The First Company

So this time around, we've got the 1st Company of the Lions of Harlech.

1st Company, Veteran Company "Icons of Honor"
    The 1st Company very rarely deploys in its entirety.  It mainly deploys no more than one or two squads at a time to bolster other units either as Sternguard or Vanguard squads or in terminator squads to lend heavy assault power.  The 1st Company prides itself on the fact that even though its squads has been bested in combat in its long storied history, none have ever broken.  The veterans of the chapter hold themselves to an even higher standard than expected of the regular battle brothers of the chapter.
From Left to Right: CSB Staevron, Captain Dyredd, and CC Osfryd
Captain Pedr Dyfedd, Regent of Cymru
    Company Champion Damion Osfryd
    Company Standard Bearer Staevron Maege
    87 Space Marine Veterans
Veteran Squad Ealdredd
        Veteran Squad Ealdredd, Vet Sgt Ealdredd
Veteran Squad Pyne

        Veteran Squad Pyne, Vet Sgt Coelbyn Pyne
Veteran Squad Bardiche
        Veteran Squad Bardiche, Vet Sgt Bardiche
Veteran Squad Aelwaen
        Veteran Squad Aelwaen, Vet Sgt Aelwaen
Veteran Squad Helevorn
        Veteran Squad Helevorn, Vet Sgt Helevorn
Veteran Squad Teiglin
        Veteran Squad Teiglin, Vet Sgt Teiglin
Veteran Squad Faermir
        Veteran Squad Faermir, Vet Sgt Koln Faermir
Veteran Squad Camras
        Veteran Squad Camras, Vet Sgt Camras
        Veteran Squad Miraborn, Vet Sgt Ilian Miraborn
        Veteran Squad Eicherheim, Vet Sgt Eicherheim
    8 Dreadnoughts
Gweirwys and Celebrant
        Leviathan Dreadnought Gweirwys
        Chaplain Dreadnought Celebrant
Sirranon, Malduin, and Bleddynwyr
        Contemptor Dreadnought Sirannon
        Contemptor Dreadnought Malduin
        Contempror Dreadnought Bleddynwyr
Celduin, Maldwyn, and Morthond
        Venerable Dreadnought Celduin
        Dreadnought Maldwyn
        Dreadnought Morthond
The First Company Assembled
So as it stands, I need to get another squad of Terminators built .... maybe most of another and up the total of Veterans into the 90s ... we'll see.  As I'm sure you've all noticed, I've finally slotted which dreadnoughts are in which company, but I'll be doing a post down the road that includes the fluff for each dreadnought.  With the new Calth Terminators, it's let me pick out the leadership as well, so while I've had the model for the First Company Captain for a while, the Standard Bearer is now pulled out of squad duty and a newly acquired FW Badab War Lugft Huron model for the Company Champion.  His lion head shoulder pad will really make him stand out.

So that's what we've got for now.  Hope you're enjoying the updates as much as I've had fun updating it, and I'll see you all next time.


10th Company

So this is the first of the updated organization posts of my Lions of Harlech.  I'm starting with the 10th Company after the scout squad did so admirably in the game against Neverness.  What I've done is add a general deployment for each company as well as the squad names and the sgt names for each squad are listed as well.  A number of the Sgts are 30K marines in Mk IV Recon Armor.  It seemed to fit just right with the theme as well as aesthetically.  There is also a Telion model and a few other unique models to stand out as Sgts.
Some of the Sgts
 I currently have the 10th Company's command squad and then one model shy of 10 full scout companies.  This is the company that is farthest from "complete" versus the fluff, but there are no plans to add any more scouts unless I just happen to find some really good deal on eBay or somewhere else.
The 10th Company
10th Company, Scout Company
    The 10th Company is broken up and each squad is deployed in one of three ways.  One third are deployed in the Cymru system for training.  One third are  deployed with other Companies.  The final third are deployed to neighboring systems for training and scouting duties.  The chapter's chaplains and veterans regularly spend time with the scouts to impart their wisdom as well as teach them the strict honor codes that bind them as a chapter.

