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So it's been one of those hectic crazy stretches between work and home which has prevented me from getting a couple normal blog posts done, so I wanted to take a bit of time to talk about what sort of projects I've got working on at the moment, what I want to get started, and what I need to get back to.  I wanted to do a Bat Rep on the CBT game I got in with Cheef last Sat but like the two true bloggers we are, neither of us took a single picture.  It was an enjoyable game that I was pretty sure part way in that he was going to clean my clock on, but my forces managed to rally enough to win the battle of attrition.  I do believe his Manticore tank put forth a performance worthy of a paint job, so I'm hoping to see that at least on one of his upcoming blogs.

So moving on, first of all let's talk about current projects.  I've got my first batch of Scions (with two more boxes coming for a totally of two 10 man squads) that are being assembled to represent Imperial Naval Marines, sort of an Imp Guard SBS team to back up the Naval Infantry that were previously shown in the blog.  I've also recently acquired the base rulebook and templates for Battle Fleet Gothic and have begun trying to learn those rules.

Next up we've got the Knight House fluff to finish and I need to finish the blog posts on the companies that I've already acquired of the Lions of Harlech.  There should be 3rd, 4th, and 5th Companies still left to do.  There is also an inbound purchase from eBay of a Death Watch Kill Team that will join the inquisition forces allied with the Lions.  My present plans are to field them as a Sternguard squad.  I'm kind of excited to see this group when they arrive as one of the marines is from the Emperor's Pointy Sticks of Turn Signals On A Landraider fame.   In addition to all that I want to see about finishing painting and basing my Eridani Light Horse and start painting on the Lions' Fleet units.

For the future plans, I'm looking for a 40K scale British WWII army Bren Carrier to use as a gun tractor for the Naval Infantry force.  If someone has a suggestion for this that doesn't run the $50 that the DKK Forge World option runs or the $45 off brand variants that I've found, I'd like to hear about it.  I'm also still looking for some cannon carriages to mount the autocannons and lascannons on so they look a bit more Naval Infantry shore party as well.

Last of all, I've started getting some bits to represent chapter serfs as well as terrain to start building a diorama of sorts to help showcase new models.  Plus I think it'd just be cool to have some terrain themed directly to my army.  To that end, RTVortil has agreed to cast me some watchers in the dark from the Dark Angels line that I have some conversion plans for.  I'm also looking at some laser cut terrain for purchase to start work on a great hall/command bunker piece.

So that's what all is on the agenda for the Lions and the Blog this year.  Again, if there are any questions, requests, or suggestions, feel free to ask or drop a line in the comments.

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