Naval Regiment

So yesterday in the mail came my latest purchases via eBay.  Two Destroyer Tank Hunters are now here to supplement my slowly growing Cymric Sub-Sector Battle Fleet 4th Naval Infantry Regiment.  I'm going with a 4 Battalion formation with this regiment.  1st Battalion and 2nd Battalion will be Infantry Battalions.  3rd Battalion will be an Armored Battalion.  4th Battalion will be Artillery and other support units.
The Infantry Battalions will primarily be veteran squads (armsmen) and regular squads (ratings and such organized into units) with scions (SBS type squads) to give them a bit more punch.  For the Armor Battalion, I want to add a few more basic tanks of course and then some Hellhound type options.  For the 4th Battalion, I'm thinking some artillery vehicles of course (basilisk, manticore, etc) and then anti-air with at least a couple hydras.  Then to round the battalion out, any flyers such as Vendettas and Valkyries.

I don't have any plans to use Ogryns or Ratlings due to it being a naval force and mutations like that would be seen by the higher ups that the force had been tainted in warp jumps.  Any other suggestions on what to maybe add or consider would be appreciated.

And then last of all in the same eBay order, my Lions got a new vehicle as well.  An all up lascannon Predator has been commissioned into service.
So that's it for now and I'll try to have something new up before long.  Enjoy all.


  1. Knowing you, you'll actually have a FULL regiment too...

    1. No plans for it unless someone just drops a ton of miniatures on me. Just enough to field a 1500 to 2000 point force will be enough for me. They're allies, not an army.

  2. Darn it Kushial 1500-2000 IS AN ARMY! LOL!