     Recruits are gathered by The Ice Reaving.  Once every two years, three weeks of games involving skill, strength, and stamina are held on both Cymru III and Cymru IV to pick new recruits for the chapter from the youths of the underground hives as well as the tundra nomads  Members of the system's Planetary Defense Force may also compete for a place with permission from their commanding officers.
Captain Edric Corbray and his Command Squad
Captain Edric Corbray, Master of Recruits
    24 Scout Squads
        Scout Squad Waellim, Sgt Waellim
        Scout Squad Arvalain, Sgt Arvalain
        Scout Squad Niamth, Sgt Niamth
        Scout Squad Teive, Sgt Teive
        Scout Squad Gilraen, Sgt Tyr Gilraen
        Scout Squad Isidore, Sgt Isidore
        Scout Squad Osric, Sgt Osric
        Scout Squad Camlach, Sgt Javier Camlach
        Scout Squad Eisande. Sgt Eisande
        Scout Squad Maelcon, Sgt Maelcon
        Scout Squad Kalderaan, Sgt Kalderaan
        Scout Squad Thaeghis, Sgt Thaeghis
        Scout Squad Isidor, Sgt Isidor
        Scout Squad Aelric, Sgt Aelric
        Scout Squad Grainne, Sgt Grainne
        Scout Squad Timmorn, Sgt Timmorn
        Scout Squad Vardien, Sgt Vardien
        Scout Squad Siovale, Sgt Siovale
        Scout Squad Ghislan, Sgt Ghislan
        Scout Squad Eamonn, Sgt Eamonn
        Scout Squad Kullaan, Sgt Kullaan
        Scout Squad Baerdinon, Sgt Baerdinon
        Scout Squad Tielhar, Sgt Tielhar
        Scout Squad Astoric, Sgt Astoric
Squads Waellim, Arvalain, Niamth, Teive, and Gilraen
Squads Isidore, Osric, Camlach, Eisande, and Maelcon
So that's the 10th Company all revamped, though a bit over half are in need of paint.  Next up will be the victorious 4th Company and then probably the 1st Company.  Enjoy and I'll see you all next time.


The Lions Continue To Grow

So with the way work was this week, I only made some progress, not as much as I had hoped to though.  I did get the third tactical squad assembled.  Like the other two, I went with the Heavy Bolter and Gravgun.  The Sgt likewise got a power sword and a combi-melta.
I then had a chance to get the entire batch primed and they're spending the night drying.
It's definitely the largest addition to my Lions of Harlech in quite a while.  So with that, there has been some overhauling and expansion of the fluff.  Next week I'll begin reposting each Company (and post the Companies that never made it on the blog previously).  While unfortunately this means Neverness will get to redo a whole lot of the links in the Gallery and History sections, it's been fun digging into and creating new fluff for the Lions.  The 40K battle with Neverness sort of got my 40K feelings going and I definitely want to get some more games in in the coming months.

So a short post today but there is plenty coming in the coming weeks.  I'll see you all next time.


RPGs and 40K Space Marines

So this past Saturday was Free RPG day, and I made it up to Dewayne's in Kingsport to partake in the fun.  I had a seat at Mike's game of Actung! Chtulhu and it's an interesting game.  Other games taking place were Frostgrave demo games, some Spelljammer, and Savage Worlds.  There was a nice turnout and plenty of free giveaways as well.
One of the cool giveaways

Actung! Cthulhu was quite interesting to play.  It's set in the period around ww2.  This particular scenario took place after the Munich Agreement gave most of Czech to Germany but before war actually broke out.  Using percentile dice, it can be pretty unforgiving as well.  After the party's briefing session, the four PC's were bundled onto a converted long range patrol bomber and dropped way behind the lines into German occupied Czechoslovakia.  Here is where the dice first showed how mean this game can be.  All the characters had a 50% chance (aiming for under that total) on the dice to land safely.  Only one managed to do so, and two were injured.  One (the commanding officer of course) almost killed himself and got to soldier on with a mere 2 hit points left.  The game flows pretty well, and combat can be nasty quickly.  One flubbed roll and you could find yourself hurt badly or dead pretty quick.  But all in all it was a fun game and I wouldn't mind giving it another go sometime.
I also managed to continue making progress on the marines in the Calth box set.  I finished two squads of tactical marines which leaves me one to assemble to finish off the box.  Both Sgts got a power weapon and a combi-melta.  The special weapon for each squad is a Grav-gun just so that I have that option to field now.  I did the Heavy Bolters rather than the Missile Launchers as the heavy option for two reasons.  First is that I'm not a fan of the Pez dispenser look of the retro Missile Launchers.  Second is that ..... well, Heavy Bolters is the only Heavy Weapon I don't seem to have around 20 of, so that option needed buffed up some.

