X-Wing ..... Let's Have A Bit Of Fun

So yesterday evening I finally made it back up to Johnson City and the FLGS there for some geek time which included a 3v3 game of X-Wing.  Let's see how it went.  Warning, this might end up being fairly lengthy.

This is Trooper Reporter 1179 coming to you live from the Galactic News Station on Coruscant.  Top news today is a report of a battle between our Glorious Imperial Naval Forces lead by the Sith Lord Darth Vader against a rabble of Rebel Forces who dared stray out of their dark hiding places.  We were able to get a News Shuttle nearby for some images while our crack team of ace field reporters deployed to bring us this unfolding story.  We go now to Trooper Reporter 472 live on the scene.
This is Trooper Reporter 472 coming to you LIVE from the J'City System near the FLGS planet where it seems that three different rebel groups have gathered together in some sort of attempt to disrupt Imperial rule in this area.  Our own Imperial Naval forces have dispatched similar forces and seem to outnumber the enemy.

As these shots from our GNS News Shuttle shows that the rebels have assembled what looks like a B-Wing, a pair of X-Wings, 4 Z-95 Headhunters, and a pair of rough looking freighters.  This sort of rabble is what you'd expect from the Rebellion.
We were able to get a holocam operator into the Imperial Command Center where you see here our glorious cabal of Moffs and Admirals preparing to sweep the Rebel's smattering of ships from the system.  There are a number of Tie Fighters of course with some Interceptors and Bombers and even a Tie Defender in evidence.  Even more importantly, we've learned that Sith Lord Darth Vader will personally be leading the fight from his own personalized fighter.
 Things on the Imperial right flank where I'm stationed at seem to be in balance for the moment.  An Interceptor is escorting a pair of Bombers in against a trio of Headhunters and a B-Wing.  Both sides seem to be inflicting light damage on each other while trying to get into optimal firing positions.  Let's cut over to News Trooper 2069 who is at the other end of battle reporting.
This is News Trooper 2069 coming to you live from the Imperial left flank.  What we've seen down here is a Tie-Defender and Lord Vader leading about 6 Imperial Ties and a Interceptor against the Rebels.  We've identified the larger Imperial freighter as the Scarlet Harlot, a ship with a questionable reputation.  For some reason the Imperial Ties seem reluctant to approach her and they just seem to be hanging around her in a tight group.
 The pair of X-Wings and the other Z-95 in this part of the battle seem to have taken out one of the Tie Fighters that was out scouting and the main lines seem to be closing in now.  Back to you 472.
News Trooper 472 here again bringing you the latest update.  The Imperial forces on this flank of the battle seem to be crumbling under the cowardly rebel attacks as an X-Wing has joined the combat over here to overwhelm our brave pilots.
Outnumbered 2 to 1, we've lost a bomber and the interceptor with the remaining bomber damaged and heading for the other Imperial forces.  The main question in this part of the battle is "Where is everyone else at and what are they down there doing?"  There is a growing belief from the forces falling back here that the Admirals and Moffs handing the Imperial left flank are not being aggressive enough against the outnumbered rebels and have squandered a chance to salvage the right flank.  Back to you 2069.
Did you see that???  Lord Vader and the forces with him have gotten over whatever was keeping them at arm's length from the Scarlet Harlot and have suddenly gone after the Harlot with a vengeance, and boy are they sure handling her roughly.  I thought you had to pay extra for something like that.  They've managed to destroy the Headhunter that was in this part of the battle and have traded a Tie-Fighter for some more damage to the rebel ships.
 The rebels who were on the Imperial right flank are flowing into the battle on the left flank now.  The remaining bomber was gunned down in the back by the cowardly B-Wing as a pair of Headhunters take out a Tie-Fighter.
 The Harlot can finally not take anymore of the rough stuff and goes down in a final climax of explosions.  The other fighters then turn on the other freighter, which seems to be a HWK, and proceed to damage it as well as the pair of X-Wings.
This is News Trooper 2069 with a last report before we sign off from this location.  Our position is no longer safe as the criminals have continued to roll in a wave over the Imperial forces and downed one fighter after another.  The HWK is gone but the only friendly I see still flying is Darth Vader himself and he has at least 6 enemy fighters heading for him.  Even a Sith Lord has his limits and he seems to be withdrawing from the battle.  Words cannot describe the horror of these turn of events that we've witnessed here to day.
This ... this is News Trooper 1179 coming you from GNS Headquarters.  We, along with all of you our viewing audience, are in shock at this surprising victory by the criminals and rogues that make up the Rebellion.  I'm sure this will lead to inquiries and investigations into the rumored appointments of social and political commanders rather than truly trained gifted commanders that our brave pilots deserve.  The Moffs and Admirals who lead this attack must be held accountable for their conduct and lack of victory.  This is GNS signing off.

So all in all, this was a very fun game.  Being on the winning side just made it more enjoyable and I'm looking forward to next Saturday where I'll be playing some CBT against Skylar.  Until later all.


So I'm Still Around ....

Work this past 5 weeks has been a real pain with a major inventory that just took place at the end of this past week.  Since I'm salary management, that means I "get all the overtime I want".  Which translated into me getting all of three days off in the month of September.  Bleh, well it's over at least.

So while my hobby results has been very less than what I'd care for ... borderline nonexistent that is, I HAVE managed to make a few acquisitions that I can show off even though I haven't gotten anything painted and such.

First up is some Classic BattleTech Stuff for my Eridani Light Horse.
 A pair of Demolishers, a Morningstar Command vehicle, and a Solitaire
A Thrush, a Sholagar, a Sedlytz, and a Cheetah expand my aerospace options

Then on the X-Wing front, I got a Rebel Aces, a pair of Headhunters, and a Hawk.  I plan on starting to tweak the Hawk this month now that I've got some days off again.  Plus I'll be getting to play some X-Wing this coming Saturday and some promised CBT with Skylar the following Saturday.  I'm seriously looking forward to getting some major geek time in.

So a brief post for today, but more is yet to come I promise.