repaints (found here and here), so I thought I'd show off what I've done so far myself.  First of all we've got an alphabetical order group shot.  (Though this shot does have me wondering when they're going to add the New Republic K-Wing bomber to go with the E-Wing from the same time frame.  Seems a shame to leave out an option like that.  Though a recon X-Wing wouldn't be bad either .... )
As you can see I've got with a blue motif and I'm pretty happy with how they've all come out with the exception of the Y-Wing.  I'm not happy with it and I'll have to either start over or figure out a tweak on it.  That or just set it aside since I rarely run a Y-Wing in my lists.
I've still got another A, B, and X to get into the color scheme and there is a Rebel Aces, 2 E-Wings, and a pair of Headhunters in the mail coming that were funded by an eBay sale of some GW BFG that just isn't ever going to see the table top as a cohesive fleet since I can't afford eBay pricing for Strike Cruisers and such to finish the marine fleet.  It brought in a very tidy sum and funded both a decent CBT purchase as well as the above mentioned X-Wing.  I'm also wanting to tackle a YT-1300 conversion and paint but that's going to wait until I get a second one.  I've got one right now and plan on leaving it stock at least.

So that's the Raven Squadron so far.  It's coming along nicely though I'm really wanting to get some Swarm Tactics cards for an A-Wing list based around some of the stuff in the Rebel Aces pack.  I've been putting off Imperial purchases on purpose for now as funding one side of the rebellion is hard enough without going into both sides of it.  So if anyone has a few Swarm Tactics cards they wouldn't mind parting with, please shoot me a message and we'll try and work something out.

That's all for now and I'll see you all later.

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