So the plan is to get the last tactical squad assembled tomorrow after work and then when I'm off work on Wednesday, get them all primered.  By the end of the week I want to start getting some replacement posts up for the Lions as well.  The Titan and Super Heavies were all sold off to fund Bolt Action, BattleTech, and X-Wing, as were a number of vehicles as well (I'm actually in the single digits on Rhinos).  Plus there are other changes (like all the new Dreadnoughts) as well, so plenty that needs updating.

That's all for now though and thanks for coming by.  I'll see you all next time.


All Over The Place

Oh we're in for a treat today.  We've got 40K, more BattleTech Ghost Bears, and even some Bolt Action.  So sit back and enjoy the ride.
First up, let's see the last of the BattleTech Ghost Bears.  All the Elementals are based so the entire force is 100% complete.  Now I just have to talk Murl or Screech or someone into a game to get them on the table top.  I don't enjoy the painting part of the hobby and I often have to force myself to make progress on this front, so for me to have an entire force of ANYTHING entirely painted is a real achievement I'm proud of.  Now I need to start clearing some more Eridani Light Horse off the list.
Next on the list is some reinforcements for my British Airborne forces.  I've been wanting to Paras on Bikes for a while now.  A three paycheck month happened to fall just as I got a discount code from Warlord.  So two squads of bikes were ordered and arrived the middle of this week.  Half of them are now assembled, and I should have the rest assembled sometime next week.  I also still need to finish the rest of that box of Commandos to use as Paras as well.
Now on to the biggie.  I finally bought a 40K (ok, technically 30K) Calth box.  With my love of almost all things Dreadnought, the Contemptor was the first thing to be assembled.  I used the spare arm on the armless Contemptor I've had for quite a while, so now it just needs one now.  And yes, that means I now have 5 Contemptor Dreadnoughts and 20 total Dreadnoughts of all types now.  And no, I don't have a problem, I could not buy any dreadnought that wasn't interesting or appealing anytime I want.

Ok, moving on!  The Chaplain model from the Calth box was next.  This will be Chaplain Tobyn Pyke, Master of Sanctity, head of all the Lions of Harlech's chaplains.  It's a great model and I love the Crozius and how the cloak looks on the model.  It's got a lot of personality and went together really easily.
Then I've got the Captain in terminator armor and four terminators put together.  The Captain will be Captain Pedr Dyfedd, Regent of Cymru, Commander of the First Company (the Icons of Honor).  All five have chainfists so are ready to dish out massive destruction to anything in their way.

But way I hear you say "the Calth box comes with FIVE terminators, not four."  No, I'm not missing one.  The last one I got having fun with the bits box to create another character from my chapter's fluff.  Using some bits from the Mechanicus Warstrider box (yes, I bought one of those a while back just to use the bits out of it) as well as some other bits, we now have Inquisitor Jaemes Kaelleon, Ordo Hereticus, Radical Inquisitor (Libricar), one of my chapter's allies.  Being a Radical Inquisitor, he has the sort of tech weapons that might be frowned upon in some quarters, but he gets the job down.  I really like how he came out and this is the sort of conversion that makes 40K so much fun.

So that's where we're at for now.  What's up for the next couple weeks?  The rest of the British Para Bikers, some Eridani Light Horse hopefully, the marines from the Calth box, ..oh there is so much more lined up that I need to get through.  I'm also planning to go back and start redoing the chapter pics and blog posts of the Lions.  I never got half of them done before and what was done is out of date now too.  There's lots and lots of fun stuff coming this summer and I hope you all are enjoying the ride.


