10th Company

So this is the first of the updated organization posts of my Lions of Harlech.  I'm starting with the 10th Company after the scout squad did so admirably in the game against Neverness.  What I've done is add a general deployment for each company as well as the squad names and the sgt names for each squad are listed as well.  A number of the Sgts are 30K marines in Mk IV Recon Armor.  It seemed to fit just right with the theme as well as aesthetically.  There is also a Telion model and a few other unique models to stand out as Sgts.
Some of the Sgts
 I currently have the 10th Company's command squad and then one model shy of 10 full scout companies.  This is the company that is farthest from "complete" versus the fluff, but there are no plans to add any more scouts unless I just happen to find some really good deal on eBay or somewhere else.
The 10th Company
10th Company, Scout Company
    The 10th Company is broken up and each squad is deployed in one of three ways.  One third are deployed in the Cymru system for training.  One third are  deployed with other Companies.  The final third are deployed to neighboring systems for training and scouting duties.  The chapter's chaplains and veterans regularly spend time with the scouts to impart their wisdom as well as teach them the strict honor codes that bind them as a chapter.

     Recruits are gathered by The Ice Reaving.  Once every two years, three weeks of games involving skill, strength, and stamina are held on both Cymru III and Cymru IV to pick new recruits for the chapter from the youths of the underground hives as well as the tundra nomads  Members of the system's Planetary Defense Force may also compete for a place with permission from their commanding officers.
Captain Edric Corbray and his Command Squad
Captain Edric Corbray, Master of Recruits
    24 Scout Squads
        Scout Squad Waellim, Sgt Waellim
        Scout Squad Arvalain, Sgt Arvalain
        Scout Squad Niamth, Sgt Niamth
        Scout Squad Teive, Sgt Teive
        Scout Squad Gilraen, Sgt Tyr Gilraen
        Scout Squad Isidore, Sgt Isidore
        Scout Squad Osric, Sgt Osric
        Scout Squad Camlach, Sgt Javier Camlach
        Scout Squad Eisande. Sgt Eisande
        Scout Squad Maelcon, Sgt Maelcon
        Scout Squad Kalderaan, Sgt Kalderaan
        Scout Squad Thaeghis, Sgt Thaeghis
        Scout Squad Isidor, Sgt Isidor
        Scout Squad Aelric, Sgt Aelric
        Scout Squad Grainne, Sgt Grainne
        Scout Squad Timmorn, Sgt Timmorn
        Scout Squad Vardien, Sgt Vardien
        Scout Squad Siovale, Sgt Siovale
        Scout Squad Ghislan, Sgt Ghislan
        Scout Squad Eamonn, Sgt Eamonn
        Scout Squad Kullaan, Sgt Kullaan
        Scout Squad Baerdinon, Sgt Baerdinon
        Scout Squad Tielhar, Sgt Tielhar
        Scout Squad Astoric, Sgt Astoric
Squads Waellim, Arvalain, Niamth, Teive, and Gilraen
Squads Isidore, Osric, Camlach, Eisande, and Maelcon
So that's the 10th Company all revamped, though a bit over half are in need of paint.  Next up will be the victorious 4th Company and then probably the 1st Company.  Enjoy and I'll see you all next time.

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