Still More Ghost Bears

So we've got more progress on my force of Ghost Bears, and the force is nearing completion.  I had a Kingfisher waiting in the mail when I got home today so it will enable me to finish the 3rd star of mechs in my force.  I just have to remember to use the darker scheme so that it fits in with the other four.  The glue is drying for his arms and base, so he'll be ready to primer in the morning.
I managed to get the elementals first all painted in the two layer blue camo then got the wash layer on them.  I did NOT try and do the chip part of the camo scheme on them and left it with just the blues and wash over the white base.
Then I used clippers to cut the elementals apart and got them on hex bases in groups of five.  Next up is getting them all based to complete them.
There were two loose elementals left when I was done with that step so I decided to use them as embellishment for a couple of the mechs since they were already painted.  A Grizzly and a Novacat now have an elemental rider each which fits well with the way Ghost Bears do things I think.
So that's where I'm at for the moment with the end in sight for this project (or at least the current end of it.)  I'm heading into a week of vacation so I'm going to try and take a few days to really bear down and get some items off the queue here.  Notably I need to spend a day finish painting Light Horse mechs and getting a lot of those Light Horse mechs based.  I also want to spend at least an evening getting my Vikings for SAGA done, so that when Bob makes it back from France I can see about challenging him to a game.

That's all for now and I'll see you all early next week with a batrep of my Lions vs Neverness' Khorne forces.

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