Clash With Kharn's Khornies Part 2

Welcome back for part two of the epic clash of Lions vs Black Legion Khorne.  Last post had the two force lists, so now we're ready to get into the actual battle.  Our FLGS, the Johnson City Hobby Town, is great when it comes to supporting local gamers and has quite a nice selection of terrain to use.  We went with some of the Battle Realm board squares, some nice jungle themed city terrain, some woods, and a scattering of bunker strong points.

We rolled for long table edge deployment and Big Guns Never Tire for the mission with 4 objectives in a line down the middle.  One was by the bunker at the top of the picture, one in between the two buildings just above the midpoint of the board, one in the open area in the middle of the large building, and the last in the woods at the bottom of the picture.  Neverness won the roll to deploy and go first, and took the right side of the board based on the picture.
Board Set Up
He put his Helbrute, Vindicator, and Landraider with the large Black Legion Squad inside it on his right flank, Kharn and his Berzerkers had the middle of the board, and his bikers and small squad has the left flank.  His Daemon Prince and Terminators were in reserve.  I deployed Tactical Squad Bleddyn, Devestator Squad Bretheil, and the Thunderfire Cannon on my left flank, Captain Glyndwr with Tactical Squad Gwionyn in the middle, and Tactical Squad Breithal, Assault Squad Valerius, and Devastator Squad Esgalion held my right flank.  The Sky Talon, both Ironclad Dreads in Drop Pods, and the Sternguard in Drop Pod were all in reserve.  Scout Squad Osric infiltrated onto the objective in the middle of the woods.  The mysterious part turned out to allow 1s in shooting to be rerolled.  The Imperial Fish successor chapter in me was not amused.
Forces Deployed as Turn 1 Starts
I failed to seize the initiative so Neverness started his turn one.  He began with a general push forward which included the Helbrute running to seize the topmost objective.  His Vindicator fired the first shot of the game at my Devastator Squad on the flank but it scattered wildly enough to kill two Tactical Marines instead with a 3rd lost at the end of the turn to the Soulblaze.  The Landraider destroyed the Thunderfire Cannon but failed to get the Techmarine.  He also shot at my Scouts but I made all the cover saves.

I responded by bringing in both Ironclads to start my turn.  Both landed with no scatter between his two tanks.  This let an Ironclad deploy behind his Vindicator and the other between the two with it's flanks covered by the two Drop Pods.  My middle and right Tactical Squads and my Assault Squad all advanced.  Between the left Dev Squad and the Tactical Squad's missile launchers, his Helbrute was killed for First Blood.  The Vindicator was shaken and the Landraider was stunned.  He also lost 3 Bikers to Missiles and the Scouts.  Score at the end of Turn 1 was 5 to 0 (First Blood, Linebreaker, and 1 Objective for me, no score yet for Neverness).
End of Turn 1
Neverness didn't get any reserves on Turn 2.  His Bikers and the small Black Legion Squad advanced on the Scouts.  The Vindicator moved up and turned sideways to get the Ironclad from having a shot at it's backside.  His Berzerkers closed on the closest Ironclad.  He killed 3 Scouts with shooting but failed to charge them with the two remaining bikes.  His Berzerkers charged the Ironclad by wrapping around the Landraider and Drop Pods, and destroyed it.  But since Kharn only managed two hull points, he lost a Berzerker to combat before his Champion melta-bombed the last hull point.

My turn two started with the Sternguard arriving but not the Sky Talon.  The Sternguard came down on the second from top Objective.  I advanced all 3 Tactical Squads (Left one now on the top Objective) and the Assault Squad.  The Scouts and Assault Squad combined to shoot down the two remaining Bikes.  The Vindicator died to Devastator fire.  The Sternguard, middle Tactical Squad, and the Drop Pods combined to kill 8 Berzerkers.  Score was now 9 to 0 (2 Objectives, Heavy Killed, First Blood, and Linebreaker for me).
End of Turn 2
This turn his reserves all showed up.  His Terminators came down in the middle of my backfield and the Daemon Prince flew on toward the middle of the board.  Landraider tank shocked my Sternguard, killing one, then the squad inside deployed on the Objective.  Kharn and his three remaining boys advanced on my remaining Ironclad.  I lost 3 Sternguard to shooting, as well as 3 members of my middle Tactical Squad, and a Scout.  The large Black Legion charged my Sternguard (none lost to Overwatch), Kharn and buddies charged Ironclad (losing 1 to Overwatch), and the small Black Legion Squad charged my Scouts.  Sternguard lost 2, killed 1 and passed break test.  Scouts lost 1 and killed 1 for a tied combat.  Kharn only did one Hull Point of damage and the Ironclad wounded 3 times to get both Berzerkers and Kharn for Kill the Warlord.

