Eridani Light Horse

So work and such has been a bit of a bear lately, plus I've had a new nephew born this past Thursday, so I've not gotten as much hobby related stuff done as I had hoped to.  I have been able to do a bit of trading online plus a purchase off a buddy at the last time I made it up to the Johnson City game night.  This stuff has me at a point where I'm just a few mechs away from finishing off my goal for the Eridani Light Horse.  I'm four infantry bases away from finishing the Regimental Command Company, and then I need to do eight infantry bases and four jump infantry bases to finish the Armored Infantry Battalion.  It's nice seeing the end is closing in on this project and I'll do a huge blog post on the entire force when it's done.

So what all I've added .... first of all, I finally found the Saladin that's been missing for about five months now.  It had slipped somehow under the foam dividing walls in a storage tray.  So with this finally found, I got two more Saladins and a pair of Pegasus hovercraft.  This completed the recon lance for my 1st Armored Infantry Battalion.  (Using the TOE that Murl found for me from an early publication of the Eridani Light Horse, the recon lance has 6 vehicles in it.)
Using some 40K epic models that I got in a JC game night purchase, I put together a lance of Long Toms using imperial guard basilisks for the artillery and marine rhinos for the ammo carriers.  This lance is part of the Regimental Command Company.
I also got another four stands of micro armor trucks done to finish off my last motorized infantry company.  And then there was the other bit of Epic miniatures I got.  I got four Epic Baneblades which are perfectly sized for Battletech, but what to use them as?  I settled on the Gurteltier Main Battle Tank.  It looks very close to the Baneblade and it looks like a very effective combatant, so that'll work well.  I did one up in Eridani Light Horse color scheme and then I'm going to use the other three for my Tamar Heavy Guard.  It's a fairly late in the timeline unit (introduced in the 3080's) so I didn't slot the tank into the TOE proper of my ELH but rather have it in the extra equipment for if I get a game in that time frame where it'll take the place of a Rommel/Patton in the Striker Lance of the Tin Can Company.

So I got off work at 6pm last night and today I don't go into work until noon so I caught the 7:15 showing of Guardians of the Galaxy last night.  I must say it was every bit as well done as Avengers or the other Marvel movies lately.  It's got just the right amount of completely irrelevance and humor in it that's needed for an offbeat group like that going onto the big screen when it's not going to be known to nonGeeks like that.  Even better, of all the previews I'd seen of the movie, none of them turned out to ruin or spoil any of the plot of the movie or show off any of the more interesting twists in the movie which is a nice change of pace.  I hate seeing a preview and then finding out that you've now seen all you really need to see from the movie.  And the guest appearance of Howard the Duck after the credits was definitely not something I think anyone was expecting.

That's all for now and I'll see about another post here in a few days when I get those infantry and battle armor infantry bases done.  I've about decided on a color scheme for my Tamar Heavy Guard so might have a test model for that unit this week as well.  Until later all.

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