RPGs and 40K Space Marines

So this past Saturday was Free RPG day, and I made it up to Dewayne's in Kingsport to partake in the fun.  I had a seat at Mike's game of Actung! Chtulhu and it's an interesting game.  Other games taking place were Frostgrave demo games, some Spelljammer, and Savage Worlds.  There was a nice turnout and plenty of free giveaways as well.
One of the cool giveaways

Actung! Cthulhu was quite interesting to play.  It's set in the period around ww2.  This particular scenario took place after the Munich Agreement gave most of Czech to Germany but before war actually broke out.  Using percentile dice, it can be pretty unforgiving as well.  After the party's briefing session, the four PC's were bundled onto a converted long range patrol bomber and dropped way behind the lines into German occupied Czechoslovakia.  Here is where the dice first showed how mean this game can be.  All the characters had a 50% chance (aiming for under that total) on the dice to land safely.  Only one managed to do so, and two were injured.  One (the commanding officer of course) almost killed himself and got to soldier on with a mere 2 hit points left.  The game flows pretty well, and combat can be nasty quickly.  One flubbed roll and you could find yourself hurt badly or dead pretty quick.  But all in all it was a fun game and I wouldn't mind giving it another go sometime.
I also managed to continue making progress on the marines in the Calth box set.  I finished two squads of tactical marines which leaves me one to assemble to finish off the box.  Both Sgts got a power weapon and a combi-melta.  The special weapon for each squad is a Grav-gun just so that I have that option to field now.  I did the Heavy Bolters rather than the Missile Launchers as the heavy option for two reasons.  First is that I'm not a fan of the Pez dispenser look of the retro Missile Launchers.  Second is that ..... well, Heavy Bolters is the only Heavy Weapon I don't seem to have around 20 of, so that option needed buffed up some.

So the plan is to get the last tactical squad assembled tomorrow after work and then when I'm off work on Wednesday, get them all primered.  By the end of the week I want to start getting some replacement posts up for the Lions as well.  The Titan and Super Heavies were all sold off to fund Bolt Action, BattleTech, and X-Wing, as were a number of vehicles as well (I'm actually in the single digits on Rhinos).  Plus there are other changes (like all the new Dreadnoughts) as well, so plenty that needs updating.

That's all for now though and thanks for coming by.  I'll see you all next time.


  1. What do want for those missile launchers? ;)

    1. lol, I was pondering that too, though odds are I won't need that many unless I build a dev squad.

    2. I've got three of the missile launchers so I'm sure we can work something out. I also didn't use any of the Edward Scissorhand looking Lightning Claws either.