Deathwatch and a Big Game

So my eBay Deathwatch Kill Team arrived in the mail today.  10 models total to an ok painting standard.  8 are with bolters/stormbolters and then there is one plasma cannon and one heavy bolter.  My plan is still to use these models as Sternguard or Inquisitor retinue.
For Turn Signal on a Landraider fans
So my main task for the evening is getting prepped for an Apocalypse game that starts in the morning.  I'll be fielding two reserve Devastator companies, a quartet of flyers, and a couple Landraider Terminus Ultras.  Someone else is borrowing and fielding my four super heavy tanks.  Thus quite a large contingent of my models will get to see the playing field tomorrow.

My main goal for the evening is getting everything packed, double checked and loaded into the car tonight so it's easy to head out in the morning.  I'm only packing what's needed so that should help streamline deployment and set up tomorrow, but I want to make sure I don't forget any templates, extra dice, etc.  I've fielded more points in a game before, but this will hands down be the largest total point game I've been in so far.

I'll try to get some pictures and post some overall impressions of the game afterwards.  That's all for now Lions Fans and we'll see you all later.


  1. Apocalypse game? Sweet! Not only take pics, for a battlereport/summary, but this might even call for a historic footnote as well!

    1. It's roughly 25,000 points of Imperial forces versus 25,000 points of Chaos and aliens. Our side in addition to my Lions, will deployed with Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Imperial Guard (who is borrowing my super heavy tanks), and Grey Knight/Inquisition. The foe will have Red Corsairs, Iron Warriors, Demons, and Orks. One of their players had to drop out and they're adjusting points to compensate.