 My Sky Talon shows up and heads for his Daemon Prince.  My Captain leaves the middle squad and heads to help the Sternguard.  Assault Squad heads for the Chaos Terminators while Ironclad heads for the Landraider.  Shooting from Assault Squad, both Devastator Squads, most of a Tactical Squad and the Techmarine kills all but 2 Terminators.  Sky Talon puts a wound on the Daemon Prince but it stays flying.  Ironclad fails to hurt the Landraider.  I charge the Terminators with the Assault Squad hoping all the attacks will cause some failed saves but I whiff with the majority of the chances and fail to kill anyone.  I lose 2 Assault Marines but pass the test on double 1s.  Captain joined the Sternguard to combine for 3 kills and 2 lost Sternguard but he passed leadership test.  I lost a Scout in combat and broke but got away to rally.  Score is now 7 to 4 (1 Objective, I Heavy Killed, Warlord, Linebreaker, and First Blood to his 1 Objective and Linebreaker).
End of Turn 3
Neverness started by landing his Daemon Prince and moved close to the right Tactical Squad.  His small Black Legion squad shot at the Scouts and the Landraider shot at the Ironclad.  His Daemon Prince then charged the Tactical Squad taking a wound from Overwatch and the Scouts were charged as well.  I lost all but two Sternguard and killed a couple Black Legion, staying in the combat.  Terminators finished off the Assault Marines.  Daemon Prince killed 2 Marines who held.  Scouts and small enemy squad all fail to kill anyone.

My turn I managed to kill 1 Terminator and fail to hurt the Landraider.  My Captain continues to chew through Black Legion while the last of the Sternguard fall.  My last 3 Scouts lose combat by 1 and my last 3 Scouts fall back from his last 2 Black Legion marines in the small squad.  The Daemon Prince combat was no wounds on both sides.  Score at the end of the 4th Turn is still 7 to 4 (1 Objective, I Heavy Killed, Warlord, Linebreaker, and First Blood to his 1 Objective and Linebreaker).
End of Turn 4
At the start of the Fifth Turn it really started to speed up due to lack of models on Neverness' side.  He killed a Tactical Marine from middle squad with Terminator shooting then assaulted.  His Daemon Prince killed 2 Marines and the squad failed to wound back, and then they broke and ran.  The Daemon Prince consolidates onto an Objective.  Terminator\ killed 2 more marines who then broke and ran off the table.  His Landraider took a hull point off the Storm Talon while removing the Assault Cannon.  He lost another Black Legion to my Captain and failed to hurt him back, but Leadership was passed.  His 2 small squad survivors stayed on the objective.

My turn I finish off the Black Legion in the middle and my Captain consolidates onto the Objective.  My Storm Talon tries to hurt the Daemon Prince but fails to wound it.  I fail to hurt the last terminator with Krack Missile fire from Devastators on left flank.  Right flank Devastators and Scouts combine fire to kill of a Black Legion leaving only one in the woods.  I fail to hurt the Landraider once more with the Ironclad.  Score is now 10 to 7 (2 Objectives, I Heavy Killed, Warlord, Linebreaker, and First Blood to his 2 Objectives and Linebreaker).  Neverness rolls and we're playing a 6th Turn.  This is where I apologize because there is no picture of the end of this turn.
Distraction Pic of Scouts For Missing Turn Pic
Turn Six saw his Terminator fail to charge anything and merely got a shot at my Techmarine.  His lone Black Legion marine failed to hit a Scout with his bolt pistol and charged them.  He was killed though and the Scouts consolidated onto the Objective.  His Daemon Prince jumped over the building to attack my Captain, dealing 4 wounds.  I made 3 Invulnerable saves but failed the last and down he went to give up the Warlord Point.  His Landraider failed again to hit or penetrate the Ironclad.

