Knight House

So I've been working on the fluff for my Knight House some and thought I'd share what there is so far.
Imperial Knight House Heorot

Commander:    Eorl Janus Hrothgar
World:        Knight World of Jutland in the Geats System
Heraldry:    Half White with Black Imperial Eagle
                   Half Dark Red with White Rook

The Knight World of Jutland was one of the last Knight Worlds rediscovered by the Great Crusade, but it is one of the most energetic in it's fanatical defense of the Imperium.  It has vows and oaths tying it to the Forge World of Goedrean.  It also has formalized oaths of defense and aid with the Lions of Harlech in the Cyrmu System.  Indeed, a strike cruiser and a trio of destroyers or frigates are often within the Geats System to aid in it's defense.

Jutland is a land of turbulent storm tossed seas, snow and ice covered islands and mountains, and deep treacherous islets.  It's people are a hearty sea faring folk that survive on fishing and raiding other villages to survive.  The Knight Houses of Jutland do their part to keep these raids from destroying villages and often have accepted oaths of fealty to protect villages near their keeps. 

The Imperial Knight House Heorot is one of the more successful Houses on the world.  It exemplifies what being an Imperial Knight means on the world of Jutland.  Minor Houses and Freelancers in the Geats System often look to Heorot for leadership in times of crisis.  While they have sworn some oaths of loyalty and assistance to the Forge World of Goedrean, their first loyalty is to the Imperium as a whole, not the Mechanicum.

Eorl Hrothgar has lead House Heorot for a great number of years now and has been grooming his eldest son, Edmund Hrothgar, for leadership of the House.  Other notable warriors of the house include Thane Stefan Beowulf, Thane Paulus Eadgils, and Thane Edmund Ohtere.  Also noteworthy is the Ceorl Viktor Beowulf, son of Stefan, who has earned the nickname "Grendel" for his slaying of monsterous sea serpents on Jutland.

And that's the fluff so far.  Hope you all enjoy it and since my vacation has officially started, I'm going to try and make some headway on a lot of the other pending posts the end of this week and next week.

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