The First Company

So this time around, we've got the 1st Company of the Lions of Harlech.

1st Company, Veteran Company "Icons of Honor"
    The 1st Company very rarely deploys in its entirety.  It mainly deploys no more than one or two squads at a time to bolster other units either as Sternguard or Vanguard squads or in terminator squads to lend heavy assault power.  The 1st Company prides itself on the fact that even though its squads has been bested in combat in its long storied history, none have ever broken.  The veterans of the chapter hold themselves to an even higher standard than expected of the regular battle brothers of the chapter.
From Left to Right: CSB Staevron, Captain Dyredd, and CC Osfryd
Captain Pedr Dyfedd, Regent of Cymru
    Company Champion Damion Osfryd
    Company Standard Bearer Staevron Maege
    87 Space Marine Veterans
Veteran Squad Ealdredd
        Veteran Squad Ealdredd, Vet Sgt Ealdredd
Veteran Squad Pyne

        Veteran Squad Pyne, Vet Sgt Coelbyn Pyne
Veteran Squad Bardiche
        Veteran Squad Bardiche, Vet Sgt Bardiche
Veteran Squad Aelwaen
        Veteran Squad Aelwaen, Vet Sgt Aelwaen
Veteran Squad Helevorn
        Veteran Squad Helevorn, Vet Sgt Helevorn
Veteran Squad Teiglin
        Veteran Squad Teiglin, Vet Sgt Teiglin
Veteran Squad Faermir
        Veteran Squad Faermir, Vet Sgt Koln Faermir
Veteran Squad Camras
        Veteran Squad Camras, Vet Sgt Camras
        Veteran Squad Miraborn, Vet Sgt Ilian Miraborn
        Veteran Squad Eicherheim, Vet Sgt Eicherheim
    8 Dreadnoughts
Gweirwys and Celebrant
        Leviathan Dreadnought Gweirwys
        Chaplain Dreadnought Celebrant
Sirranon, Malduin, and Bleddynwyr
        Contemptor Dreadnought Sirannon
        Contemptor Dreadnought Malduin
        Contempror Dreadnought Bleddynwyr
Celduin, Maldwyn, and Morthond
        Venerable Dreadnought Celduin
        Dreadnought Maldwyn
        Dreadnought Morthond
The First Company Assembled
So as it stands, I need to get another squad of Terminators built .... maybe most of another and up the total of Veterans into the 90s ... we'll see.  As I'm sure you've all noticed, I've finally slotted which dreadnoughts are in which company, but I'll be doing a post down the road that includes the fluff for each dreadnought.  With the new Calth Terminators, it's let me pick out the leadership as well, so while I've had the model for the First Company Captain for a while, the Standard Bearer is now pulled out of squad duty and a newly acquired FW Badab War Lugft Huron model for the Company Champion.  His lion head shoulder pad will really make him stand out.

So that's what we've got for now.  Hope you're enjoying the updates as much as I've had fun updating it, and I'll see you all next time.


  1. Seriously, you need help! Who actually has (much less fields) an ENTIRE terminator company?!?!?!

    1. Ummm, someone who has almost an entire chapter of course?