I killed the remaining Terminator with krak missile fire.  The Ironclad finally rolled high on the 2D6 for penetration with the melta-gun and blew up the Landraider.  And to avenge his Captain, the Storm Talon turned for a shot on the Daemon Prince and scored 3 wounds which Neverness promptly failed to save all of which killed off the Daemon Prince.  At this point it was tabled for him and the final score was 14 Points to 1 (3 Objectives, 2 Heavies Killed, First Blood, Warlord, and Linebreaker for me and Warlord for him).
End of Turn 6
All in all a very fun game.  We both forgot a few things along the way, but nothing major I think.  There was definitely a lot of looking at the rule books and codexes.  I was surprised at the lack of invulnerable save on Kharn, but then he should have killed anything before he took a hit anyway so probably wouldn't notice normally.  Who would have thought that Neverness would fail 4 of 6 penetration rolls on the first Ironclad and 6 of 7 penetration rolls on the second Ironclad.  Only needing a 6 to glance on a 2D6 roll, that should have been a very bad deal for my Ironclads.  So that's how the clash went down and we're both talking about a need for a rematch, though since I called his Space Wolves merely Khorne Berzerkers lead by Tzeentch Shamans, it might just been Space Wolves I see next rather than Black Legion, LOL.

So that's all for now and I'll see you next time for more Ghost Bears and some actual new 40K models as well.


Clash With Kharn's Khornies Part 1

Various electronic sounds and lights clashed in the apothecarium of the strike cruiser Blodeuwedd as Captain Rhys Glyndwr was tended to by various apothecaries and chapter serfs.  Various members of the strike force's command were also present to check on the condition of their commander as well as give their reports as necessary.  Part of the Captain's armor has been removed, the breastplate with a massive rend running down one side lay off discarded for now in the corner of the room.  A serf works on cleaning the relic blade while an apothecary seeks to cleanse the toxins from his commander's daemon caused wound.
Captain Glyndwr raised up slightly and turned toward his gathered staff, and said with a deep rumbling voice.  "Give your reports."  A techmarine steps forth, glancing at his pad, "Ironclad Gilrain was horrendously damaged.  It will be months before he might even considerably be ready for any sort of deployment.  We will need to evaluate his mental state now as well.  Glanhir suffered minor damage as did the Storm Talon.  The thunderfire cannon you deployed with is a total write off."  Next Veteran Sergeant Blydden spoke up.  "My squad took only three casualties, though one will return to duty in a week or so.  Tactical Squad Breithal took a number of injuries as well.  Tactical Squad Gwionyn, Sternguard Squad Ealdredd, and Assault Squad Valerius were all but wiped out.  No one from those squads escaped without injury and only a handful will return to service.  Scout Squad Osric accounted well of itself, assisting with the destruction of the enemy bikers as well as an enemy squad in addition to securing their assigned objective.  Only three remained unwounded at the end of the combat, but while Sgt Osric was slain, four of the scouts were merely injured and will return to duty."
Captain Glyndwr winces at the toll paid but answers in a steady voice of iron, "Elevate the three to full battle brother status on our return to Cymru.  The other four we'll review for promotion on the journey home.  And of our enemies?"  "There is no trace of any survivors still on the world my Lord," replies Captain Mallory.  "All remains have been purged or turned over to our librarians for proper containment.  The remnants of the defiled Vindicator and Land Raider have been purified of taint before being utterly destroyed.  We found a number of Kharn's berzerkers from his retinue piled up among the dead, but there is no trace of Kharn himself, though we know that Glanhir dealt him a serious wound."
"And of the daemon prince that dealt me this wound?" asked Captain Glyndwr.  He was hurt when he struck you down Lord, but the Stormtalon caught him unawares and grievously injured him, driving him back into the warp.  The pilot and techmarines have named the vehicle Glynu Awyr, or Sky Cleaver, for the feat.  We did not find any mention in our records or any immediately available to us that identified the daemon though.  His obvious devotion to Khorne and his personal iconography that we noted will hopefully help us identify him in case of future meetings against him.  We did recover his fallen axe and it has been placed in a stasis field until it can be properly stored at Llew Gyr."
"Then the world was saved and while losses were heavy, all did their duty and prevailed.  Let the chaplains begin their litanies of readiness and preparation while we see to our wounded and dead.  We will be prepared for I do not foresee the Black Legion or their Khornate allies giving up that easily.  We will meet them on the field of battle again I think."


