It's A Small Wagh After All

So this past Saturday evening, I ventured up to JC and their local FLGS for a night of 40K.  I was facing off against Cheef's Orks and it seemed we both planned on bringing the armor 14.  I did it a touch better though with 3 land raiders to his 2 battle wagons.
Lions of Harlech
Captain w/ Artificer, Storm Shield, Power Weapon
Command Squad w/ Champion (Power Sword), Apothecary, and 3 Vets with Power Swords
2 Landraiders
1 Landraider Crusader
2 Tactical Squads with Flamer and Heavy Bolter
1 Nine Man Scout Squad w/ Cloaks and Sniper Rifles
Ork List
War Boss w/ Power Claw attached to a 30 boy squad
Battle Wagon full of Tank Bustas
Battle Wagon full of Warboss w/ Nobs, mix of Huge Choppas and Choppas, Boss Pole and Pain Boy
Grot Lobba
Grot Cannon
Aegis Line with Gun
Small Commando Unit w/ Power Claw

Game ended up being Big Guns Never Tire with 5 objectives and short table edge deployment.
Lions Deployment
I missed getting a pic of his deployment somehow but he put his Grot stuff behind the aegis on the hill at the back of his deployment, his battlewagons beside each other on his right flank, and large boy squad in the middle.
My first turn was uneventful with landraiders moving up and only a few boys dying in the middle squad.  His turn saw the tankbusters get a glance on a landraider and his lobba killed a pair of scouts.
Turn two is where I began to thin out the big squad majorly.  The landraider and crusader moved up and the tactical squad deployed.  Between flamer, hurricane bolters, bolters, heavy bolter, assault cannon ... The squad went WAY down in size.  I also put a wound on the grot cannon.
He then moved the boys toward my squad, Matilda moved up with the tankbustas and the other battlewagon went sideways toward the middle of the board unloading the nobs onto an objective.  He killed another scout with the lobba which was pinned on a double box car roll.  All his shooting into the tactical squad killed 1 marine.  Overwatch killed 3 orks and then he failed the charge by rolling a combined 3 inches.
Turn three I started by unloading the command squad out the crusader and the tactical squad shimmied over a bit to get a better angle for the flamer.  Landraiders all moved for better angles and to avoid being autohit targets if charged.  Shooting took the boy squad down to just the warboss, first blood finally scored.  I also put a wound on the Aegis gun.  The landraider on the far side put a hull point on Matilda and took out the zap gun.  The command squad and captain charged the nobs.  I managed only 2 wounds to his 3 inflicted back but passed leadership.  This was the beginning of a VERY long combat.

His commandos showed up and came in near Matilda which managed a third glance on my landraider on that side.  He pinned my scouts again by killing two with his lobba and an 11 rolled on my part.  His empty battlewagon tankshocked my tactical squad and I moved safely out of the way.  His lone warboss charged the Crusader and destroyed it.  The Wagh was declared this turn and the reroll was needed for that warbosses charge.  Since the one model was the only one that got to use the Wagh, I still maintain that this was a very small Wagh.  The combat between command squad was a grind with a wound on each side.  I was down to my captain and the apothecary.  He killed another scout this turn as well.

I then forgot to take some pictures for a while but how it went down was like this.  My turn 4 I rammed his Matilda with my Landraider for no damage and then took a hull point off it with lascannons. Empty landraider finished off the aegis gun.  My tactical squad charged his empty battlewagon with krak grenades and managed two glances after missing with 6 out of 8 attacks.  The central combat continued onwards with my captain taking a wound and 1 nob dying but he stayed in the combat with the boss pole reroll which finished a second wounded nob off.

His turn saw his warboss assault my empty landraider but only get a single glancing hit on it which his commado boss charged the full landraider with a wiffage.  The combat in the middle saw no wounds on either side and on it went.

My turn five I backed up my full landraider onto an objective and shooting from it killed two commandos.  My empty landraider tank moved up and killed the grot cannon while the tactical squad charged and finished off the empty battlewagon.  Central combat saw only one wound on the nobs but easily passed leadership.

His turn five saw the grots without a cannon move toward the objective by the grot lobba.  The commandos moved toward the full landraider but failed the charge range.  My Apothecary finally died and then my captain took a second wound but didn't flee.

My turn six saw the tactical squad unload from the landraider and shoot down the commandos in a hail of bolter fire.  The other landraider tankshocked the cannon grots and the lobba which broke them both with the cannon grots going completely off the table.  My captain finally died and I made a note to no matter what, find the points for the relic blade as needing fours to wound was nigh impossible.

His turn six saw the lobba grots continue to flee off the table and his tankbustas failed to get the final hull point off the other landraider. Turn six was where it ended when rolled for and we counted it up.  We both had 2 objectives, both had warlord kills, then I had line breaker and had killed 2 heavy slots to his 1 killed in return which made it a two point win for me.
All in all it was a tightly contested game and I don't think either of us were expecting what the other brought so it made it interesting there as well.  I also took pleasure in the fact that another marine player (interestingly enough named Corey) was taking the other ork army represented that night to the woodshed as well.  It was not a good night to be a greenskin.


  1. Winning by 2 points is taking me to the woodshed? Hardly. Perhaps if you took out my nobs in a tun rather than dying after 4 turns instead...lol.

    1. It's not my fault your guys wouldn't charge more than 4 or 5 inches ever.

  2. Yeah, this sounds like a pretty close game actually. I love the games where you can't tell who won until the points are tallied.