The Big Game Highlights

So Saturday was the big apocalypse game, and overall it was fun.  There were definitely a few bumps in the road but all in all not too bad of a first outing.  The biggest thing that needs to be corrected for any future games is actually starting in the morning.  As it was, instead of everyone being there at 10am and starting at 11am, everyone was there by 12:30 and we started around 1:30, which meant after breaks and such, the third and final turn ended right around midnight.

So let's get to the pics of the table itself to start with.  Apologies now for how the pics look, the lighting was a The table was three boards pushed together on the long edges.  Deployment zones were corners with an 18inch buffer zone in the middle.
Next will be the pics of the forces of chaos and their orc allies.
 The forces of the Imperium deployed
A couple more shots of the ork and chaos forces.
So I had planned to take some more pics, but since the phone reception was borderline, my battery ran itself down to dead while I was amongst the ones waiting for the others to arrive.  It completely died soon after dice started rolling.

My personal contribution to the game was:
     1 Chapter Master with goodies
     9 five man Devastator Squads with Missile Launchers and Flakk
     6 five man Devastator Squads with Lascannons
     5 five man Devastator Squads with Plasma Cannons
     1 Avenger Fighter
     3 Stormtalons
     2 Landraider Terminus Ultras
My forces were pointed up as Star Phantoms for this game to use their Chapter Tactic rule allowing me to count salvo and heavy weapons as twinlinked for one turn.

And then my models fielded by others: a jump pack chaplain borrowed by the Blood Angel player fielding close to 100 Death Company models, and my 4 Super Heavy Tanks used by the Guard player.

However, on to some of the game highlights.  My personal favorite of the game was shooting down 4 Hell Turkeys and wounding a 5th enough for someone else to get the last hull point.  I also managed to ground and kill two Bloodthirsters and ground Angroth who took 7 wounds from titan D-weapons but managed to live due to lack of a turn 4.  I also managed to kill an Ork trukk, 5 Deff Kopters, a handful of boys and nobs, a few Chaos Terminators, and a Slaanesh chariot thing that looked like an old push mower being towed along.

Some of the interesting wrinkles and tricks pulled in the game included:
1.  Grey Knight Warp Quake to bust up the turn two heavy deep strike assault by demonic forces which saw a couple units killed, 3 misplaced which then were used to block their vehicles, and the rest back into reserve.

2.  The Blood Angel player taking a C'tan shard to make our enemies treat difficult terrain as dangerous.  That one was rough on the ork boys.

3.  An Inquisitor casting Prescience on a Titan for scatter rerolls on the D-weapon templates.

4.  (An enemy highlight but it was fun to watch) Over 600+ points of Death Company being killed by a Baneblade going up in an Apocalyptic explosion.

In the end, the Forces of the Imperium pulled out a roughly 12 point victory which isn't too shabby.  Each side had two objectives that scored a point for each turn number.  So Turn One they're worth 1 point each, Turn Two makes them Two Points each, etc.  Then there was a central objective worth double.  Both sides had their own objective and no one had the central one.  At the end of Turn Two, the Imperial Forces had ours, the central, and contested one of the chaos ones.  Turn Three saw Chaos holding one, contesting one, Center contested, and we held both of ours.  They also scored 2 Victory Points for destroying Super Heavy Tanks and we score 2 for killing a Stompa and the Lord of Skulls.

And last of all to finish this up, I finally FINALLY have seen the Taurus Prime in person and it was built in a way that I LIKE and that MAKES SENSE.  It had been Orkified into a Looted Wagon.  As an Imperial Guard vehicle, it's stink on a stick.  As an Ork vehicle?  Heck yeah, it works NICE.  So the problem is just that it was released for the wrong codex.

That's all for now and I'll see you later.

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