Well, that was a very very fun game with lots of exciting points.  While we were both quite rusty with the rules (there was much flipping in the books the entire game) and some things were forgotten by both of us, it went well and was quite enjoyable.  The Lions have a memorable win for their archives and some stories to tell their battle brothers who did not get to participate in the battle.  The rest of this blog post will contain the army lists and then in a couple or few days I'll have part two with the actual battle up so as to not make this post too long to read.

First up, we have my force of the Lions of Harlech, Strike Force Glyndwr at 2,000 points with 1 HQ, 4 Troops, 3 Elites, 3 Heavy Supports, and 2 Fast Attacks.  It was 74 models total, all of which were painted which is something I was glad I was able to pull off.  Now down to the brass tacks.
Captain Rhys Glyndwr, 4th Company (the Lion's Claws) Commander
     Artificer Armor, Relic Blade, Storm Shield

Tactical Squad Bleddyn
     Sgt Bleddyn, 9 Marines, Missile Launcher, Flamer

Tactical Squad Gwionyn
     Sgt Gwionyn, 9 Marines, Missile Launcher, Flamer, Combi-plasma

Tactical Squad Breithal
     Sgt Breithal, 9 Marines, Missile Launcher, Flamer, Combi-plasma

Scout Squad Osric
    Sgt Osric, 9 Scouts, Bolt Guns, Camo-cloaks

Sternguard Veteran Squad Ealdredd
    Veteran Sgt Ealdredd, 9 Sternguard Veterans, Drop Pod

Assault Squad Valerius
    Sgt Valerius, 4 Assault Marines, 3 Plasma Pistols

Devastator Squad Bretheil
     Sgt Bretheil, 4 Devastator Marines, 4 Missile Lauchers

Devastator Squad Esgalion
     Sgt Esgalion, 4 Devastator Marines, 4 Missile Lauchers

Ironclad Dreadnought Gilrain
     Heavy Flamer, Meltagun, Drop Pod

Ironclad Dreadnought Glanhir
     Heavy Flamer, Meltagun, Drop Pod

Thunderfire Cannon, Techmarine Saellon

Skytalon Gunship
     Assault Cannon, Skyhammer Missile Launcher

And then Neverness' Black Legion forces of Khorne.
Kharn the Betrayer

Daemon Prince of Khorne, Axe of Blind Fury, Power Armor, Gift of Mutation, Ichor Blood

5 Chaos Terminators, Mark of Khorne
     Champion, Combi-bolter, Powerfist
     Combi-bolter, Power Axe
     Heavy Flamer, Powerfist
     Combi-melta, Chainfist
     Combi-flamer, Chainfist

Hellbrute, Multi-melta, Crazed

Black Legion Squad, Veterans of the Long War, Mark of Khorne
     Aspiring Champion, Combi-melta, Power Axe, Gift of Mutation, Krak Grenade
     9 Chaos Marines, Plasmagun, Krak Grenades

Black Legion Squad, Veterans of the Long War, Mark of Khorne
     Aspiring Champion, Gift of Mutation, Krak Grenades
     4 Chaos Marines, Krak Grenades

Khorne Berzerkers, Veterans of the Long War, Icon of Wrath, Mark of Khorne
     Berzerker Champion, Gift of Mutation, Chain Axe, Plasma Pistol, Melta Bomb
     12 Berzerkers, 2 Plasma Pistols, Krak Grenades

Chaos Bikers, Veterans of the Long War, Mark of Khorne
     Champion, Chain Axe, Gift of Mutation, Melta-bombs
     4 Bikers, Plasmagun, Meltagun

     Destroyer Blades, Dirge Caster, Havoc Launcher, Warpfire Gargoyles

     Dirge Caster, Warpfire Gargoyles, Combi-bolter

Neverness took some hard hitting units, but the sheer number of bodies that I could bring to bear really helped me out.  It let me concentrate fire on just one or two units at a time while he had to completely ignore some of my units.  So that's the end of part one, stay tuned for part two, the actual turn by turn account of the fun later in the week.  See you all next time and thanks for reading.


Still More Ghost Bears

So we've got more progress on my force of Ghost Bears, and the force is nearing completion.  I had a Kingfisher waiting in the mail when I got home today so it will enable me to finish the 3rd star of mechs in my force.  I just have to remember to use the darker scheme so that it fits in with the other four.  The glue is drying for his arms and base, so he'll be ready to primer in the morning.
I managed to get the elementals first all painted in the two layer blue camo then got the wash layer on them.  I did NOT try and do the chip part of the camo scheme on them and left it with just the blues and wash over the white base.
Then I used clippers to cut the elementals apart and got them on hex bases in groups of five.  Next up is getting them all based to complete them.
There were two loose elementals left when I was done with that step so I decided to use them as embellishment for a couple of the mechs since they were already painted.  A Grizzly and a Novacat now have an elemental rider each which fits well with the way Ghost Bears do things I think.
So that's where I'm at for the moment with the end in sight for this project (or at least the current end of it.)  I'm heading into a week of vacation so I'm going to try and take a few days to really bear down and get some items off the queue here.  Notably I need to spend a day finish painting Light Horse mechs and getting a lot of those Light Horse mechs based.  I also want to spend at least an evening getting my Vikings for SAGA done, so that when Bob makes it back from France I can see about challenging him to a game.

That's all for now and I'll see you all early next week with a batrep of my Lions vs Neverness' Khorne forces.


The Lions Head To War

Silent as a predator hunting its prey, a darkened ship swims through the void of deep space in a ceaseless patrol.  A golden rampant lion upon field of blue adorns the sides of its hull and announces the presence of the Lions of Harlech Space Marines Chapter.  Captain Rhys Glyndwr, Commander of the Chapter's 4th Company, stands on the command deck of the Strike Cruiser Blodeuwedd as the communications station bleets the arrival of a message.
"Sir, we've intercepted a report from the Hive City of H'btwn on J'hnston Cty.  Agents of Chaos have been spotted in the vicinty and they're asking for assistance.  From the images and transmissions, it appears to be agents of Khorne.  If the warp remains calm, we're within range to be able to force an intercept."  A quiet settled over the command deck as those present awaited their commander's decision.  Would they continue their hunt for the Eldar pirates or would a new prey be within their sights?
Captain Glyndwr gathered his thoughts as he turned first to look at the holo-map, then his stern face set with resolve as he at last turned to the vessel's commander.  "Captain Mallory, set course for J'hnston Cty, maximum thrust.  Send word to the Llew Gyr in case follow up incursions are discovered.  We ride for war, for honor, and damnation to the enemies of the Emperor!"  Cheers and liturgies of preparation rang out throughout the length of the Blodeuwedd as it's crew and assault force readied themselves.  Strike Force Glyndwr was headed for war!


So between going to the Space Marine birthday bash a while back and then working on the Leviathan Dreadnought, I've got a bit of a 40K itch that just needs scratching.  Neverness has been good enough to agree to a game and my Lions of Harlech will be sortieing to meet his forces of Khorne.  We'll be meeting up this coming Sunday afternoon and we'll see how the dice fall.  It'll be 2,000 point each and while using the newest Space Marine codex, I'll be using the classic force organization chart rather than trying to figure out all those Demi-Company/Task Force charts.
I'll also be playing some X-Wing Saturday night at the regular HobbyTown gaming session.  I've got a totally new list that I'm looking forward to trying out, so next week plan on hopefully seeing a couple batreps here.  While I have made a bit of progress on painting Ghost Bear Elementals, there isn't enough for a blog post yet, so that's up coming for a future post as well.  That's all for now and I'll see you next time.